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1st Night of Hanukkah

Michancy arrived!   She flew in for the holidays (22-26) so I picked her up at Burbank where she had a much more easy journey than the Thanksgiving one.  The day itself was very uneventful – just hanging out at home while keeping Larry company.  He’s gotten kind of loopy lately, and very very tired.  It’s hard to ignore it as guess what, he’s fading.   But we persist in making him eat and surround him with love and comfort. Can we get a miracle?

It was also the first night of Hanukkah, so I was able to give to Larry and Fran the copies of the wedding album.   I think he was able to appreciate it, although I’m sure he was just as sad as I was to see ourselves just like 3.5 years ago and know where we are now.  It’s not fucking fair.

Some CBD to Help

Thankfully it was a better day in the end.  Started the morning a little bit like yesterday, with Larry not wanting to leave the bedroom and really not engaging.  Fran was persistent though as was I, getting the day off on schedule regarding the drugs.  In the morning, Fran and I were downstairs while Joel was down in the office.  Joel and Fran then went to get groceries and when they got back, I then headed out to go to Fry’s Electronics as well as the Green Dragon dispensary.  I went and got an adapter that didn’t actually work for Joel but successfully got some gummies that have 100 mg CBD to 25 mg THC.  Knowing it was okay to have them, Larry took half of one.  He seemed good with it, and he took the second half close to dinner time. I think it did help calm him and keep him in good spirits.  Very little gagging.

The wedding albums were delivered today as well.  They look amazing.  I wrapped up 2 of them for gifts and put them under the tree.  They can open them on Sunday, the 1st night of Hanukkah.  I hope it’ll be nice.

We watched West Side Story (up to America) and it was wonderful.

Wedding Album and Chicken Cacciatore

This was a nicer day.  Larry had some energy.   We’ve been trying to start days off with more energy for him by taking an Ensure Max in the morning.  Here’s hoping that it works.  We watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Fran, and she liked it.  Great movie.  Nicki was coming over this night, and Fran suggested that we cook something in the Instapot, and she chose Chicken Cacciatore.  I think I may have been hesitant about the recipe due to all the vegetables, but damn, we all worked together to get the recipe done, including Larry, and including Nicki, and despite a small scare when a notice of ‘burn’ showed up on the Instapot’s screen (which comes up if you didn’t properly scrape the bottom of the container before starting pressure cooking), the food came out amazingly.  Amazingly.  I even ate all the mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers in it!   ME!  It was nice to have that night with everyone.  Take the happy moments where we can.  We then watched ‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ via Nicki’s screeners and it is a good movie – Mr Rogers plays a role in it, but he’s there almost as a guardian angels to the protagonist of the movie, who is going through all kinds of family drama including resentment, grief, anger and ultimately death.  Hard movie to watch at moments for obvious reasons.

On a side note, I was able to complete the wedding album – I think it came out wonderfully.  Got some advice from Nicki and she saw it and loved it.  I ordered 3 copies – one for me/Larry, one for Fran, and also one for Nicki.  I’ve paid an exorbitant amount of money to hopefully have it in hand by Dec 24, but we’ll see.