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Wow – it’s been quite a week.  I will properly recap everything that happened in Vegas soon enough, but just know it was awesome to see Mom and Harv.  The best was having them meet Larry.   I think Mom enjoyed her gift too and I can’t wait to hear how the LA Opera was.  

Anyways, there are lots of pictures I need to download from my camera and post on my site and link to from here.  But that will have to wait a little bit. 

Here are some links to my most recent Amazing Race recap articles too.  I know few of you probably read these, but I want to at least preserve the links so I can find them later on down the line.  I have actually received emails from people though who thank me for the recaps.  That’s pretty cool.

Episode 4’s Insider Video recap:

I just mailed Episode 5’s in tonight and hopefully it’ll be there on Thursday. 

Did anyone catch the Obama Infomercial?  Pretty awesome.  I am honestly excited about voting on Tuesday.   I still hold out hope that any and all of my friends and family who vote in California will vote AGAINST Proposition 8.  Please please please don’t allow legislation to pass that will basically make gays second-class citizens.  

And oh yeah, guess who’s birthday is this upcoming Monday????  That’s right, it’s MY birthday!

Anyone dressing up for Halloween?  I may try to do something in the city that night – I’ve been told by Shelly that the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has to be seen to be believed.  Mostly it’s because there’s ridiculously good-looking people in ridiculously silly and skimpy costumes.  But I may go to this club that has an all-Madonna night planned.  And how could you pass that up?

Alright, enough from me right now.  I’ll make sure to get back to you all soon with recaps of my life shortly. 

Halloween Party at the Salga House

So Angelo & I got coerced to have the CGOC Halloween party at our house. I must admit, the place was perfect for it, albeit a little small and out of the way for most of the CGOs. But whatever, the party was a blast. I remember getting completely sloshed and having the weirdest costume ever. I don’t even think it counts as a costume. And I still have the pants. And boy did we all dance that night – my computer’s mp3 dance collection was put to full use and it was fortunate there was no neighbors right next to us. I do remember putting real candles in the candelabra above the dance floor and the candles burning down to the end and dripping on people below. Perhaps not my best idea?

Update from May 2020:

I’m kind of on a kick to dive into my early, pre-Larry pictures, especially those when I was always so cognizent of trying to manage memory card space.  LOL.   Anyway, yeah, this was a fucking epic party.  Once Angelo & I embraced having the party at our place, it was just ‘on’.  Kasey & the crew all came over to get it ready, and damn, that basically meant snacks and the strongest alcohol you could muster.   And decorations.   As I remarked even in my original site’s page about this, my costume was insane.   I have no idea what I was thinking, as clearly, looking back now, there was lots o’ gay symbolism in my yin/yang good/bad theming.

So the party become not just drinking and laughing and hanging out, but it became a full on dance party.  And the house was not that big, but we all were hanging out in the main living room area underneath the LIT candelabra.  My computer was right there and was the DJ booth, and while there was plenty of songs, the one that I can STILL remember to this day having the most epic time dancing to was when put on “Dive in the Pool” by Barry Harris & Pepper MaShay.  This song was introduced to me by Angelo and I loved it – and it’s just a fucking stomper.   You always hope others feel about it the same way you do, and trust me, the moment in the song after letting you catch your breath when Pepper commands everyone to “let’s get soaking wet!!!” (specifically at about the 3:05 mark) and the music comes thundering back in?   OH YOU KNOW THE HOUSE WAS JUMPING.   Everyone, even Sunday who was a little more calmer than us, was right next to me jumping up and down.

I will never forget that moment.   Before and after?   Yeah, I was blackout drunk.  I had had way too many jello shots and whatever was there – when you’re 25, it’s so easy to drink anything.  I do remember a pivotal part at the end of the night though – most people had left, but Angelo’s Portuguese friends had been partying with us and they were all getting ready to head out and continue the party out on the island.  I knew our house was a mess and I didn’t want to leave as Jason had passed out in the shower, literally, and I didn’t want to just ditch those who were staying over.   But I know, with a reasonable amount of certainty, I probably could have had a first gay time out if I had gone with.   I knew that Angelo was gay, and his Azorean friends were a mix, and I probably could have had some fun that night.  But geez, you see what I had all over me that night – I can’t even imagine.  Seriously though, I do wonder what could have happened later that night!   Instead, passed out pretty quickly and probably for the best!   I remember the next day, we had a decent breakfast outside on the patio area and remarkably, wasn’t honestly that hungover.   I mean, yes, but not debilitatingly so like I’d had before and plenty times after.

It’s fun to remember those times, and that’s why I’m trying to populate this site and expand on what I could and couldn’t say when these pages were first built out – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a hell of a thing.

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October 29, 2001 @ Baia da Salga, Terceira