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Fran & Joel Back Out + Other Stuff

I’m just wanting to get a post out with some assorted pictures and neat stuff I’d noticed before the weekend begins in earnest, as I’m sure it’ll be fun to recount the stuff from Fran & Joel’s visit out.  But first, we had dinner with them last night:

They flew in from Phoenix yesterday after attending the same conference they went to last year, which was when we met up with them in Vegas.  It was nice to take them to one of the many neat restaurants here in Glendale, this time Bacari.

On Monday, Larry & I went out on a school night to see a show at the Largo – this was where we had previously seen “How Did This Get Made?” last year; this time the show was “Hanging with Paul Scheer” and it was hilarious and the guests were Nicole Byer – who is hilarious and who I first fell in love with from her appearance on “Gay of Thrones” below:

Bye, Bitch!!!!   ALSO, Maria Bamford and Fred Armisen were guests, so yeah, it was hilarious.  I ended up taking the bus from DTLA as I was downtown that day, and while waiting, I took some downtown pics:

The previous weekend, we finally got to hang with Rekha and belatedly celebrate birthday fun with her.  Nicki chose a cool place, Cafe Stella, down in Silver Lake on the Sunset section.  Very trendy bar and restaurant with many attractive people everywhere.  Ah, hip Los Angeles.  Larry & I bailed after the restaurant but we heard the fun certainly continued through the rest of the day/night!

And then the weekend before that, I dragged Larry to go out and see The Last Jedi ONE MORE TIME.  It was my fourth time, his third.   We went to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood and while it was an experience, the presentation of the movie at Universal was way better.  But there was a fun organist playing tunes before the show and a cheesy laser show too!  And a cool costume display from the movie that we visited.  Anyway, the movie still rocks and I can’t wait to see it again…on Blu Ray.

We also did go and see Phantom Thread this past weekend…I’ll give the movie that it was beautiful and well-directed, but this was a movie that I was okay with until the last 10 minutes, and then I was done with it.  What a waste of time.  I hope it loses in every Oscar category it was nominated in.

In totally unrelated stuff, Rebels Season 4 comes back soon, and if you love Star Wars, this animated series is a must watch.  The final half of the last season is airing and by the looks of this preview, a whole lot of stuff is gonna happen – and the Emperor makes an appearance!!!!:

I also saw this in one of my favorite sites – These timelapses of Seattle are pretty mesmerizing especially to see how quickly the city is building up:


And that leaves us to where we are now.  I’ve failed on my Amazing Race updates, but I’m still watching as it’s amazing.  And the cast of Celebrity Big Brother was announced…and it’s gonna be hard for me to choose to watch with Omarosa on it.  Seriously, wtf.

Misc Monday

My Big Brother post isn’t done beyond finishing my diagram, so how about some random shit instead to tide you over?

The Grand Wilshire

The tallest building on the west coast is being built as we speak right next to the PwC building where I work on Figueroa & Wilshire.  When I started working there during the beginning of March, I was able to see that it had reached about the 30th floor in terms of construction.  Now, in the middle of July, it’s already up to the mid-50s!  4 months and some change and 20 floors built.  This building is going up FAST.  Anyway, I’m putting the pictures I’ve taken sporadically just because there was an article today from CurbedLA that is pretty fantastic as it got photos from within the building.  Pretty neat.  If I’m still around in 2017, it will be quite a place to visit, what with it having a rooftop pool and lounge – at the 70th floor!

Grand Wilshire - July 7, 2015
Grand Wilshire - July 7, 201507-Jul-2015 12:39, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - June 16, 2015
Grand Wilshire - June 16, 201516-Jun-2015 12:18, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - May 21, 2015
Grand Wilshire - May 21, 201521-May-2015 14:24, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
20-May-2015 13:07, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
2015 05 13 - Glass appears
2015 05 13 - Glass appears13-May-2015 13:18, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire gets some glass
Grand Wilshire gets some glass12-May-2015 13:48, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
Glass appears at the bottom!
Glass appears at the bottom!12-May-2015 13:47, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - 2015 05 05
Grand Wilshire - 2015 05 0505-May-2015 13:54, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 29
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 2929-Apr-2015 12:14, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 20
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 2020-Apr-2015 12:37, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 16
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 1616-Apr-2015 12:20, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 06
Grand Wilshire - 2015 04 0606-Apr-2015 13:03, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
24-Mar-2015 08:46, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32
12-Mar-2015 08:59, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, ISO 32
PwC Building is taller...for now
PwC Building is taller...for now06-Mar-2015 09:14, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 32

Gay of Thrones’ Best Moment

So during the recap of Season 5’s Episode 7, Jonathan and Nicole Byer (who should honestly be doing these recaps with him all the time, just sayin’) are laughing as they’re describing Cersei’s moment of “triumph” when she just thought she pulled off getting Margarey thrown into prison.  They tell it as Cersei thinking she was on Oprah but in reality, she was on Maury, as shit was about to go down and she wasn’t about to like it all.   My favorite part comes in when they’re acting like audience members at Maury and Nicole lets out the most perfect “BYE, Bitch!”  that Larry & I use pretty much every day for nearly any reason.  Watch it in the video below and if you’re impatient, jump to the 3:15 mark.  But the whole episode, of course, is quite hilarious.

And that completes my post for the day.  Time to go back to playing the amazing Assassin’s Creed: Rogue.  SOO GOOD.

Gay of Thrones for Ep 6

The last episode of Game of Thrones was kind of rough at the end…so let’s help make it better by watching the ridiculously funny episode of Gay of Thrones from FunnyorDie.com!!!   Yay!  Try not to laugh when we get to see Lady Olenna’s Yelp review of King’s Landing!


Mounting & Gaming

So I’m ready to be amongst the populace that has their TV mounted on their walls – I actually have the mount ready but it’s one of those things where it’s like, oh shit, I’m kind of nervous about doing the installation.  Where as shelves and such may amount to $100-200 of stuff, if it drops, who cares, you put it back up and move on.  But a big ass TV like ours and then trusting our handiwork to keep it on the wall and not on the floor?  Well, it’ll be interesting.  I think it’ll be fine though.  We’ve made good progress in figuring out how to deal with studs, heh heh heh.

Also, here’s some Episode 1 of Gay of Thrones for you too!

The Promise of More Gay of Thrones

Oh hells to the yeah – YAS QUEEN!  Jonathan returns from the dead in order to make sure we are properly caught up on all the Christina Aguilera, Munch-munch, and Blonde Cher realness that happened in the previous episode of Game of Thrones.  I have to wait until TOMORROW but whatever, I can wait.  I am sure it will be worth it.  But can I say that I kind of want to know what else happened on Bones?