io9 Explains the Dollar Sign’s Origin

Although I am a huge fan of many of Gawker Media’s blogs, especially Gawker, Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker, I find that io9 by far is the absolutely most fascinating place to go to for interesting reads.   They certainly focus a lot on the “geekier” aspects of life, especially things like sci-fi and superhero movies but if you read it regularly, you’ll see it constantly delves into much more esoteric and FASCINATING topics.  Today’s awesome topic?  How did the dollar sign become the symbol we know it?

dollarsign_explanationIt would probably blow many a wingnut’s mind to know that the dollar sign is actually a peso sign.  The article also goes into where the word “dollar” comes from too.

Anyway, I highly recommend losing yourself in  It’s always educational and fun.

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