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Arts District Drinking & Griffith Park Runnin’

With last week being my return to a regular work schedule (and with no company holidays in sight until Memorial Day), it ended up feeling like a very long week.  This weekend ended up being a lot of fun, although I think I drank more beer than I should have?  This morning was certainly rougher than expected.

As for yesterday, we drove down into the Downtown LA Arts District, which is certainly a very “hip” neighborhood, with it having a ton of hipster bars and restaurants while also nestled up against one of the worst parts of town, Skid Row.  So edgy!  🙂  Anyway, we drove in over the Fourth St bridge and luckily found a parking spot in the lot, and proceeded to enjoy the Brewery offerings.  Of course I drank the beer while Larry just had to deal with me.  It was awesome to get to see the old crew all together again (sans Nicki & Brian though) and it just reminded both Larry & me that we have some fantastic friends – it’s just that we don’t get to see them daily.  🙁  Welcome to the 30s, Tawny!!!

Jan 9, 2016 – Tawny’s Birthday at Arts District Brewery

This get-together had been an afternoon affair, so Larry & I ended up getting dinner back close to home at Jax.  The jazz was still fun to listen to, although it had vocals so I think Michancy would have hated it.  There was an amusing woman in front of us at the host desk who was absolutely PISSED that her wishes to be near the music were not conveyed in the reservation.  She demanded to know when she’d get a table and when the host finally guessed an hour after getting badgered by her for that answer, she immediately demanded to know why it would be an hour.  Bitch, STFU.  Anyway, Larry & I didn’t care about being next to the music and got her table.  Food wasn’t all that much to write home about, but it was good enough.

Finally, this morning, we did another Griffith Park run!  I explored a little and ran west initially and discovered the bike path doesn’t go that much further west just yet.  I do know that there are plans to make the path go the entire length of the river, but we’re not there yet.  Thanks again to Fitbit guilt for getting me out on that run.  Here’s hoping to continuing that trend and getting my health in check.


FitBit For Me

I mentioned in my Christmas Fun post that Larry got me a FitBit – to be more specific, he got me a FitBit Charge HR….

fitbit-charge-hr-black-1422987769-SCGA-full-width-inlineIt’s an nice and clean device that has a heart rate monitor built in and you can wear it all day.  I’m actually not wearing my “regular” watch anymore as this tells the time too.

I’ve been actively using it for two days now, and I’ve got to say that I do enjoy having this on.  I think I particularly like that it makes you automatically feel bad if you haven’t done anything particularly active during the day – in a completely passive-aggressive way.  It’s totally not pinging you about working out, but when you look down at the time, you are usually tempted to see how many steps you’ve taken and to see if your heart rate is low.  Then while you’re holding that greasy burger to your mouth, you realize that maybe you should reconsider your life choices.  🙂

So yeah, it has taken me a little bit of getting used to it, as I didn’t realize that the button for scrolling through the display was also the button you used to indicate you were starting a work out.  WAY easier that way than trying to remember exactly when you started working out and logging that as an activity.  Oh yeah, there’s also a corresponding app you put on your phone that then syncs your phone with the FitBit.  So if you want to really explore your stats, you do it on that app, or on your computer.  Anyway, it’s good motivation, and very much in line with one of the books I’ve loved having read:

5195yOP5tsL._SX356_BO1,204,203,200_It’s a super short book and has a lot of great, quick advice about many things, including tracking your numbers.  FitBit is great for that and I hope to keep that passive-aggressive reminder in mind every time I think about fucking off.

There’s also a feature in that if you’re wearing it while sleeping, it somehow can determine if you’re actually asleep, if you’re restless, or if you’re awake.  I kind of want to know what sorcery lives inside a FitBit now, as it does seem pretty accurate when I look at my stats on the web dashboard.

FitBit_29Dec2015Kind of awesome.  Unless you think about it as if my data is getting collected by the Robot Overlords and determining if I’m a better battery source or better to be used as paste.  But who’s crazy like that?  🙂