So It’s Actually Going to Happen!

I got the call this morning….I’m going to be on Jeopardy! Well, okay, I will be on the show, but it’s not a definite thing yet as to when.  I get to be an “alternate” for an upcoming taping, which means I have a 50/50 shot of getting on the show.  They need locals who can step in I guess in case someone who is supposed to go on ends up bailing or for some reason just not going on.  That’s me!

Jeopardy! – The Second Round

I hadn’t expected to hear any word so soon, but they were very nice to say that they did indeed really like me.  I haven’t asked, but I really think it was my Showgirls move that pushed me over the edge.  It’s kind of nuts to think this is all actually going to happen!

So with being an alternate this first session, it sounds like I’m scheduled to be an alternate for the last show of the day that’ll be taped.  During that day, I’ll have to be there the entire time anyway, which will be cool as I’ll get to watch all 5 shows.  I can also bring guests, so even if I don’t go on, it’ll be fun to just get to watch.  If it ends up that I don’t get to go on that day, they let me know that I’m fairly certain to get on in the next month or so after that.  So here’s hoping all goes well!  I just can’t wait to see the studio for myself, possibly meet Alex Trebek and take some pictures, and maybe, just maybe, get some victories under my belt!  🙂

Stay tuned for more details, but I really won’t know much for another month or so!

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