The Messiah Has Left

BB18 Episodes 4 & 5 – June 29 & 30, 2016

<– Previously, Paul Gets a Taste of Roadkill

It’s been a hectic few days at work and I got to put in more hours per day than is expected in service of the client, so here we are with me catching up on my BB recaps and doing a twofer.  To be honest, the episodes were enjoyable enough, but the outcome wasn’t a surprise when we reached eviction night:  Jozea has left the building.  Am I convinced his confidence is real?  I’d say that I’m around 70% believing that he believes it, with 30% of me thinking it’s an act as that kind of arrogance GUARANTEES you’re getting airtime.

So What Happened in Episode 4?

BB18_Ep4_Jozea_HouseMeetingWell, we got a ridiculous house meeting in which Jozea proclaimed how in control of the house his side was, in front of a crowd that at least half was totally not in his sway.  But hey, you do you.  His target is now Paulie, as Jozea’s observational powers are tuned into the fact that Jozea is a rat.  Or something.  I really don’t even know or care, just that Jozea’s observational insights leave quite a bit to be desired.  Quite a bit.

And Who Won the Veto?

BB18_Ep4_VetoComp BB18_Ep4_Veto_Corey BB18_Ep4_Veto_PaulWinsThe houseguests who were playing – still just 6, but with Nicole pulling the names of 2 people only, and if either of those names are of a nominee, they get to choose who will play – were dressed up as dogs, and after spinning around 15 times, dizzily run over to the doghouse and stack a ton of bones.  Make sure to go back and reset the timer though or else you’re eliminated.  Nobody seemed to fall prey to that this time. In the end, Paul figured he’d just smash his bones into the two poles to form a base, and sure enough, that caveman way worked.  Paul wins Veto and gets himself off the block!

And the Replacement?

BB18_Ep4_BridgetteIsTheReplacementMiss Bridgette here, who I actually kind of like, ended up the only person that Frank, the Roadkill Winner, could realistically nominate, as the others he could choose from were all in 8-Pack.  Bridgette also had a bit of baggage too, as during that house meeting above, the Spy Girls got it in their head to have Bridgette go be a spy in the HoH room while Natalie & Bronte attended the meeting.  But then they stupidly tell the house meeting that Bridgette is up there spying for them…and that’s said in front of Zakiyah, DaVonne, and James. Continue reading The Messiah Has Left

The 8-Pack’s First Roadkill

BB18 Episode 3 – June 26, 2016

<–Previously, Nicole Boldly Draws a Line

The game is evolving, folks!  Those twists keep coming and alliances are shifting, in quite surprising ways.  And damn, I think there’s either very horny women or horny gay men in control of the season thus far, as there is ample opportunity for these men to show off all they’ve got.  Loving it!

Okay-a, Jozea

BB18_Ep3_JozeaIsntWorriedThis guy is all confidence.  Or delusion.  Delusidence?  Is that a thing?  Regardless, Jozea has got it.  Not only is he ready to go after Nicole, he tries to foster a rising tide of resentment against her with the other newbies when he lets it slip that he’s been gunning, openly, for Nicole since Day 1.  Both Bridgette and Paulie, who are the recipients of this particular rant, immediately ask why he’d do that?  Of course, it’s because he’s not afraid of that thing (his words, not mine).  Man o’ man….I think this week’s eviction might issue some harsh reality checks for Jozea – or if not this Thursday, soon thereafter.  His comments at the end of the episode about him being the heart and joy of the house meaning everyone and anyone winning the Veto will inevitably use it on him….?  whooo boy.  Revel in it though – why not?  You’re not on Big Brother every day, so be that character.

Jozea does end up going upstairs to talk with Nicole, and like her, I was wondering if this was going to be an ugly scene.  Surprisingly (?), there’s no emotional outbursts or attacks.   I guess we’ll save all those kinds of hysterics for Week 6+, right?  Jozea does mention that he didn’t campaign for himself before the nominations as he doesn’t see the point of doing that.  If he’s ever HoH, people shouldn’t even bother talking to him and begging, as he’s not going to listen.  whoooo boy.  You’re a MASTER at this game, Jozea.  Never let anyone tell you different.

The Episode Where Alliances Form….

….soon to be followed where that said alliance is filled with sub-alliances that will soon shatter this first alliance.  Alright, so first off, DaVonne, playing a fantastic social game, to me at least, is bonding with Zakiyah.  Zakiyah confesses that she did have Jozea and Paul’s back before, but she has no idea where their heads are as they’re just playing so stupidly.  DaVonne knows this is the time to bring in Zakiyah, which then leads to figuring out a bigger group to get through the first half of the season.  That leads us to….

The 8-Pack!

BB18_Ep3_8PackForms BB18_Ep3_8PackForms_FrankUp in the HoH room, 4 newbies and 4 vets decide to cast their lot together, for at least this episode.  I’m jaded enough to know the likelihood of The 8-Pack lasting long is pretty small, but I’ve been surprised before!  Gotta say though, I feel a bit bad for Paulie – who is very boldly being left out of this group.  As it is now, The 8-Pack consists of:  DaVonne, Zakiyah, Tiffany, Corey, Michelle, Nicole, James and Frank.  Does Corey have an 8 pack though?  For all my lusting of him, he hasn’t struck me as ripped, just tall, cute, and athletic.  Paulie and Victor though?  Damn. Continue reading The 8-Pack’s First Roadkill

A Front-Row Sound of Music Sing-A-Long!

People, I was BACK for this year’s Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl, unlike last year when I got scheduled for training in Dallas.  Let it be said that was all actually for the best, as I got to see my Dad and explore a little bit of Dallas.  I was totally ready for seeing 11/22/63 and finally understood the geography of that crazy area.  But I digress, as this is all about starting off our Hollywood Bowl season!

It’s weird that the SOM Sing-a-Long is on a Friday in June, when for so long it was a Saturday night in September, which made it much easier to get to.  It’s kind of a bitch to get to the Hollywood Bowl on a Friday night, justsayin.  Happily, we still just take the shuttle from the LA Zoo parking lot and it makes things much simpler.

Mila and Sveta were there this year, as were some of Mila’s friends and coworkers, Sonny, Ellen and Robin.  It was kind of jaw-dropping to see that we were headed right to the very front of the auditorium – like literally the front of the crowd.  It was awesome.  We got to see the costume contest in all its glory, and being that close felt like watching The Sound of Music in IMAX.  Loved it.

The costume contest winner ended up being this ridiculously adorable little girl dressed up as the Baroness – I think the cuteness was a good start, but the girl hit us all with a one-two punch with the “two” being when she dropped the line, “Haven’t you ever heard of this wonderful thing called boarding school?”  The Baroness’ most villainous line coming from this super cute little moppet won over not only those seek cuteness but also icy gays like myself who worship at the Baroness’ feet.

As for the movie, it was of course wonderful.  I had had a pretty stressful week and was in desperate need of something like this, which meant my weekend was not bad.  And I even avoided getting completely plastered like I did two years ago.  OOF.  I can still remember that.  Or I can still kinda remember that.

2016 Sound of Music Sing-A-Long @ The Hollywood Bowl – June 24, 2016

Goodbye, Glenn! Hello, Paulie the Pawn!

BB18 Episode 2 – June 23, 2016

<–Previously, the 12 newbies and 4 veterans enter the house!

Some seasons, we have people who completely overplay and dig themselves into a hole that typically can’t get out of.  The last few seasons have seen that a lot, if you think about people like Audrey and Devin.  Play hard and they get fucking taken OUT.  I think this season is playing a little differently with the inclusion of the four veterans, as it’s given many of the newbies a chance to focus their gameplay against the veterans.  So instead of crazy-ass alliances that are destined for failure, it is a fairly simple way to break down the house and avoid making enemies or doing too stupid of things….BUT YET, there is still some pretty stupid stuff going on.  I’ll focus on the key example further down, but damn, Jozea and Victor, your confidence is killing you.  You definitely don’t know that yet, but you will.  You will.

Some Business To Attend To: Big Brother Credits!

BB18_Ep2_BigBrotherCreditsI’ve really liked the credit sequences they’ve implemented now that they’ve gone HD these last few seasons. The “travel theme” is especially well-done too.  The Departures lounge where the nominated sit is delightful.  Gotta say that Paulie looks damn hot in the opening credits, Corey looks like the typical hot jock, and Victor is a walking cliche.

More Business To Attend To:  Tiffany’s Confessions Tour

BB18_Ep2_TiffanyConfessestoDa BB18_Ep2_DaKnowsTiffany, it might just be easier to actually have a trademark House Meeting and tell everyone.  Or you do you, and just tell another person every episode.   Whatever works.  But you’ve now told two different pacts in the house, with Michelle knowing and now DaVonne.  Personally, I think you’re better off with the Vets for now, but you’ve made your game that much harder with Michelle knowing too.  Maybe she will keep your secret in confidence, but if she’s strongly allied to the Newbies, your secret likely is coming out sooner than later.   We’ll see.

The Vets Make Some Plans

BB18_Ep2_FrankDaJamesThe vets are well aware they’re fighting an uphill battle.  But with Da’s new knowledge, she knows that as long as Tiffany or Nicole win the upcoming HoH, they should be safe.

BB18_Ep2_CoreyBuysItThis isn’t just an obligatory shirtless shot of Corey, although that isn’t a terrible thing either.  No, this is where Nicole is working on Corey to get him to suggest to her that Nicole should take HoH in the case it comes down to that.  How did Nicole become so sneaky?  I honestly don’t think she is, and alas, Corey just is a dimmer bulb.  That’s alright, he’ll be fine. Hot and Tall goes a long way in life, and in Big Brother.

We Hardly Knew Ya, Glenn

BB18_Ep2_EliminationChallenge BB18_Ep2_HeyPaulieSo the Freakazoids had to battle it out in this last challenge, with whoever comes in last getting eliminated from the show.  The safe houseguests watched, and some took the chance to recline and just open their crotch to the CBS viewing public.  Thank you for your service, Paulie.  It’s God’s work you’re doing. Continue reading Goodbye, Glenn! Hello, Paulie the Pawn!

A Big Brother 4 x 4

BB18 Episode 1 – June 22, 2016

Well, well, well, we are BACK!  CBS felt extra generous this week as we got 2 hours this first episode and I think there’s another 2 hours tonight.  I accidentally typed 22 hours and realized I both loved and hated that idea.

I don’t have nearly enough time to run down the contestants in this post as I’d like to get to watching tonight’s episode, but I’m not blind and I AM gay, so let’s hit up the important stuff first:

Let’s Meet PAULIE:

BB18_Ep1_Pauliesoccer BB18_Ep1_PaulieSoccer2You may see him and be reminded of a previous contestant, and that’s because he’s the smokin’ hot brother of smokin’ hot Cody, from Season 16:

BB18_Ep1_HeyThereCody BB18_Ep1_HeyThereCody2So yeah, this’ll be a great season.

We also have another hit of hotness in the form of Baseball Coach (in my pants) Corey:

BB18_Ep1_HeyyyCorey BB18_Ep1_CoreyIsShockedHesSoHot BB18_Ep1_HeyyyCorey2Yeah, this is awesome.  More to come in this recap, trust.

And oh yeah, you’re not fooling anyone, Tiffany:

BB18_Ep1_TiffanyISVanessasSisterEvery time you spoke all I could HEAR was Vanessa and when you look at her, give her blonde hair and she’s a carbon copy.  You’re so Vanessa’s sister.  I loved DaVonne’s DR session in which she was like, “I see you little Poker Player, Hi Vanessa’s Sister!”  Love DaVonne.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let the Games Begin!

BB18_Ep1_OurHouseguestsAwaitWe did get a bunch of these 12 houseguest’s stories and such, and maybe we’ll get into in tomorrow’s post.  But there’s plenty of character for days, so we shouldn’t be bored.  And as long as Corey and Paulie hang out for a few months, I’m good.  But guess what!  12 isn’t the regular # of houseguests, is it? Continue reading A Big Brother 4 x 4