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Amazing Race 25 Leg 2 Bonus Clips

Another shit-ton of clips ahead, since we’ve got so many teams left to talk about!  I’m growing more in love with Brooke the more she’s on screen as she is just awesome and holds her own and more against Robbie.  I’ve also got to say that Michael & Scott’s set of videos are a bit worrisome, as they just don’t seem that bright.  Maybe it’s excitement but I’m not so sure.   From these videos though, I think Amy & Maya are going to be in trouble if they’re not able to play hard out there while Dennis & Isabelle prove they just weren’t cut out for this race long-term.  At all.

Extra / Deleted Scenes | At the Pit Stop | After the Race

Extra / Deleted Scenes:

AR25_Ep2_epileptictoesEpileptic Toes:  Shelley is trying her best to keep up with Nici in their scramble to the Pit Stop but can’t keep up, complaining to Nici that her “toes are spazzing in her shoes.”   Nici asks her if she wants to lose a million dollars due to a foot spasm?   Further she tells her that she just doesn’t care that her toes are hurting.  Shelley asks Nici to just breathe and to give her a break as she was rowing the boat all by herself and is accordingly exhausted.  Nici doesn’t care and won’t let them lose because of Shelley’s foot.  Nici insists she’ll carry Shelley if she has to and keeps cajoling her to run.  Shelley is sounding like she’s dying, while Nici shouts out motivational chants to keep Shelley moving.

AR25_Ep2_shamrockkingThe Shamrock King: Misti & Jim are in a London cab which happens to be driving by the Tower of London.  Jim explains that’s where the crown jewels are, which Misti recalls are spectacular.  Jim jokes that the 118-carat diamond in Queen Elizabeth II’s crown is just slightly bigger than the rock on Misti’s ring.  Just slightly.  Concerning the upcoming Detour, they’re heading to Somerset House and are quite ready to be in a parade.  Misti’s been in a lot of parades as a beauty queen.  Jim has also been in a parade with her once, as he was the Shamrock King.

AR25_Ep2_poppycockPoppycock!  Michael & Scott are in their London cab and it’s currently passing Buckingham Palace.  Michael hopes the Queen is home and looking out the window right now, while Scott wants to thank her for defending freedom.  Uh, what?  They both talk about how England is our closest ally and we are always on the offense defending our freedoms.  So a big thanks to QE2.  Now we get a historical perspective of England’s contributions to the world from Michael.   Moving on, it’s time to discuss the “weird” pronunciation of the word “Thames,” and it’s about now that my mind checks out of this conversation.  These guys’ smalltalk is mind-numbing.  Talk turns to British accents vs Boston accents, and Michael jokes that they get mistaken a lot for being British or Australian due to their accent.  Hmm… Continue reading Amazing Race 25 Leg 2 Bonus Clips

Amazing Race 25 Leg 1 Bonus Clips

Wow, there’s a lot of videos ahead, but they’re great for giving you an idea of these teams’ personalities.  There were some funny moments especially around Brooke & Robbie, who I am LOVING, while we also see the struggles that Keith & Whitney had throughout the race.  Also, Shirtless Adam!  And guess what?  The most dysfunctional team award, as of Leg 1, goes to Dennis & Isabelle!  I have little hope for this team as they’re thisclose to self-destructing at any moment.  Seriously.

Extra / Deleted Scenes | At the Pit Stop | After the Race

Extra / Deleted Scenes

AR25_Ep1_LifelongFishA Lifelong Fish:  On their seaplane ride, Shelley & Nici and Keith & Whitney discuss what the Roadblock is likely to be.  Shelley actually hopes it’s going to be a Detour so they can work together on it, which Keith & Whitney happily agree with.  None are quite mentally ready to do something on their own yet!  Nici is happy to step up for the Roadblock if need be, although Shelley wouldn’t mind getting her first Roadblock done right off.  Nici wants to do this Roadblock though as she loves being in the water.  Shelley tells them that Nici has been a fish her whole life and remembers a story when Nici was 4 and followed her dad from the hot tub to the deep end of the pool.  Shelley panicked but didn’t need to.


Shoeless:  On their skiff ride back to the mainland of St. Thomas after the Roadblock, Tim & Te Jay tell us that they took off their shoes before doing the cliffjump challenge thinking it was the smart thing to do in anticipation of the jump.  Turns out they shouldn’t have done that, and now they’re riding on their skiff to go back and get them.  But the captain tells them that the journey back is upstream and will cost them an hour and a half at least to go back there.  Te Jay thinks it’s a terrible idea to go back and get their shoes as this is the Pit Stop they’re heading to.  Tim is concerned that they’ll be wearing these beach-shoes the rest of the time while Te Jay knows they can figure out new shoes later.

As they finally arrive at the shore, Tim is confused as there’s no Pit Stop to be seen.  The captain points out that this is the dropoff point only and that they still have traveling to do to get to Fort Christian.  They both look confused but Tim finally re-reads the Clue and it says they’ll get dropped off at Meagan Bay at which point they need to make their way further.  On the beach, they interact with some of the locals who are cheering them on, asking them which way the other team went.


Suffering in the Sand:  Keith is upset because he’s sure he’s digging in the right place and all he’s feeling from Whitney is criticism.  She points out she’s trying to help.  The penalty talk begins and Keith tells her that that decision is up to her.  She doesn’t want to make that decision on her own though.  Keith repeats that this is where the compass tells him to be and she responds that it’s clearly not there, so either the compass is wrong or he’s wrong. OOF.  Whitney wants him to start the process over again as he needs to try something as opposed to just bitching about it (my words, not hers).

It’s a bit darker now and the penalty talk is back.  Whitney insists it’s up to him to make that call if he is sure he can’t find the treasure.  Apparently he’s been digging for 4 hours!!  She suggests that they make a deal with the Firefighters to try to figure this out together.  Keith can’t believe that the compass would be wrong, which leads me to believe he’s reading it wrong still or that he’s not measuring the lengths correctly.  Whitney tells him that she knows that he’s their best hope as she knows if she was in his place there’s no way she’d be able to do this.  She encourages him and that he’s gotta be right near it.  Geez, Keith is looking rough now as he’s freakin’ exhausted.

AR25_Ep1_Clueless2Clueless:  After the Roadblock, Dennis tells us that he handed the clue to Isabelle so he could wash his hands off, yet somehow Isabelle lost the clue.  “I guess I dropped the clue, I’m so sorry” she admits….this is not a good start to their race!  Dennis just tells the captain to head to the dropoff as they read the clue so they know where they  have to go (Fort Christian).  More tearful apologies follow from Isabelle as she knows Dennis worked so hard at the Roadblock.  She wonders if they should help another team so that they could share that team’s clue?  He flips out at that suggestion as they’re out in the water now per her guidance.  More apologies.

The boat’s moving along now so they’re obviously not going back.  Isabelle wonders if maybe the clue is Continue reading Amazing Race 25 Leg 1 Bonus Clips

Amazing Race 24 Leg 3 Bonus Clips

A TON of “At the Pit Stop” videos this time, with the consensus being that this was an exceptionally hard leg for everyone, what with that dastardly rafting Detour.  One of the main surprises could be that John & Jessica actually called Joey & Meghan a cab!  That’s some unexpected friendship which didn’t pan out, clearly, but who knows if Brenchel would have survived if that had been successful?  As also seen below, Brenchel were pretty sure they were coming in last.

Extra/Deleted Scenes

AR24_Ep3_hardestchallengeeverHardest Challenge Ever:  In their cab from the Detour, Luke declares that it was the hardest challenge for them to do together, ever.  Their raft kept breaking up and exploding, something Luke never wants to do again.  Margie knows that neither of them know how to tie a knot.  In the meantime, Margie’s fingers are covered in bloody paper as apparently they got torn up in the rapids.  She explains that her hands are ripped up because the bamboo poles they were using kept getting bent up and would slice up their hands.   Margie mentions to Luke that there were fun moments which he agrees with.  Although it was fun and scary when they were floating right underneath the trees overhanging the river.  Luke was sure that they were going to drown.

AR24_Ep3_whateverittakesWhatever It Takes: Leo & Jamal are instructing their taxi driver to call the Cowboys’ taxi driver and have him stop.  Once this taxi overtakes him, then allow the Cowboys’ taxi to go again.  The cab driver actually makes the call and tells Leo & Jamal that the other cab driver is going to do what they’ve asked.   It’s not clear if it’s actually happening so while they’re driving, Jamal explains that they need to beat the Cowboys.  He even proposes what the other cab driver could say, such as “my cab’s messed up!”  Leo shoves the remaining money they have in the cab driver’s face and say it’s all his if this plan works.  Suddenly Jamal comments to Leo that he understands why people think they’re sneaky.  Leo reasons that it’s actually smart gameplay.

Leo & Jamal continue to justify their deviousness with the fact that they did help the Cowboys out on the Detour when they confirmed where the delivery was to be made.  That action was definitely to keep from getting a U-Turn target on them.   Jamal definitely thinks the other cab driver can get away with the plan and the Cowboys would be none the wiser.  He asks what the Travelocity Gnome thinks and then I see that it’s a soft gnome as he makes it look like it’s talking by scrunching it up.  The magic of TV!  Leo is sure that what they did at the Detour is worth not getting U-Turned on Leg 6.

AR24_Ep3_OntheirownOn Their Own:  Before their leg starts, Luke is explaining that this season, they have no friends and no alliances as it’s just them this time.  Margie reasons that it’s a huge difference from their Season 18 experience in which they ran as a pack with a bunch of others and one mistake made impacted them all.  This race, they are racing again with the Cowboys and the Globetrotters but there’s definitely no sense of an alliance with those teams.  This season will definitely be their own race.

Thinking about Season 18, Margie remembers Continue reading Amazing Race 24 Leg 3 Bonus Clips

Amazing Race 24 Leg 2 Bonus Clips

Were you curious about Mark & Mallory some more?  Experience more schadenfreude as Mallory tries to keep her rage and tears inside.  Why did Dave & Connor seem to disappear from the front of the pack when racing towards the Pit Stop?  Are the Afghanimals a curse to any team that dares to team up with them?  For these first 2 legs, it certainly seems so!  Ready to hear all sides of the Express Pass issue?  Everyone has some thoughts but it’s interesting whose opinion Phil seems to most agree with.  All that and more from this second leg of Season 24 await you below!

Extra/Deleted Scenes

AR24_Ep2_whosgotthebagWho’s Got the Bag?  In their frantic cab ride back to get Mark’s bag, Mallory mentions to him that it’s fine to race without a bag but she’ll support him if he insists.  She just hopes they don’t lose the race.  Mark apologizes but wishes he had known where the bag was in the first place.  She reminds him that it was right by his feet as she had brought them out when they were leaving the Roadblock.  Mallory asks again if what’s inside the bag is worth doing this, as if it’s clothes, people will give him clothes.  She’d give up her bag if it was her.  He refuses that logic and says that all he’s got is in this bag.  Mallory bites her tongue.

A few moments later, Mark asks Mallory why she’s so upset about this action.  She repeats that she would have just left the bag.  Mark snipes that she DID leave his bag which stops her in midspeech and she shakes her head vigorously.  Mark insists that she had had the bag and after she ran off, he had no idea where it was.  Again, she tells him, the bag was at your feet.  Mallory wants Mark to focus on looking forward now and stop blaming her as she’s going back with him to get the bag.  Mark thinks Mallory just needs to slow down which she rolls her eyes at as they are definitely slowing down.  As he’s talking, she keeps shaking her head.  She asks him how long he’s going to keep blaming her and Mark denies that he’s blaming her.  Mallory can barely look at Mark without rage.

AR24_Ep2_learningtheirlessonLearning Their Lesson: Dave & Connor ride in their cab but the cabbie is hitting some serious traffic.  Connor comments that they thought they’d learned their lesson when taking a cab to the Pit Stop.  I’m not sure what the lesson is yet.  Dave notices that there’s traffic going the wrong way on a one-way street as well as tons of pedestrians.  Dave wonders if it the subway would have been the better option.  I guess this traffic and associated delay was why they ended up in 4th place instead of 1st as they certainly were the first ones out of the Detour!

AR24_Ep2_unexpectedcityAn Unexpected City: Jamal is impressed at the scope and breadth of Guangzhou as both he and Leo were expecting a more manufacturing-based city.  Leo would have expected Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong to look like this so to see Guangzhou look like this is great and he likes the city.  Jamal points out that they’ve really just finished their previous race so people are recognizing them and calling out to them by name.  It’s useful as people are willing to give them money and help them out. Continue reading Amazing Race 24 Leg 2 Bonus Clips

Amazing Race 24 Leg 1 Bonus Clips

Episode 1 Bonus Clips

From my days of recapping the deleted scenes for Realitynewsonline, I thought I’d do it again to provide a service to those who don’t want to have to deal with the forced ads, etc.  I’ve found that the deleted scenes add a great detail of color and background info to help one appreciate the racers a bit more.

For the main recap, click here; with no more further ado though, the deleted scenes, and if you want to watch them yourself, simply click on the associated screenshot.  There’s typically three sections of clips: Extra/Deleted Scenes from the Leg; Pit Stop interviews with Phil; After the Race Team thoughts.  Here goes!

Extra/Deleted Scenes

AR24_Ep1_BTS_BackinthesaddleBehind the Scenes: “Back in the Saddle”: We get a quick recap from Phil of the whole Bopper/Mallory swap and then some more commentary from Mallory.  She recognizes it’s going to be a hard race but it’s one she’s ready to fight for, not only for Bopper’s sake but also because she knows it’s what her dad would have wanted and would have done if he were in this position.  Hold up, is Gary dead?  Mallory gets close to tears when talking about her dad, so now I need to look this up, as that bums me out.  Okay, just looked it up – NO, Gary is just fine.  But Mallory is just that sweet and emotional.  It will be interesting whether the Kentucky folk can make this work.

AR24_ep1_toughteamsTough Teams:  Caroline & Jennifer are driving to LAX and discuss the fact that there are pretty tough teams they’re competing against.  Easily recognize that the Cowboys are a force to be reckoned with;  they also indicate they love the Twinnies and plan to align with them (bad idea!!!).   Caroline respects all the teams, including the Globetrotters, and she admits that she has a slight crush on Flight Time, admitting that she has to have a race boyfriend.  Jennifer is amused by Caroline’s constant ability to find a boyfriend everywhere they go, and guesses she’ll be spending a lot of time with Big Easy.

AR24_ep1_jessicalanguageJessica’s Language Lesson:  Jessica nervously laughs as she prepares to try out her Chinese while John encourages her.  She’s got the words ready for asking about “wedding dress district”.  John admits he knows how to say Ni Hao (“Hello”) and Coca Cola.  Jessica tells us she took a semester of Chinese in college but made a concerted effort to really study up on Chinese before the race.  She didn’t waste too much time on the various pleasantries of every language as that’s something you can do while flying.  She’s relieved China is the first destination as it makes the work worthwhile.

AR24_Ep1_TwinniesbaddayTwinnies Very Bad Day:  After their terrible leg, Natalie & Nadiya look back and can’t believe how bad they raced today; they don’t recognize who those people were.  Their high spirits weren’t there (I noticed that too) and it was a non-stop bickerfest.  They admit they didn’t have any fun this time which was a surprise as in their previous season, they were always able to look back and remember how much fun they had.  Natalie recognizes that during this leg, she took Nadiya for granted – normally they can bitch at each other and it doesn’t matter, but today it didn’t work.  They both realize that maybe it’s not a good thing to talk so terribly to each other.  Will this change immediately?  Neither think so and laugh. Continue reading Amazing Race 24 Leg 1 Bonus Clips