Some CBD to Help

Thankfully it was a better day in the end.  Started the morning a little bit like yesterday, with Larry not wanting to leave the bedroom and really not engaging.  Fran was persistent though as was I, getting the day off on schedule regarding the drugs.  In the morning, Fran and I were downstairs while Joel was down in the office.  Joel and Fran then went to get groceries and when they got back, I then headed out to go to Fry’s Electronics as well as the Green Dragon dispensary.  I went and got an adapter that didn’t actually work for Joel but successfully got some gummies that have 100 mg CBD to 25 mg THC.  Knowing it was okay to have them, Larry took half of one.  He seemed good with it, and he took the second half close to dinner time. I think it did help calm him and keep him in good spirits.  Very little gagging.

The wedding albums were delivered today as well.  They look amazing.  I wrapped up 2 of them for gifts and put them under the tree.  They can open them on Sunday, the 1st night of Hanukkah.  I hope it’ll be nice.

We watched West Side Story (up to America) and it was wonderful.

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