We’re off to Vegas for a few days and my car is not around for the fun.  Joan’s about to get that terrible scratch removed and I’m optimistic about how wonderful she’ll look when I get her back at the end of the week!

Besides that though, not much else is going on. We are heading to Vegas to have some fun, bringing mom along and meeting up with Michancy while out there.

Yesterday we went to a few more open houses – these had a LOT of potential, with the first one that we went to a heavy favorite.  It’s a huge, open floor-plan in a great quiet neighborhood and close to amenities.  It’d be nice to be able to move on these but we’re not able to just yet.  And I think we’re both having nerves about actually putting our money where our dreams are….buying a house is a big and permanent step.  It’s not the “bigness” of the step that makes it daunting, it’s just such a big decision.    Here’s the house I think we both liked the most, from yesterday:

1132NeolaStIt really is a neat house though, and honestly what we’re looking for.  Again, this is all dreaming for the time being until some stuff gets taken care of on our end.  But it’s so NICE to dream.

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