Where the hell have I been?

Strong inflection on the ‘I’ there above! 

First, before I forget to put a link here, yet again one of my articles has been published on realitynewsonline.com!!  A guy is definitely getting used to this…  Here’s the Amazing Race 13 Insider video recap for Episode 7, by yours truly:

Alright, in regular stuff, Larry has been ridiculously busy at work so there haven’t been any really exciting things to report on.  Last weekend I did go see ‘Role Models’ which was pretty damn funny, but I probably could have waited to see it via Netflix.  That weekend was also a three-day weekend, and I ended up taking it VERY easy.  On that Friday night I had first gone after work to have drinks with coworkers (that is always fun to say and actually do) and afterwards I met up with Larry where we had dinner and then went to one of the nicer gay bars in town, Therapy.  We both proceeded to get pretty trashed.  The rest of the weekend was very lowkey as Larry had to work during most of it.  I did get to see his office.  He is up on like the 15th floor so he actually has a window and a view.   His company has two floors and because it’s an advertising company, it is much more about having an interesting aesthetic.  They have a common room area in one corner of the building that has this completely windowed dramatic view of Manhattan skyscrapers.  It’s incredible, and would be a fantastic place to have a company event.  So jealous, as this 2nd floor nonsense doesn’t provide for too dramatic of views.

But then again, this morning I was looking out the window and lo and behold, the Christmas tree has been wheeled in.  It’s on its side now and I will have pictures up shortly.  I just can’t believe it’s been a year already!!! The FTPs are soon to return!!!!!!!

Anyways, the rest of that weekend was cool, as I watched blu-rays and played lots of Fallout 3 (LOVE THAT GAME).  Also visited Larry on Sunday and we went to see ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’, which was pretty entertaining.  I just didn’t like that it ended without resolving to my satisfaction one of the KEY aspects of the movie.  WTF?  But I think I was alone in my letdown. 

So now it’s been a decently busy week at work.  There’s been plenty to do and I’ve been doing it, but I sense upcoming drama.  Actually it comes from the fact that I am planning to move out when the lease ends.  Shelly & I have discussed it but I don’t really know what she will do.  Of course she’ll land on her feet, but I really just have to move into the city and I want some privacy again.  I knew the roommate thing was only going to be just to get me on my feet here in NYC, but I’ve got my footing and I want to have some privacy again. 

This weekend looks to be another lowkey one though, as Larry has to work yet again.  I really want to catch Quantum of Solace, as it looks fantastic.  I know the reviews are mixed, but I read one from the Digital Bits this morning that most closely aligned with what I was anticipating.  Basically, this looks to be the second part of a narrative that encompasses both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  If looked at in that way, and taken together, these two movies combine to totally reintroduce Bond.  The following movie will probably be where it truly starts with a whole new story.  I really didn’t capture what The Digital Bits had to say, so here’s a link to what Bill Hunt was saying on 11/14/08:

So that’s where we’re at now.  Happy Belated Birthday to Jenny from the Block!  Of course it’s still my birthday month so any further presents are welcomed and encouraged.  πŸ™‚

Peace out!

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