Got the Time Now, So Why Not?

This horrific terrible no-good scratch on the back of Joan will not sit idly by and be ignored!  For no longer will this travesty against the beauty that is my Mazda 3 persist!

Okay, well, I did manage to tell myself mentally to ignore the scratch on the back of my car as it’s easy to ignore.  But now that I have both the time and the money to take care of it?  It’s time for you to go, Scratch.

Of course, I went to get an initial estimate from the body shop that my dealership uses and it’s going to be a smooth $850.  Insurance deductible is $500 so it’ll be $500 out of my pocket, but it’ll be worth it.  I’d rather fix it now and enjoy the smooth surfaces while I have this car as opposed to getting it fixed only right before I sell.   I swear to God though- if the fuckface who did this scratch does it again….there will be blood.

And it’s time to pour one out for the home I was soooo ready to picture ourselves in:  Roderick Ave, you had a nice place in my future plans, but alas, someone else who had eyes also wanted you and was willing to pay $106K MORE than asking price.  GEEZ LOUISE.

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