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It’s 2016! Time to Watch Star Wars Again!

Yeah, so we did that.  Saw The Force Awakens a third time, but this time at the oh-so-awesome Chinese Theater.  Cool history there what with the original Star Wars premiering there oh so many years ago in 1977.  The outside of the theater certainly looks similar now as it did then, but certainly not the immediate vicinity!  That’s all completely different, as is the inside of the theater.  With it being converted to a true and massive IMAX theater, it is way more comfortable than it was long ago.


Anyway, our third time (and likely last, in the theater) seeing The Force Awakens was still thrilling, and still leaves you wanting to know just what is up with Luke and Rey.  Where’s this all going?  One thing that was interesting to note is that when Rey finally gets to fighting with a lightsaber (man, that scene where the lightsaber gets force’d out of the snow?  pretty damn sweet, even knowing it’s coming), she uses much the same style as the Emperor did when he was finally shown fighting with a lightsaber in Revenge of the Sith (Episode III).  That’s definitely neither here nor there as that would be way too big a stretch, but still interesting that her fighting style is so similar to his.

So 2016!  Here we go.  It should prove to be quite a year – Larry & I have a wedding to continue planning and then execute;  I’m turning 40 (UGH).  Hopefully work continues to go well for both of us.  Here’s to losing some weight and getting slightly more healthy too.

As for 2015 – it had more hits than misses, that’s for sure.  Larry & I were reviewing it yesterday (before promptly passing out at 12:01 am this morning) and while the lows of 2015 were pretty shitty (changing jobs, Larry’s pancreatitis) – there was a lot to be happy with.  Both of us getting new jobs, moving to a new apartment, getting ENGAGED!  —2015 didn’t suck like some years.

Lots of excitement ahead, that’s for sure.  Time to just enjoy each day, do our best to appreciate what we have, and let shit go that honestly needs to be let go.  As I write this, The Beatles’ “Let It Be” is playing. Applicable.  Maybe I’ll get back to my 2014 writing rhythm too – I definitely let my schedule slack a bit more this past year with the new job, but I think 2016 will be worthy of writing about.  It’s gonna be good.

Everything and More: The Force Awakens

The title of this post doesn’t mean I’ll be talking about everything and more, as I’m not a complete asshole.  At this point, while it may seem that everyone has seen this movie due to the sheer amount of money it made during its opening weekend, I won’t assume it.  Plus, Star Wars, Episode 7: The Force Awakens, deserves to be seen with minimal spoilerage.  All the accompanying pictures are from trailers that were released previously, so I don’t feel it’s doing anyone a disservice if you see them.

SWEp7_ReyFinnLarry & I were both exceedingly nervous about what this next chapter in the saga would hold for us.  Were we going to get some clumsy CGI and a barely coherent or interesting story with actors who really didn’t gel together?   OR was it going to be awesome and a wonderful palate cleanser getting us ready for some awesome fun back in the Star Wars universe we all loved?

Well, off we went on Saturday to find out, over at the Universal City IMAX screening we got tickets to nearly 2 months before.

Dec 19, 2015 – Seeing The Force Awakens

After what felt like a shitton of trailers (some good, some meh), it was time.  Although the opening 20th Century Fox fanfare was missing, what can you do?  We’re in Disney territory now, but luckily, it was just a Lucasfilm logo opening up the movie, not the Disney castle.  I don’t think people are ready or wanting to see that bit of corporate overlording just yet.  But then the Star Wars opening theme launched us into the world and for the next 2 hours and 15 minutes, Larry & I and the rest of the theater were transfixed by the goings-on in front of us.

SWEp7_BB8 SWEp7_IntoTheShipAs I said, no spoilers or plot points will be discussed here.  I will say that The Force Awakens is a fantastic movie, let alone a great Star Wars movie.  You don’t need to know much, if anything, about the prequels (Episodes 1-3), but it kind of does help to know the characters from Episodes 4-6, such as Han, Leia and Luke, as well as Darth Vader.  And then just remember that it’s 30 years later, and plenty has changed in the world.  New villains, new good guys, and a galaxy in the aftermath of the collapse of the Empire.

SWEp7_ChewieHan SWEp7_KyloRenThe pieces fall quickly into place as to what is going on, but that doesn’t mean every answer is given to you.  I have a feeling that’s the point in which most people would have complaints, with what little there is to possibly complain about.  There’s some things still left unanswered and left to speculate about.  I’m sure Episodes 8 and 9 are going to get into those mysteries quite a bit, but of course that means we have to wait until 2017 to see what Episode 8 decides to reveal.  I can’t wait.

Larry & I ended up going to the movies again on Sunday to see The Force Awakens a second time.  I had been the one losing my shit about seeing it again a second time on Saturday night, with Larry the voice of reason.  But by Sunday morning, he was ready and wanting to see it again, so we did.  It was just as entertaining, if not better, the second time, as you can focus on picking up on things you may have missed or had questions about.  Again, just seeing the movie again doesn’t necessarily answer those questions, but damn if it isn’t just a good movie that makes you happy to watch.

I’m really looking forward to the Blu-Ray release and hopefully to see if any extended or deleted scenes are present.  I’ve noticed quite a few moments from the 3 teaser trailers are slightly different or modified, and I wonder why.  Still, watching these three trailers even now is thrilling, as knowing the context of scenes makes the moments shown in them that much more interesting.

Who’s Got The Force Awakens Tickets? WE DO

The awesome full-length trailer for the next Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, came out today – as did the ability to buy tickets for the movie!  After Larry & I watched the trailer about 6 times, I then tried to go buy tickets online.  As was the rest of the world.  Fandango, Movietickets.com, and IMAX were all pretty much dead.  I started reading comments on Deadline Hollywood’s article about the crashing websites and one mentioned that the Flixster app was working just fine….and sure enough, Larry had the app up and was able to buy tickets after just one attempt that went awry as I bet the tickets we were trying to get had been purchased.  But now we have tickets for Saturday at noon at the Universal City AMC IMAX.  SWEEET.

And oh yeah, here’s the amazing trailer:

So where’s Luke, besides what is assumed to be him who is touching Artoo?  And is that Leia speaking at the beginning and end?  I’m dying at all these possible story elements.  What’s great is that you can’t really tell what’s happening, and I love it.  And the view of hyperspeed we see in the trailer??? I NEARLY DIED.

And for reference, the previous teasers, both of which are awesome: