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Sperske Christmas

Today was a day with mom, as we went up to Aunt Helen’s where she was hosting the Sperske holiday gettogether.  Last year was skipped as everyone was pissed at each other, but I guess things are better with some this year.   Well I guess Mary wasn’t happy so she didn’t come to the event, and of course Barbara wasn’t there.  As much as I was dreading it, and the associated drive, it wasn’t as bad as expected.  Luckily there was no rain during the drive as otherwise the Cajon pass could be a fucking nightmare.  Mom was okay for the most part.  Obviously not her old self, but she managed to engage with people for the most part, but she really is just not all there.  I think that it has to do with her psych meds, and I want to investigate whether we can reduce those with it being much time passed.  I loved getting to see my cousins (and cousins in law) – Lisa, Cindy, Erin, even Bob – and Helen was doing good as was Lori.  I just can’t help but resent everyone for living their lives they way they have and Larry gets cancer.  It’s fucking awful.   Didn’t get home until about 5:45 as it was a lot of driving – Larry was in no state to be able to go to the Chinese Theater to see Rise of Skywalker, so we stayed in and tried to keep him a little calm.  Not quite successful, but did the best we could.   We did watch Eddie Murphy’s SNL that night and it was fantastic.  I hope he enjoyed it.

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