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Bits & Pieces

Alright, I have random things to post and dammit I plan to do so! First, I’m back from Atlanta and had another great “first” day in the PwC Los Angeles office.  Today I met a lot more of the Associates and they’re so young and smart and I feel old and dumb.  Maybe not all […]

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Watch SMASH or NBC will fire me

Alright, they probably aren’t going to fire me just over that, but seriously, watch SMASH.  It’s a fun, slightly soapy (okay, very soapy) show about making a Marilyn Monroe musical on Broadway.  It’s not too insider-y (which makes some critics sad and I admit, it would be cool to get a true look at the […]

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Monday Mind-dump

I’ve been lax on posting for no real reason.  It’s almost too easy for me to do, but then I don’t.  Here’s why: Tropico 4: In some respects, it’s a good thing Larry is back in NYC, as I wouldn’t have been very communicative as if I play video games on my PC, 9 times […]


BookLOG: A Clash of Kings

In the quest to determine things to write about, I realized one of the answers to that predicament has been in front of me forever: books!  I read typically during lunch using my iPhone’s Kindle app as well as at night, which is typically when I’ll read a real hardcover book if I’ve got one […]