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I Talked About Jeopardy – and How You Can Too!

First Step:  Get on Jeopardy!  EASY.  Click here for those easy steps!  🙂  (Spoiler alert, that’s just all my posts related to Jeopardy – but perhaps you’ll get something out of it?)

Second Step:  ….

Third Step:  Profit!  errr….I mean, talk about your experience with other former contestants!

#JeopardyLivePanel – Season 3 Episode 9, Live Roundtable (December 17, 2016 8:00 PM Eastern)

I was graciously invited to participate in this fun Youtube / Google Hangout hosted by The Jeopardy! Fan, and I got to meet up with Amy, Bridget, and Chelsea who participated in shows this past week, in addition to also talking with Ryan who taped the same week as I did.   Talked about a whole host of things about the show, and before we knew it, 90 minutes had gone by!  So if you haven’t had your fix of seeing me on your screens, as well as hearing some of the great inside stories about filming episodes with the current champ, Cindy Stowell, check it out!

If you haven’t heard about Cindy, she’s the current bad-ass champion of Jeopardy who played the game while suffering from terminal cancer.  She was fighting through fever and weakness during these episodes and she has been playing like a boss.  The tragedy is that she died earlier this month, before her episodes started airing.  I know I didn’t expect to see her claim a victory, let alone FOUR!  And here she is, racking up the wins amidst all the external factors that would rightly be something that could knock others off their game.  Chelsea, who you’ll see in the video above, got a good idea started to donate money to the Cancer Institute, to the tune of $1 for each answer clue you get right on Jeopardy.  I haven’t been keeping track of that, but just donating money to them is a laudable action, with every bit helping.