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Off to Scottsdale! Oh, More Pics too…

So for the rest of the week, I’m going to be in Scottsdale, AZ for a work event.  I just looked at the temperatures for the week – a jacket will not be necessary.  This weather reminds me why I’m in no rush to live in Arizona or to ever move back to Las Vegas. […]

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Engaged! (the whole story)

We have a LOT to cover, don’t we?  When I last posted, well, if you didn’t see it on Facebook, then that update may have been a bit of a shock!  Yes, yes, I asked Mr. Larry to marry me, and happily, he gave the right answer.  🙂 So how did this all come about?  […]

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Barely Awake in New Jersey 

Red-eye flights are a bitch. You know what makes them even worse? When you’re sitting in the last row and in the middle seat! And that seat doesn’t recline. It was exhausting and today is kind of a blur.


2010/11 – Moving to California

After having moved to New York/New Jersey for my career at NBC following my time in the US Air Force, I was able to get the opportunity to then move to Los Angeles while still working for NBC.  Even better, Larry was up for moving with me!  We ended up driving across the country via […]

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Our Orphan Black Journey Home

When I say that I am thrilled to be home, just know that I’m not kidding, at all.  It was 7 degrees when we left New Jersey today….SEVEN DEGREES. So it was very nice yet a little bittersweet to leave, as while the weather and temperature left a lot to be desired, it was absolutely […]