It’s Thursday

And what does that mean?  Well, another of my Amazing Race recaps has been published!

And also, Ugly Betty is on tonight.  Yay! 

In other stuff, I’m hoping that based on what I’m reading that the fight over Prop 8 is just beginning.  It could end badly with respect to my viewpoint, but there should be a further legal battle over it.  I know that people are saying that it’s only just about the term ‘marriage’ and that it really doesn’t mean much.  But based on the law just passed in Arkansas in which foster children can not be placed in a house with an unmarried couple (read: gay), the term ‘marriage’ to me starts to mean a lot.  Because it’ll be much easier to write a law indirectly discriminating by saying that something requires a married status.  So, game on.

Hmm…what else?  Not really much. Fallout 3 has been so much fun to play.  Still haven’t played Little Big Planet yet, but I think I’ll have time this weekend to try it out.  Yay for 3-day weekends!!!!

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  1. 30 days
    I don’t know if you watch 30 days or not, but my friend sent me a link to the episode on same-sex marriage – 3rd season, 3rd episode. The straight chick on there is a moron. The good news is…my friend that sent me the link is a straight guy, married, with kids. So, I accept that as proof that there is hope that some day, some time, there will be enough voters out there to make this situation right.

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