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It’s 2016! Time to Watch Star Wars Again!

Yeah, so we did that.  Saw The Force Awakens a third time, but this time at the oh-so-awesome Chinese Theater.  Cool history there what with the original Star Wars premiering there oh so many years ago in 1977.  The outside of the theater certainly looks similar now as it did then, but certainly not the immediate vicinity!  That’s all completely different, as is the inside of the theater.  With it being converted to a true and massive IMAX theater, it is way more comfortable than it was long ago.


Anyway, our third time (and likely last, in the theater) seeing The Force Awakens was still thrilling, and still leaves you wanting to know just what is up with Luke and Rey.  Where’s this all going?  One thing that was interesting to note is that when Rey finally gets to fighting with a lightsaber (man, that scene where the lightsaber gets force’d out of the snow?  pretty damn sweet, even knowing it’s coming), she uses much the same style as the Emperor did when he was finally shown fighting with a lightsaber in Revenge of the Sith (Episode III).  That’s definitely neither here nor there as that would be way too big a stretch, but still interesting that her fighting style is so similar to his.

So 2016!  Here we go.  It should prove to be quite a year – Larry & I have a wedding to continue planning and then execute;  I’m turning 40 (UGH).  Hopefully work continues to go well for both of us.  Here’s to losing some weight and getting slightly more healthy too.

As for 2015 – it had more hits than misses, that’s for sure.  Larry & I were reviewing it yesterday (before promptly passing out at 12:01 am this morning) and while the lows of 2015 were pretty shitty (changing jobs, Larry’s pancreatitis) – there was a lot to be happy with.  Both of us getting new jobs, moving to a new apartment, getting ENGAGED!  —2015 didn’t suck like some years.

Lots of excitement ahead, that’s for sure.  Time to just enjoy each day, do our best to appreciate what we have, and let shit go that honestly needs to be let go.  As I write this, The Beatles’ “Let It Be” is playing. Applicable.  Maybe I’ll get back to my 2014 writing rhythm too – I definitely let my schedule slack a bit more this past year with the new job, but I think 2016 will be worthy of writing about.  It’s gonna be good.

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

This past week I was at a conference for my job, where we celebrated the beginning of a new group that was created out of merging two groups.  I don’t have nearly the time in the group to  have been sad or worried about a new group coming around, so for me, it was just yay, a trip to Scottsdale!  In June!  It was hot.

There was a lot of fun to be had during the evening though, that’s for sure.  At my wizened age, I couldn’t keep up with the many youngins there that were putting away drinks like it was going out of business.  More power to ’em – at their age I was probably doing the same whether it was in the Air Force or at NBCU.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy some beverages though – the main difference is that I was ready to go to bed by midnight!  Anyway, below are some pics from the time there – it was truly a lot of fun and well worth it to get to meet quite a few more people that had only been email addresses or voices on the phone before.

June 9-12, 2015 – Scottsdale Fun!

Getting home was awesome – I’ve missed it and Larry.  Anyway, yesterday we went to see Jurassic World as I’ve already posted about.  But right afterwards, as we were leaving the TCL Chinese Theater (formerly the Grauman’s, then Mann’s), I heard an announcement about taking a tour of it.  We asked how much it was and it was like, we’re here, let’s just go.  So we got the tour of the theater right before the next showing of Jurassic World began.  It’s got a great history and after the renovations that were done a few years ago to make it an IMAX movie theater, it is now the 3rd largest screen in the country (behind the super huge AMC Lincoln Center where we’ve seen plenty of movies and an IMAX in San Francisco called the Metrodome), while being the actual largest IMAX auditorium in the country.  It’s also got technology called Laser IMAX meaning instead of film, you’re getting super huge and super vivid projections.  I gotta say, seeing spectacles like Jurassic World and Gravity in the Chinese Theater is a must-do experience.   It’s not the easiest journey to drive there as it is right smack dab in the middle of Hollywood, but damn it’s worth it for the experience.  Larry & I are dead-set on seeing the new Star Wars there.  Anyway – Pictures!

June 13, 2015 – Touring the TCL Chinese Theater