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DailyBeast: Great Article about Obama’s record

Just to make sure you don’t get confused, I’m a Democrat.  I do firmly believe that Fox News is about 85% a complete farce and joke and windbags like Rush and Hannity have nothing of value to contribute to the political conversation as pretty much anything these news sources say are speculative and opinions based around nothing but what will get ratings.  Do I believe that MSNBC is just the left’s version of Fox News?  Nope.  Not even close.  And I’m probably losing anyone at this point who firmly believes MSNBC is Obama’s mouthpiece.   That’s fine.   There are certainly anchors on MSNBC where I kind of just shake my head, and hence I don’t take what they have to say at face value.  Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz….a little eh for me.  Love Rachel Maddow.  Chris Matthews is entertaining.  This is just to set the table for the link I’ve posted below.  Because it’s written by Andrew Sullivan, who has been on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO many times and I’ve wanted to punch the screen.  He’s a gay…progressive?  I’m not even sure.  He has definitely taken a much more conservative view on things so to read this article from him, I was prepared to be disappointed.  I wasn’t.  I’m sure many GOP folk would claim this article is a complete falsehood….I would wager you’d be unable to prove it.



Congratulations to the next President, Barack Obama!

It was amazing to watch the returns on TV and then to finally have the West Coast close their polls and wrap it up for Senator Obama.  It was incredible to watch as he kept racking up the electoral college votes from the previously too-close-to-call or too-early-to-call states too.  It was nice to see the old McCain emerge in his concession speech (if he hadn’t picked Palin, I seriously believe this race would have been much tighter; not a different outcome, but tighter).  And it was awesome to see the humongous crowd in Chicago watch Obama’s acceptance speech.  It’s time for a new day, and I personally can’t wait to help be a part of it. 

The only drawbacks to today look to be Proposition 8 in California.  It looks like intolerance and discrimination will continue to exist, at least as of now.  I hope to wake up on Wednesday morning and find the vote has gone to a No on 8.  And to the passive-aggressive comment left anonymously on my post below, seriously, wow.  But take heart, if you are truly poor and backwards, Obama’s not going to take your wealth.  So yay for you!  About the backwards, well, in the words of Jeff Probst, I’ve got nothing for ya.  Good luck with that.

In the meantime, for everyone else who is excited about the possibilities of a new day and a chance to put America on a smart path forward, Yay!!!!!!!

Booyah – I just voted!

Yep, I just finished the walk up the Palisades to vote.  It was around 3:45PM and there was no line, so yay for that.  I happily pressed the button for Obama/Biden as well as the other Democratic nominees for the other electable offices.  So now it’s up to the rest of the country.  I’ve done my part.

It’s My Birthday!

Woo hoo!  Turning 32 doesn’t happen everyday, now does it?  Nope!

I started the weekend off (Halloween) in a pretty blech and bleak mood, to be honest.  I’m not a Halloween fan and didn’t have any plans, so I just went home.  I had packed up Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet so those helped take my mind off things.  Fallout 3 freakin’ rules.  I haven’t played Little Big Planet and am a little afraid to, as I have a feeling I’ll get seriously addicted.

Oh yeah, I still haven’t uploaded and messed with all my pictures, so that will still have to wait. I’ve got pics from Vegas, DC, and Madonna (!) and just random ones too.

Then on Saturday, I met up with Larry and we had a great evening, first going to the restaurant where we had our first date (awww…..) and then walking a helluva lot, first through Times Square, then down to the Meatpacking District (no snide remarks here, people) where all the very trendy clubs and bars are (where we got mistaken for cops by some drug dealers, ha!), and then finally over to Union Square.  We ended up at a fairly trendy bar called Coffee Shop (I’m not kidding) and had some very nicely priced drinks there before heading back.  On Sunday, Larry made me breakfast (he’s a dynamite chef) and then we met up with Shelly at the WinterGarden Theater on Broadway to see Mamma Mia!!!!  Yay!  It’s the musical I’ve seen…a lot.  And it doesn’t get old.  Afterwards, we all went to a restaurant called Blue Smoke that has FANTASTIC BBQ.  Plus there is some hellaciously good Mac & Cheese there.  In fact, it reminded me a lot of that bbq place right near Nellis that I can NOT remember the name of.  What the hell was it called?  But the Mac & Cheese there was delish too.

And now today is my Birthday.  It’s nearly over now, but it was a pretty decent one.  Not bad for the 32nd, and considering it was spent on a Monday and at work.  So I’ve been sick though the past few days with a crappy cold and I woke up as expected with a bunch of phlegm to clear out.  I know, gross.  At work though, I got there and saw that Rockefeller Plaza had been transformed in to NBC’s Election Plaza – it’s pretty fantastic looking.  And now 30 Rock is bathed completely in Red, White, & Blue and the rink has an Electoral Map underneath the ice.  Anyways, this morning I was able to make some serious strides in solving some work issues that have been bothering the hell outta me the last week or so, which was a welcome victory.  Then some awesome coworkers picked up Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for my birthday!!!  How sweet is that?  These things were delicious, and apparently (and deservedly so) quite well-regarded in the dessert circles.  In the afternoon, there was a ‘meeting’ about Super Bowl clearances I was supposed to attend but it was a ruse to get us birthday folk there for cookie cake!!!!!!  I Heart Cookie Cake.   So yes, the birthday at work was pretty sweet.

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and the birthday greetings.  Much love and thanks to Mom & Harv and Larry too for the gifts too.  Thank you so much!!!

Here’s a gift that I’d like to get from the U.S. tomorrow though:  Elect Barack Obama as the President.  And from California, please vote NO on Prop 8.  Thank you in advance, as I know the right thing will be done.

Oh, and here’s a link to last week’s Insider Recap article for the Amazing Race:

So, here I go with 365 days till the really cool birthday age of 33!  LOL.

And as a present to you all, here are two fantastic videos with Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones – the first, we shall just call:  Puppies.

And this one, we shall just call, Kitties.


Wow – it’s been quite a week.  I will properly recap everything that happened in Vegas soon enough, but just know it was awesome to see Mom and Harv.  The best was having them meet Larry.   I think Mom enjoyed her gift too and I can’t wait to hear how the LA Opera was.  

Anyways, there are lots of pictures I need to download from my camera and post on my site and link to from here.  But that will have to wait a little bit. 

Here are some links to my most recent Amazing Race recap articles too.  I know few of you probably read these, but I want to at least preserve the links so I can find them later on down the line.  I have actually received emails from people though who thank me for the recaps.  That’s pretty cool.

Episode 4’s Insider Video recap:

I just mailed Episode 5’s in tonight and hopefully it’ll be there on Thursday. 

Did anyone catch the Obama Infomercial?  Pretty awesome.  I am honestly excited about voting on Tuesday.   I still hold out hope that any and all of my friends and family who vote in California will vote AGAINST Proposition 8.  Please please please don’t allow legislation to pass that will basically make gays second-class citizens.  

And oh yeah, guess who’s birthday is this upcoming Monday????  That’s right, it’s MY birthday!

Anyone dressing up for Halloween?  I may try to do something in the city that night – I’ve been told by Shelly that the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has to be seen to be believed.  Mostly it’s because there’s ridiculously good-looking people in ridiculously silly and skimpy costumes.  But I may go to this club that has an all-Madonna night planned.  And how could you pass that up?

Alright, enough from me right now.  I’ll make sure to get back to you all soon with recaps of my life shortly.