Vulture Ranks All the Billy Joel Songs

With Larry in my life, Billy Joel became a much bigger part of it than he had ever been beforehand.  I got Larry the whole collected set of reissued/remastered albums for his birthday this past year so I definitely know a lot more of his songs now, but I still couldn’t properly do a ranking of all 121 of them.  I’ll give this list this though:  I totally agree with #1.  I think Larry had some quibbles with the list though, but I have a feeling he is partial to pretty much 98% of Billy Joel’s songs….


I admit that I probably would be able to create a ranking of all of Madonna’s songs, although that would take me a long while to really put everything in proper place.  I posted years ago about one that AfterElton did and I still have issues with their popular distaste of Hard Candy.  ANYWAY….

Plans are forming for what to do with the rest of this month, now that I’ve got it to do whatever with.  Have just finished booking a Vegas trip for next week with mom (of course), and I’m trying to see if Larry & I can then get out to NYC for a few days later in the month to see family and friends.  I know that last week will be plenty of me stressing out – so that week will stay empty.  🙂

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