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Brenda Dickson – A Parody

So Steve sent me a collection of YouTube links that are effing hysterical. I’ll just let his email speak for the funny:

When you have a good 30 minutes to sit and enjoy hilariousness and fowl mouth tomfoolery, you must get caught up with Brenda Dickson. Brenda played Jill on Young and the Restless in the 80’s- She made a special, also in the 80’s, welcoming her fans to her home to learn about diet and fashion. Please watch in this order: *Note: do not watch if you have sensitive ears or are around sensitive ears.

Part 2:

(Update from me from the FUTURE!!! August 31, 2014 writes and wants to let you know these videos are pretty hard to find nowadays.)

All of these videos are hysterical. I literally cried because they were so damn funny.

So it’s been a month since I’ve been going out with Steve. Cool.

And today didn’t totally blow at work. Double cool.

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