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I Talked About Jeopardy – and How You Can Too!

First Step:  Get on Jeopardy!  EASY.  Click here for those easy steps!  🙂  (Spoiler alert, that’s just all my posts related to Jeopardy – but perhaps you’ll get something out of it?)

Second Step:  ….

Third Step:  Profit!  errr….I mean, talk about your experience with other former contestants!

#JeopardyLivePanel – Season 3 Episode 9, Live Roundtable (December 17, 2016 8:00 PM Eastern)

I was graciously invited to participate in this fun Youtube / Google Hangout hosted by The Jeopardy! Fan, and I got to meet up with Amy, Bridget, and Chelsea who participated in shows this past week, in addition to also talking with Ryan who taped the same week as I did.   Talked about a whole host of things about the show, and before we knew it, 90 minutes had gone by!  So if you haven’t had your fix of seeing me on your screens, as well as hearing some of the great inside stories about filming episodes with the current champ, Cindy Stowell, check it out!

If you haven’t heard about Cindy, she’s the current bad-ass champion of Jeopardy who played the game while suffering from terminal cancer.  She was fighting through fever and weakness during these episodes and she has been playing like a boss.  The tragedy is that she died earlier this month, before her episodes started airing.  I know I didn’t expect to see her claim a victory, let alone FOUR!  And here she is, racking up the wins amidst all the external factors that would rightly be something that could knock others off their game.  Chelsea, who you’ll see in the video above, got a good idea started to donate money to the Cancer Institute, to the tune of $1 for each answer clue you get right on Jeopardy.  I haven’t been keeping track of that, but just donating money to them is a laudable action, with every bit helping.

This Will Never Fail to Crack Me Up

I DID say it was my Jeopardy! week, did I not?  My favorite part of the show is by far this moment from Final Jeopardy when I realize I caught the camera after finishing writing, smiled, then saw it wasn’t moving, and realized, shit, I have no idea if I’m right!  And now it’s in a loop! Thanks, Larry!


Hey, it’s Jeopardy Week for me!

So this means more random stuff about me and Jeopardy!  First up, some pics from the viewing party we threw on Monday night.  Larry went all out with the decorations, and we got El Pollo Loco and plenty of booze to satiate party guests’ ravenous appetites!

Nov 28, 2016 – Jeopardy Party Time

You may have noticed on my episode that I was doing all sorts of shimmying every time I knew an answer and got to ring in….it’s almost too much.  Or maybe it’s endearing, who knows?  Anyway, during one point of the evening, I recreated my shimmy…and my oh-so-young coworkers and guests caught it on video.  🙂

I really think I should have embraced the shimmy, had I known I was doing it, especially when I answered ‘What is Merengue?’

It’s also been fun to find where people commented on the episode online.  There’s a great comments section of the AV Club’s “What’s On Tonight” daily article that uses that location to discuss the previous night’s episode of Jeopardy; I ended up mainly focusing on Twitter though.  Here are some interesting highlights:

Personally, I am a huge fan of those faces I made during that moment!  It cracks me the hell up.

Tom’s comment may be the funniest of the night though!

Anyway, thought these various comments were pretty cool to see. I’ve also had a lot of fun chatting up a lot of my fellow contestants that I met that week, including Vicki, who had her show air tonight, as well as Allison from my show, and Ryan, who has his show on Friday.  It’s a cool community to now belong to and quite a unique experience only a very few can understand!  Do stay tuned this week for the last 2 episodes as while we didn’t see them getting taped, I’ve heard from those who were that they’re very good!

Update:  Here’s the reddit page that discusses my episode:  https://www.reddit.com/r/Jeopardy/comments/5fddmi/jeopardy_recap_for_mon_nov_28/

Here’s the Jeopardy! Fan’s rundown of the week’s contestants that I was part of:

This Week’s Contestants (November 28-December 2, 2016)

I was planning to include the j-archive.com rundown of my episode, but it looks like they haven’t gotten to all the episodes from last week yet…stay tuned on that one.

Update, 19 Feb 2017:  I finally looked back at j-archive.com and my episode finally has its rundown!

Oh yeah, there’s also this link to our “Hometown Howdies,” and I’m still not sure where or if these are ever aired?

Update, 30 Dec 2016:  A comment made by my competitor Allison indicated that an installment of The Final Wager was made for our week, in which both Allison and I get a bit of scolding for not betting right.  Well, duh.  At least the scolding comes from a very cute guy.  It’s easier to deal with in that situation.  But of course he’s not wrong about what happened.  Just unfortunately there’s no time machine yet.

Update, 15 Jan 2017:  There’s another site called JBoard that I’ve not really frequented before, but finally heard about this weekend.  Of course there’s discussion about each episode, and mine on Nov 28 had 3 pages of discussion about how bad all of our wagers were.  🙂


Update, 11 Dec 2017:  Larry had uploaded this Youtube but I hadn’t actually tried to see if it would post here:

Post-Jeopardy Thoughts, From 3 Months Ago

Now that the results are out there, I can finally discuss what the thoughts were that were going through my head right after filming as well as a few days after that, once I got my head back on straight.  It was a tough thing to not win on Jeopardy, and to fall into second-guessing my bet.  There wasn’t any second-guessing of my answer, to be sure, as I had no clue the answer was the Netherlands.  None.  But the betting was where I got most hung up on.  And the fact that I’ll not get another chance to try and do better!

Anyway, here are those posts – the first is just me decompressing about the crazy experience of having just filmed an episode of Jeopardy!:

Day-Of Jeopardy! Taping Thoughts & Reactions

and here’s the second one that I wrote a few days after the fact:

Post-Game Analysis & Thoughts, a Few Days After


Just Watched the Episode Before Mine!

So tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! was the one in which I saw the Returning Champion win his episode, and it is now very surreal to realize the NEXT EPISODE OF JEOPARDY! WILL BE THE ONE THAT I AM ON.  I can’t wait to un-hide the posts I’ve written about my experience.

And this has been an interesting Thanksgiving episode thus far.  It was a small affair with me, Larry, and my mom, and the food all came out pretty damn great.  But our kitchen sink decided to stop draining water shortly before mom came over and before Larry had started to cook. FUN.  Then today, while we were relaxing and watching the Blu-Ray of the Beatles’ 1 that Larry had gotten me as a gift for my birthday last year, our fucking TV shorts out.  IT SHORT THE FUCK OUT.  We’ve had it for just under 3 years at this point, and it’s still a great TV.  So after considering maybe just going and getting a new TV, instead I ended up calling a TV repairman service and after describing what we had seen (freakin’ SPARKS had shot out from the back of the TV where the power cord connects to it), they have to order a new power thing and so I’ve got an appointment on Friday to have it repaired.  No Big TV for a week.  Happily, we have TVs in both the office and the bedroom, so it’s not as if we have to talk to each other that much, but our living room is now a place for rest and contemplation.  FEH.