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11/22/63 Sticks the Landing & Other Stuff

Well hallelujah, the Hulu adaptation of Stephen King’s 11/22/63, which I mentioned being excited for here, was fucking fantastic.  I admit that we didn’t watch it devotedly when it first premiered, but that meant we could binge on the first 5 episodes.  But we then had to wait patiently every Monday, which you know what?  I […]

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The 11/22/63 Miniseries

Okay, I loved the book 11/22/63 from Stephen King, and I had heard about the upcoming miniseries starring James Franco, but man, seeing this trailer just now?  I am sooo pumped to see this.  The last shot from the trailer with Oswald’s perspective from the book depository (which I totally recognize having visited there myself earlier […]

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Monday Mind-dump

I’ve been lax on posting for no real reason.  It’s almost too easy for me to do, but then I don’t.  Here’s why: Tropico 4: In some respects, it’s a good thing Larry is back in NYC, as I wouldn’t have been very communicative as if I play video games on my PC, 9 times […]

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Adrift in January

It’s 2012 and I have found myself in the weird position of being alone for the month of January!  What’s that, you say?  What do I mean?  Well, Larry is in NYC now and will be staying there through mid-February.  The first reason is that he went back early this month to be there for […]