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Mayhaps I’ve Found My Next Car?

Man oh man, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and damn, I see this announcement from Mazda there and I gotta say, I’m super impressed and tempted…

Here’s the Mazda page itself so you can see for yourself:

Mazda MX-5 RF with Retractable Hard Top Makes Global Debut

Um, damn.  And sidenote, WordPress automatically made that thumbnail for the website and I am happy happy happy about that.  I hated having to make website thumbnail images!  Anyway, that car is gorgeous, and I love the color.  Also, the fact it’s a retractable hardtop is killer.  It’s the 2017 model, so probably not going to be available until the fall, and that’s fine.  I’ll be biding my time until then….


We’re off to Vegas for a few days and my car is not around for the fun.  Joan’s about to get that terrible scratch removed and I’m optimistic about how wonderful she’ll look when I get her back at the end of the week!

Besides that though, not much else is going on. We are heading to Vegas to have some fun, bringing mom along and meeting up with Michancy while out there.

Yesterday we went to a few more open houses – these had a LOT of potential, with the first one that we went to a heavy favorite.  It’s a huge, open floor-plan in a great quiet neighborhood and close to amenities.  It’d be nice to be able to move on these but we’re not able to just yet.  And I think we’re both having nerves about actually putting our money where our dreams are….buying a house is a big and permanent step.  It’s not the “bigness” of the step that makes it daunting, it’s just such a big decision.    Here’s the house I think we both liked the most, from yesterday:

1132NeolaStIt really is a neat house though, and honestly what we’re looking for.  Again, this is all dreaming for the time being until some stuff gets taken care of on our end.  But it’s so NICE to dream.

Got the Time Now, So Why Not?

This horrific terrible no-good scratch on the back of Joan will not sit idly by and be ignored!  For no longer will this travesty against the beauty that is my Mazda 3 persist!

Okay, well, I did manage to tell myself mentally to ignore the scratch on the back of my car as it’s easy to ignore.  But now that I have both the time and the money to take care of it?  It’s time for you to go, Scratch.

Of course, I went to get an initial estimate from the body shop that my dealership uses and it’s going to be a smooth $850.  Insurance deductible is $500 so it’ll be $500 out of my pocket, but it’ll be worth it.  I’d rather fix it now and enjoy the smooth surfaces while I have this car as opposed to getting it fixed only right before I sell.   I swear to God though- if the fuckface who did this scratch does it again….there will be blood.

And it’s time to pour one out for the home I was soooo ready to picture ourselves in:  Roderick Ave, you had a nice place in my future plans, but alas, someone else who had eyes also wanted you and was willing to pay $106K MORE than asking price.  GEEZ LOUISE.

The New Car with the Tapedeck

I’ve got very little I feel like writing about as I’m properly buzzed (thanks to 1.5 bottles of wine Larry & I shared with a spaghetti & meatballs dinner) and possibly sleepy?  Okay, not possibly, definitely.  But I’m doing laundry still so I can’t pass out just yet.  Thank God there’s no having to go down to the river and beat your laundry against the rocks.  We have a pretty sweet front-loading washer and dryer setup here (oh, BTW, we’re here at the place for another year!  No moving for us, for now!).  What am I talking about?

Anyway, Larry thinks I should write about my ridiculous dream I had in the last moments of sleep before having to get up this morning.  So, yeah, I had pressed snooze the last time and drifted off to dreamland – and dreamed that Larry had come back with a brand new Prius.  He opened up the trunk first (I don’t know why, it’s a dream) and it was luxurious and glorious.  But then I looked through the passenger area to the front console area and my jaw dropped – I had just seen that the main center console was just a sheet of black plastic with no informational display or A/C controls or anything…EXCEPT there was a fuckin’ tape deck.  I turned to Larry in probable disgust and was like, “Are you kidding me????”  Then the alarm rang its final bell and thank GOD it was a nightmare.  What a terrible thing to think about.

In other car news, one of my friends at work (Paras) was chatting with me about the fact that his girlfriend (Carey) is going to test drive a Mazda 3 5-door this weekend as she’s in the market for a new car.  I definitely raved all about it.  It’s weird how infrequently I see others of my particular model around town.  Although I actually did see a graphite-colored one this afternoon while driving home – I still feel special.  🙂  Carey wants a white one of my car – I approve of that as I called dibs on red.  I did!