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Amazing Race 24 Leg 3 Bonus Clips

A TON of “At the Pit Stop” videos this time, with the consensus being that this was an exceptionally hard leg for everyone, what with that dastardly rafting Detour.  One of the main surprises could be that John & Jessica actually called Joey & Meghan a cab!  That’s some unexpected friendship which didn’t pan out, clearly, but who knows if Brenchel would have survived if that had been successful?  As also seen below, Brenchel were pretty sure they were coming in last.

Extra/Deleted Scenes

AR24_Ep3_hardestchallengeeverHardest Challenge Ever:  In their cab from the Detour, Luke declares that it was the hardest challenge for them to do together, ever.  Their raft kept breaking up and exploding, something Luke never wants to do again.  Margie knows that neither of them know how to tie a knot.  In the meantime, Margie’s fingers are covered in bloody paper as apparently they got torn up in the rapids.  She explains that her hands are ripped up because the bamboo poles they were using kept getting bent up and would slice up their hands.   Margie mentions to Luke that there were fun moments which he agrees with.  Although it was fun and scary when they were floating right underneath the trees overhanging the river.  Luke was sure that they were going to drown.

AR24_Ep3_whateverittakesWhatever It Takes: Leo & Jamal are instructing their taxi driver to call the Cowboys’ taxi driver and have him stop.  Once this taxi overtakes him, then allow the Cowboys’ taxi to go again.  The cab driver actually makes the call and tells Leo & Jamal that the other cab driver is going to do what they’ve asked.   It’s not clear if it’s actually happening so while they’re driving, Jamal explains that they need to beat the Cowboys.  He even proposes what the other cab driver could say, such as “my cab’s messed up!”  Leo shoves the remaining money they have in the cab driver’s face and say it’s all his if this plan works.  Suddenly Jamal comments to Leo that he understands why people think they’re sneaky.  Leo reasons that it’s actually smart gameplay.

Leo & Jamal continue to justify their deviousness with the fact that they did help the Cowboys out on the Detour when they confirmed where the delivery was to be made.  That action was definitely to keep from getting a U-Turn target on them.   Jamal definitely thinks the other cab driver can get away with the plan and the Cowboys would be none the wiser.  He asks what the Travelocity Gnome thinks and then I see that it’s a soft gnome as he makes it look like it’s talking by scrunching it up.  The magic of TV!  Leo is sure that what they did at the Detour is worth not getting U-Turned on Leg 6.

AR24_Ep3_OntheirownOn Their Own:  Before their leg starts, Luke is explaining that this season, they have no friends and no alliances as it’s just them this time.  Margie reasons that it’s a huge difference from their Season 18 experience in which they ran as a pack with a bunch of others and one mistake made impacted them all.  This race, they are racing again with the Cowboys and the Globetrotters but there’s definitely no sense of an alliance with those teams.  This season will definitely be their own race.

Thinking about Season 18, Margie remembers feeling a bit of responsibility for some of the other Season 14 racers who had also come back, such as Kara & Jamie and Mike & Mel.  They did all work together again in 18, but she thinks that such groupthink can hurt your racing.  Margie was constantly worried about Mel in 18 and she adds reluctantly that her racing may not have been as competitive because she was always thinking of how Mel was doing.  Now in 24, they don’t have that kind of relationship with anybody and it’s kind of a good thing as it liberates them to race as they need to.

AR24_Ep3_helpingfriendsHelping Their Friends: As John & Jessica head to the Detour, John recalls that it looked like Joey & Meghan’s cab had left.  Jessica was panicked after leaving the Roadblock as she hadn’t even thought of asking the cab to stay but luckily John had taken care of it.  She notices that it looks like a place that it won’t be easy to hail a cab from.  Jessica leans forward to talk to their cab driver about the situation and he can’t explain why Joey & Meghan’s cab driver left.  John asks if it’ll be easy for them to get another cab and the cab driver doesn’t seem to think so.  Jessica asks if they could get a cab sent there but the cab driver isn’t so sure about that.  John wonders if someone at the Roadblock might have a cell phone and could call a cab for Joey & Meghan.  The cab driver, again, has no answers.

Jessica presses the cab driver on if he could help get a cab to go back there.  I’m not sure he understands what she’s driving at as he does admit to having the capability and power to do so, but doesn’t seem willing in the slightest to actually do so.  John & Jessica think the cab driver should help and he says he will.  John explains to us that Joey & Meghan have helped them out before so he’s happy to return the favor.  They’d love to keep them in the game.  John just wishes he had thought of getting a cab for them earlier.

AR24_Ep3_hustleHustle It Up: Caroline is giving The Globetrotters a bit of shit and keeps telling them to hustle it up while they’re getting their airline tickets to Malaysian Borneo.  Jennifer is super nervous and mutters to Flight Time that they need to get on this first flight.  It’s clear she thinks there’s other ways to get on this flight but Flight Time reassures her that they’re on it.  This doesn’t stop Caroline from needling him and saying that he needs to move his “fine ass” along.  They keep hoping Big Easy is done with the arrangements but that keeps not being the case.  You can also see the Afghanimals behind the Country Girls but they’re not freaking out, as they probably understand that they’re definitely on the first flight.  The Globetrotters finally finish but before he goes, Big Easy asks where the McDonald’s is and then laughs while leaving.   Jennifer gets to the counter and we see a bit of “behind-the-scenes” as she asks for 4 tickets, which is what they have to do as while the show makes it seem only 2 people are racing, they always have to book 4 tickets to include the camera guy and the sound guy.  After they finish booking, Caroline shouts to the Globetrotters that they’re women and that women can sometimes be frantic.

AR24_Ep3_BrenchelbaddayBrenchel’s Bad Day: As Brenchel heads to the Pit Stop, Rachel recounts that while they started the leg in first place, they had bad luck with their taxi and quickly ended up on the second flight and they had bad luck with their raft on the river.  It’s a lot like life, but Rachel is glad that she’s able to do this with Brendon, who she loves and who is her best friend.  Brendon apologizes for not doing better and Rachel reassures him that he could never disappoint her.  Who IS this woman?  She learned today how brave and strong he is with his rafting heroics and is proud of him.  Brendon still looks seriously bummed and it seems they’re pretty sure they’re about to be eliminated.  Rachel recognizes that this is just a game and I still can’t believe how mature she’s handling this.  She’s the one cheering HIM up.  Amazing, indeed.

AR24_Ep3_itsallaboutfunIt’s All About Fun: Flight Time thinks this leg was a whole lot harder than he was expecting it to be what with all the challenges they had to endure.  He still can’t believe their raft floated especially with the weight they were carrying.  The most fun was had dancing with the locals though, as they always seek out opportunities to interact like that.  A prime directive for them as a team is to always have fun.  Big Easy agrees that it’s important to take some time and smell the roses, whether in the race or in life.  He also recognizes the strength in supporting your partner as the hunting Detour was successful due to mutual encouragement.  Flight Time restates that in their normal life, it’s important to show that you can compete while also having fun.  Many families have told them how much they enjoyed seeing that spirit.

AR24_Ep3_songformrrahimA Song for Mr. Rahim: Caroline & Jennifer ecstatically tell their cab driver how much they love him and ask him for his name.  It’s “Mr. Rahim.”  Caroline tries to get a song started with “Mr. Rahim is the man of dreams” and quickly realizes they’ll need a new song.  Jennifer suggests adding an “our” before “dreams” and they quickly get into this new song.  Jennifer is pretty good at this and comes up with a new verse:  “He’s taking us where we need to be.”  Jennifer seems a little shy with this impromptu workshop while Caroline keeps at it.  Caroline comes up with a good intro though with “Driving so fast we can barely see” and they immediately launch into a pleasing version combining it all together.  Mr. Rahim seems unfazed by it all.

AR24_Ep3_smoothsailingSmooth Sailing for the Cowboys: Jet & Cord are pretty happy with their bamboo raft as it’s holding together really well.  Jet thinks that steering was the hardest part as you had to figure out that keeping the raft as flat as possible was key.  Cord says they got into a good rhythm of staying properly balanced and counteracting the other.  Jet mentions that they had a coxswain with the Travelocity Gnome but Cord does a double-take as he can’t quite believe what he thinks he just heard Jet say.  Jet explains it and Cord admits he’d never heard of that term.

At the Pit Stop

AR24_Ep3_amazingdayAn Amazing Day – Jessica & John/7th: Phil asks if Jessica & John are okay with being at the back of the pack.  They are good with it and tell Phil that they had an amazing day.  Despite being in the back of the pack, Jessica tells Phil that they killed every challenge today.  She admits she wasn’t the most graceful at the Roadblock waterfall but had to do it as John had already done 2 Roadblocks.  Phil notices they look happy and John tells him they’re happy to make it another leg.  Jessica wants out of the back though and hopes for an equalizer soon.  There is something good about having the challenges mostly alone as it’s quiet and not as stressful.  Phil chats with his fellow greeter about John & Jessica and Eric tells Phil he remembers them from their prior season.  Unfortunately he remembers their epic blunder which makes them laugh.  Jessica wants everyone to think new things about them.

AR24_Ep3_noregretsNo Regrets – Joey & Meghan/Last Place: Phil asks how many legs Joey & Meghan made it last time and it turns out to be 10 with a 5th place finish (is that right?).   Meghan thinks that they had no idea what they were getting themselves into as the competition this time was very strong.  Mistakes just can’t happen or you’ll get eliminated.  Phil points that Joey & Meghan were also strong competitors and “in it to win it” and Joey admits that there was just some bad luck this entire race, commencing with a bad start.

Phil asks if there are any regrets and Joey doesn’t think there are.  Meghan was happy to have visited China and Malaysia.  Phil is sorry to see them go and awkwardly shifts his glance around, seemingly unsure of what to chat about next.  He then asks who they hope to see win and they pick John & Jessica.  Phil jokes that they need some redemption after their Express Pass debacle.  He then starts talking to stray cats who’ve come to say goodbye.  It is very clear Phil has nothing to say to Joey & Meghan!

AR24_Ep3_harderthaneverHarder Than Ever – Caroline & Jennifer/6th: Phil laughs as it seems Caroline & Jennifer were sure this would be a “keep racing” Pit Stop.  He wonders why?  Jennifer just figured that the show would keep throwing difficulties their way as it was just such a hard leg already.  This leg alone seemed more difficult than any of their previous experiences.  In particular, Jennifer felt that the raft portion was difficult, as it wasn’t clear how to build it or how to keep it together.  Caroline claims that they haven’t built a raft before and Phil counters with why would you have?  They tell Phil about Jennifer’s painful finger experience and their certainty that she was about to lose two fingers.  Caroline figured she’d have been running the race with only the ability to make a German 3 (thanks, Inglourious Basterds!)

AR24_Ep3_nevergiveupNever Give Up – Brendon & Rachel/8th: Through tears, Rachel tells Phil that they were positive they were out (see their video, Brenchel’s Bad Day, above for their supportive words to each other thinking that).  Phil agrees that there was definitely a good chance they were out as they had gotten word on how bad Brenchel’s raft was.  He thought there was even a chance Brenchel were going to quit!  Yet if there’s one thing to hold on to, it’s always “Never Give Up!”   Brenchel readily agree.  Rachel tells Phil about Brendon swimming across the river to find their twine and bamboo to illustrate how they didn’t give up.  Rachel emotionally makes out with Brendon.  The rain really starts to come down now as do Rachel’s tears, although they are definitely tears of relief and happiness.  Brendon is proud of how they survived the Detour by sheer willpower holding that raft together. They’re each proud of the other!

AR24_Ep3_allswelAll’s Well That Ends Well – Dave & Connor/1st: Connor & Dave tell Phil about missing the delivery point on the Detour and all the work they had to do to resolve it.  Apparently they even dropped their clue during all that!  Phil recalls the last time they were in 1st place – Dave was not in good shape and on crutches.  Dave is amazed at today’s finish too as he & Connor were both certain they made costly mistakes.  He even thinks it was on the level of their Bora Bora/Achilles Heel experience.  Phil asks Connor if he thinks the competition will come down to someone making a drastic error, as every team competing is really strong.  That point is exactly why Connor was stressed out about this leg’s mistakes as they were sure they were going to pay for it.  It’s still hard to believe they’re in 1st.  Phil asks about Dave’s ankle and if he has to massage it.  Dave insists he’s taking care of it and tells Phil he pledged to his wife to not hurt himself.

AR24_Ep3_cowboysafghanimalsCowboys and Afghanimals Together – Jet & Cord/2nd, Leo & Jamal/3rd: Leo tells Phil that they almost died on this leg, as they turned left when they should have turned right, ending up in a cul-de-sac on the river and stuck in a tight current.  He details their efforts to get unstuck and get out and Phil laughs and claims it could be the most dramatic story ever.  Jamal thinks it was a fun leg but admits that water isn’t their thing and this leg was all about water.  Phil bluntly asks why the Afghanimals are back and Leo thinks viewers appreciate their humor (agreed!).  Jamal thinks people get them and understand they have good hearts but are hard racers.  He tells Phil that he definitely likes this season better than the last one as he actually has respect for the teams this time.

Phil jokes that he remembers Jamal comparing the Cowboys to last season’s Marie.  Everyone laughs at that!  Jamal praises the Cowboys and respects their game and admits to being fans of theirs, modeling their racing after them.  Leo thinks that the teams racing this season respect each others’ racing style and don’t brand each other negatively.  Leo still remembers getting the “sneaky” label from teams last season when it may have been good gameplay.  He’s sure the Cowboys would have been branded “sneaky” too as they just like to run their own race.

AR24_Ep3_respectingtheraceRespecting the Race – Flight Time & Big Easy/5th: Phil asks the Globetrotters if their “smell the roses” racing style is going to succeed this season.  Flight Time acknowledges that they always respect the race and will always endeavor to have fun during it.  That’s how they work and live.  They recognize how lucky they are to be racing for a third time and don’t take it for granted.  They’re fine with a mid-place as the only leg that’s important is the last one, as evidenced by Kesha & Jen’s win over them.

Big Easy agrees with the “Slow & Steady” mantra although he points they were racing pretty hard this leg.  Mother Nature doesn’t lose a fight, as was especially apparent during the rafting portion.   Phil asks which teams the Globetrotters are fans of this season.  Flight Time responds that there are definitely teams they want to keep around so they can beat them in the end, namely the Country Girls and YouTube.  Overall though, they love all the teams.  Phil figures they have to be intimidated by some of the teams but Big Easy isn’t easily intimidated.  Not the Cowboys, although Big Easy gives them props for being strong.  They’d be on the list of teams they’d like to see gone!

AR24_Ep3_stayingconsistentStaying Consistent – Margie & Luke/4th:  Phil notices Margie’s hands are massively cut up and she explains how the bamboo poles really got her bad.  Phil praises their consistency but points out they aren’t at the top.  Margie notes they’ve had 3rd, 2nd and now 4th as their finishes.  She’s fine with 4th this leg as it was ridiculously hard.  Phil asks if this season has been what they expected, and Margie recalls that in 18, they were a lot more relaxed and paid for it with getting eliminated.  They’ve come into 24 knowing full well how tough the competition is and ready to race hard.  Communication is still something they’re working on though, but it’s still problematic.  Phil happily points out to Margie that he thinks she’s in the best shape he’s ever seen her in!  Margie happily takes the compliment and jokes she’s just getting better, not older.

After the Race

AR24_Ep3_roomimprovementRoom for Improvement: Connor has been happy with he & Dave’s communication thus far in the race but today was disappointing as they did argue a bit.  He thinks they can revamp and find a better way to work as a team though.  Dave agrees because as a father and son they don’t always agree on everything, even though they’re best friends.  Dave can tend to think he’s right especially as the father, but he also recognizes that Connor is a man now.  It’s important to respect that fact and trust in his choices and decisions.  Connor pipes up that he respects his dad and recognizes that Dave knows a whole lot.  He would just like their partnership to be true and have it so they make decisions together.

AR24_Ep3_eyeopeningAn Eye Opening Experience: Joey appreciated that this experience was eye-opening in terms of experiencing other cultures.  Meghan thinks you come out of them as a different person.  Where else can you test yourself like this, such as rafting down a homemade raft in Malaysia?  The Amazing Race gives you these very special opportunities.  Meghan is proud they stayed positive and remained true to themselves but Joey points out they still kinda sucked.  Meghan persists and is glad they had fun despite the physical challenges and turmoil thrown at them.  It’s important to just keep going.


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