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Where the hell have I been?

Strong inflection on the ‘I’ there above! 

First, before I forget to put a link here, yet again one of my articles has been published on realitynewsonline.com!!  A guy is definitely getting used to this…  Here’s the Amazing Race 13 Insider video recap for Episode 7, by yours truly:

Alright, in regular stuff, Larry has been ridiculously busy at work so there haven’t been any really exciting things to report on.  Last weekend I did go see ‘Role Models’ which was pretty damn funny, but I probably could have waited to see it via Netflix.  That weekend was also a three-day weekend, and I ended up taking it VERY easy.  On that Friday night I had first gone after work to have drinks with coworkers (that is always fun to say and actually do) and afterwards I met up with Larry where we had dinner and then went to one of the nicer gay bars in town, Therapy.  We both proceeded to get pretty trashed.  The rest of the weekend was very lowkey as Larry had to work during most of it.  I did get to see his office.  He is up on like the 15th floor so he actually has a window and a view.   His company has two floors and because it’s an advertising company, it is much more about having an interesting aesthetic.  They have a common room area in one corner of the building that has this completely windowed dramatic view of Manhattan skyscrapers.  It’s incredible, and would be a fantastic place to have a company event.  So jealous, as this 2nd floor nonsense doesn’t provide for too dramatic of views.

But then again, this morning I was looking out the window and lo and behold, the Christmas tree has been wheeled in.  It’s on its side now and I will have pictures up shortly.  I just can’t believe it’s been a year already!!! The FTPs are soon to return!!!!!!!

Anyways, the rest of that weekend was cool, as I watched blu-rays and played lots of Fallout 3 (LOVE THAT GAME).  Also visited Larry on Sunday and we went to see ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’, which was pretty entertaining.  I just didn’t like that it ended without resolving to my satisfaction one of the KEY aspects of the movie.  WTF?  But I think I was alone in my letdown. 

So now it’s been a decently busy week at work.  There’s been plenty to do and I’ve been doing it, but I sense upcoming drama.  Actually it comes from the fact that I am planning to move out when the lease ends.  Shelly & I have discussed it but I don’t really know what she will do.  Of course she’ll land on her feet, but I really just have to move into the city and I want some privacy again.  I knew the roommate thing was only going to be just to get me on my feet here in NYC, but I’ve got my footing and I want to have some privacy again. 

This weekend looks to be another lowkey one though, as Larry has to work yet again.  I really want to catch Quantum of Solace, as it looks fantastic.  I know the reviews are mixed, but I read one from the Digital Bits this morning that most closely aligned with what I was anticipating.  Basically, this looks to be the second part of a narrative that encompasses both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  If looked at in that way, and taken together, these two movies combine to totally reintroduce Bond.  The following movie will probably be where it truly starts with a whole new story.  I really didn’t capture what The Digital Bits had to say, so here’s a link to what Bill Hunt was saying on 11/14/08:

So that’s where we’re at now.  Happy Belated Birthday to Jenny from the Block!  Of course it’s still my birthday month so any further presents are welcomed and encouraged.  🙂

Peace out!

It’s My Birthday!

Woo hoo!  Turning 32 doesn’t happen everyday, now does it?  Nope!

I started the weekend off (Halloween) in a pretty blech and bleak mood, to be honest.  I’m not a Halloween fan and didn’t have any plans, so I just went home.  I had packed up Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet so those helped take my mind off things.  Fallout 3 freakin’ rules.  I haven’t played Little Big Planet and am a little afraid to, as I have a feeling I’ll get seriously addicted.

Oh yeah, I still haven’t uploaded and messed with all my pictures, so that will still have to wait. I’ve got pics from Vegas, DC, and Madonna (!) and just random ones too.

Then on Saturday, I met up with Larry and we had a great evening, first going to the restaurant where we had our first date (awww…..) and then walking a helluva lot, first through Times Square, then down to the Meatpacking District (no snide remarks here, people) where all the very trendy clubs and bars are (where we got mistaken for cops by some drug dealers, ha!), and then finally over to Union Square.  We ended up at a fairly trendy bar called Coffee Shop (I’m not kidding) and had some very nicely priced drinks there before heading back.  On Sunday, Larry made me breakfast (he’s a dynamite chef) and then we met up with Shelly at the WinterGarden Theater on Broadway to see Mamma Mia!!!!  Yay!  It’s the musical I’ve seen…a lot.  And it doesn’t get old.  Afterwards, we all went to a restaurant called Blue Smoke that has FANTASTIC BBQ.  Plus there is some hellaciously good Mac & Cheese there.  In fact, it reminded me a lot of that bbq place right near Nellis that I can NOT remember the name of.  What the hell was it called?  But the Mac & Cheese there was delish too.

And now today is my Birthday.  It’s nearly over now, but it was a pretty decent one.  Not bad for the 32nd, and considering it was spent on a Monday and at work.  So I’ve been sick though the past few days with a crappy cold and I woke up as expected with a bunch of phlegm to clear out.  I know, gross.  At work though, I got there and saw that Rockefeller Plaza had been transformed in to NBC’s Election Plaza – it’s pretty fantastic looking.  And now 30 Rock is bathed completely in Red, White, & Blue and the rink has an Electoral Map underneath the ice.  Anyways, this morning I was able to make some serious strides in solving some work issues that have been bothering the hell outta me the last week or so, which was a welcome victory.  Then some awesome coworkers picked up Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for my birthday!!!  How sweet is that?  These things were delicious, and apparently (and deservedly so) quite well-regarded in the dessert circles.  In the afternoon, there was a ‘meeting’ about Super Bowl clearances I was supposed to attend but it was a ruse to get us birthday folk there for cookie cake!!!!!!  I Heart Cookie Cake.   So yes, the birthday at work was pretty sweet.

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and the birthday greetings.  Much love and thanks to Mom & Harv and Larry too for the gifts too.  Thank you so much!!!

Here’s a gift that I’d like to get from the U.S. tomorrow though:  Elect Barack Obama as the President.  And from California, please vote NO on Prop 8.  Thank you in advance, as I know the right thing will be done.

Oh, and here’s a link to last week’s Insider Recap article for the Amazing Race:

So, here I go with 365 days till the really cool birthday age of 33!  LOL.

And as a present to you all, here are two fantastic videos with Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones – the first, we shall just call:  Puppies.

And this one, we shall just call, Kitties.

Three… (T-3)

And so begins the final countdown to me being a civilian. Fuckin-A.

It’s been over a week since my last update – bad on me. Don’t have a very good excuse, to be honest. It’s just that the last week or so has been kinda busy in the evening. Much of last week I was hanging out with people each night – a few nights I spent hanging out with Byron while he was out here (and I was continuing the addiction-to-Guitar-Hero program which went without a hitch), my old neighbor EB was in Denver for business so he came down here one night and we had dinner, and then I spent one afternoon at my Dad and Pat’s to help them set up their new HP Vista PC (I’m almost inclined to go to Vista myself…but then I think of all the asspain and think again). And then one night I spent studying solely for my Security+ exam which I took on Thursday and which I rocked: Out of 900 points, I got 863 (to pass, you need 764). So yay for me. It’s not as if I really need it anymore, but I’m glad to have it. I will NOT continue to prepare for the CISSP exam though, basically that’s a huge pain that I don’t need anymore (it was mostly resume fodder, to be honest), it’s $500 I’d happily have back in my account, and the next test I could take is 30 Sep and in Denver….

….and I won’t be anywhere near Denver on that day because I’ll have been at work at NBC for just over a week by that time! Yep, the NBC offer is a done deal and as of today, my first day at the job has been established as Monday, 24 Sep. Yowza. That makes it much more real for me. I’ve got just over three whole weeks to househunt, pack up my shit, and drive out to NYC. Heart is definitely racing! But I’ve been looking at a few places and I’m very optimistic about them. I think out of all the ones I’ve been looking at, I should find a great place. Here’s hoping.

Two duty days left in the military (and then 3 years as an Inactive Ready Reservist…which means that if the Air Force has to call up personnel for some ridiculous reason, I could theoretically find myself back in Active Duty, but I try not to think too much about that possibility). Frankly, it’s hard to really fathom it. As you have probably seen on this site, since almost 365 days ago, I’ve been keeping a green count and at the time I started it, 365 days seemed like a long time. And to be honest, it was. The time did not exactly fly by, but that’s not to say it’s still not surprising that it’s nearly September 2007. I have fairly un-mixed emotions about the whole thing. I’m ready to be done. Cheyenne Mountain has not left the best taste in my mouth, primarily for the Air Force but probably for the military overall. It’s probably a situation of circumstance and location for me, as I know plenty of people who are still thrilled to be in the military, and good for them. But this past assignment has been quite enough for me to make up my mind that the military is not at all what I want to do anymore. Learned lots, but I’m definitely looking forward to being New York-Hobie for a few years!!!!! I figure I have two more updates to dwell on my military-related thoughts, and by that last one, perhaps I’ll be completely honest about a few things.

So I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me in the next few weeks. My plan is to fly out to the NYC area (on NBC’s dime, natch) to go visit the apartments I’ve seen and choose one while out there. That should hopefully be a very short trip. I’ll then have an idea of what exactly I’ll need to bring with me. Then I embark on selling nearly everything else I own. Yep, it’s time to clean house of all my big furniture stuff. Here’s a link to what I’m selling for those morbidly curious:

Hobie’s Moving Sale – Almost Everything Must Go!!!!

Tell all your Colorado-based friends if they are in need of some furniture! Then I’ve got to hope that my house either sells or rents. I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll probably have to rent it and probably at a loss on my part, but I’d rather pay a bit to ‘subsidize’ the rent then to have to pay an additional mortgage on top of my rent in NY/NJ. But that’s a rant for another day. Keep fingers crossed.

In family news, my mom had eye surgery. The primary reason was to remove the cataracts that are developing in her eyes, which are hereditary I think and something I probably get to look forward to in a few years. They’re working on her eyes one at a time, but a secondary reason and bonus for her is that they’re going to fix her vision while they’re operating. How sweet!! But it’ll be weird for her, as she’s had imperfect vision since she was 12 and glasses have been part of her face for so long now. I don’t know how it’ll be if she doesn’t have them on! But the first surgery went fine today and then she goes back in approximately a month. Yay! Other family news: Dad and Pat are going to be departing the Springs after this Labor Day weekend for California. It’s been great to have them around this summer, that’s for sure. Hope they have fun at their next campground in El Centro!

Okay, almost done for today. A few last trivial things to write about. First, I am hopelessly addicted to the new video game, Bioshock. Unbelievably fun and involving and creepy and eerie first-person shooter/game set underwater in a Utopia experiment that went all wrong. And then I also finished reading the graphic novel/comic book Watchmen. Highly Recommended!!!!! Can’t wait to see this movie…in 2009. Oy. Who KNOWS where I’ll be living then?????? 😉

Alright, enough from me today. I sent out a ‘Farewell’ email to most of all my past AF friends yesterday and heard back from quite a few of them today. I’ll definitely miss that camaraderie, but it’s easy enough to keep in touch with people nowadays, I have little excuse not to keep in touch with them. Seriously!

Got Myself a Nintendo Wii (T-180)

It was one of those very rare right-place right-time things!

So there I was on Saturday afternoon – we (Susan, Jeff, Jeremy and I) had just finished going to Lowe’s to buy some paint and we were now at the fun part of the day: going to Best Buy to look around! I didn’t see any DVDs I wanted, so I headed to music – nothing there struck my fancy either! I was starting to get the panic sweats….what if there was NOTHING I wanted at Best Buy???? Preposterous. So I headed over to Video Games and saw that again, the Wii section had games and accessories, but no console. Kyle had scored a Wii this past week (lucky bastard), and while I was jealous, I also realized I could wait…unless opportunity struck. I then walked over to the home electronics section and I saw the under-the-counter kitchen DVD player I’ve been coveting for nearly 2 years – and while I saw that they had it in stock, I was about to pass on it until I saw that it was $50 off! A quick mental debate erupted and just as quickly ended as I grabbed the box and said, dammit, this bitch is mine. Happily walking over to the computer games section, I then saw the new RTS game “Supreme Commander” which has been getting uber-raves, so I picked that up too. I then walked over to the digital cameras – I am toying with the idea of replacing my 3-year-old digital camera with something a bit newer – and perused all the models they had in stock. I’m sort of interested in the Nikon Coolpix S4 (I think that’s the right name for it), but whatever – one of the Best Buy salesmen comes up to me and starts chatting me up about the Supreme Commander game I had. This led to a video game discussion, from PCs to Xbox 360s to Wiis (oh my!). I then casually mentioned that I’d love to get a Wii but had resigned myself to the fact that I’ll have to wait for a while until they become commonplace. The guy gets a gleam in his eye and he says to wait right there as he would go check around. I kill time waiting at the cameras, chatting with Jeremy, etc. About 10 minutes later, the guy strolls up to me with a brand-spanking new box o’ Wii. SWEET! I was totally a Best Buy junkie before, but this has utterly sealed the deal for me. And that guy is my total new best friend. Anyways, now that I’ve actually got one of these babies in my hot little hands, I have to go back to the Nintendo Wii section so I can pick up Zelda and any extra accessories that strike my fancy. I put the Wii box on top of my DVD player while standing over on that section, and literally like within 1 minute, a guy says ‘excuse me’ to me and reaches down to take my Wii – HOLD UP! I’m immediately like “Uh, that’s mine – you’ll have to get your own!” I let him know he should probably ask the salespeople for one, as apparently they have them in back. Amazingly, this word gets around the entire store – I kid you not. People come over to where we’re standing and look at me (or the Wii, can’t tell for sure) like a celebrity – one that they are enormously jealous of. So to boost up my ego some more, I start walking around the store completely holding the Wii box so it’s displayed for all to see. I got so many stares and glares – it was awesome! Finally I go to pay for it, and get the same reaction from the cashier (more of a surprised expression from her than a glare) and the security guy on the way out (“You got a Wii? Woah!”). I find out that basically that shipment had just come in (6 Wiis total) while we had been in the store and that before they could even put the Wiis on the shelf, 3 had been purchased (mine included). Like I said, lucky timing was the name of the game. And it was an opportunity I wasn’t going to pass up. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not produced nearly enough extra controllers/nunchuk combos (you get one set in the box) and so once you are lucky enough to get a Wii, the next real challenge lies in getting those. Apparently they’re likely to be in wider distribution starting in April!

So anyways, that was my exciting story from Saturday – after that, we all played the Wii Sports, which is freakin’ ridiculous fun. You can bowl (awesome!), play tennis (tiring!), box (stress-relieving!), play golf (somewhat interesting), and baseball (apparently I am too weak to hit a home run very consistently). Zelda was also fun to play. Also, you can pay for and download old legacy Nintendo games from the NES, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64. Awesome. And the fact that it’s motion-sensing and very accurate is incredible.

Then today I tried to be a little productive – I made my theater room/basement a bit bigger by pushing the couch further back, which truly makes that room spacier. After looking at the latest Home Electronics Ideas magazine, I have some good ideas for how to finish that room off. In some truly special-ed news though, I also installed my under-the-counter DVD player in the kitchen. You can see it in the picture below – I obviously got it installed fine and it works great. But the installation itself was hindered by a major obstacle: Me. You see, I bought a drill set so now I’m quite dangerous. And retarded. Because while I got the first hole drilled fairly easily, the drill bit was a little stuck in the cabinetry, so I reverse the drill’s direction to get the bit out easier. And FORGET TO CHANGE THE DRILL DIRECTION BACK TO ‘DRILL’. So I ‘drill’ two more holes in the cabinetry….which is now basically akin to me pushing really hard on a drill against a sheet of wood and trying to make a hole. It’s not easy…at all. But through sheer willpower, I make it happen… only to realize after finishing that third hole that for-the-love-of-God, I’m not actually using the drill function and am killing myself for the sheer fun of it. And of course, when I change the direction of the drill, that fourth hole is like a warm knife through butter. I truly am a stupid boy.


And the weekend is nearly over – and I return to work tomorrow. Funny news from last week – the deputy commander isn’t having his surgery after all (postponed till September) and will be returning in a week. So while I’m relieved (I am definitely not a suitable substitute for the amount of knowledge this man has), …. wait, there is no bad side to this. After last week, I can not wait to get the heck out of there. I don’t care where I go as long as I’m not there anymore. I’d love to write the rants I have in my mind, but I can’t quite do that just yet. Come back September – perhaps by that time I’ll still care enough to write about it (doubt it though).

OH Yeah, the Europe trip has also changed a little bit – we’ve removed Rome from the equation. Now it’s a London – Paris – Normandy – Paris – London trip, which I am totally cool with. Adding Rome to the mix was moving things much too fast – not enough time really to do anything without rushing through it. And really, and this is what I told Jeff as well, Italy is basically by itself an entire trip. Not only can you go to Rome, but you then visit Florence, Pisa, Venice, Milan, Naples and any other assorted locales. And that would be one hell of a trip by itself. So now can we take more time in Paris and London, and it will be AWESOME! One of the cool things that Rick Steves suggests to do in Paris is a Nighttime Taxi Ride through Paris’ excellent locations. We are TOTALLY doing this. Anyways, I just can’t wait to go!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!