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More From a Monday

So this weekend was pretty fun as Mom’s birthday was on Saturday night and we took her to Benihana’s!  Needless to say, I probably ate more than I should have, but it was totally worth it.  Double fried rice is never a bad thing.  So happy birthday, Mom!!!  We love you!

1-DSCN2055On Friday night, a great big group of us ol’ NBC folks, past and present obviously, got together and celebrated Nicki & Carey’s 29th birthdays.  Carey is pictured above in the middle while I didn’t get any pictures of Nicki, seemingly.  Hmmm.  Possibly because I drank quite a healthy amount?

mdn-IMG_7422Tomorrow is finally the day!  It doesn’t seem like forever ago when I bought the tickets, but apparently it was!  Tomorrow night (a school night!) we’ll be headed to the Forum for some fun and what looks to be my chance to FINALLY hear Madonna sing “Material Girl” in concert!!!! FINALLY!

280235I’ve been addicted to this videogame, Sleeping Dogs, for the last two weeks or so.  It’s effectively a Grand Theft Auto for the Hong Kong area and the Chinese Triad, so while it sounds derivative, it helps that the game does it very well and is ridiculously entertaining.  Also, I recently updated my graphics card and the visuals are just amazing.  Anyway, I need to wrap this game up as two biggies are on their way, Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

newwebsiteFinally, Larry & I just created a new website that will be grand central station for any and all wedding information for the amazing day coming in April 2016.  It’s creatively titled www.hobieandlarry.com and it is not in it’s final form just yet, but we’ve at least got the site up and running.  Can you believe that domain wasn’t taken?  Much appreciation goes towards FatCow.com, my web host, for having a nearly effortless set of tools to buy the domain and then install WordPress on it.  Super easy.  Soon enough now, you should be able to see the piece of art that Larry is creating for our Save the Date cards.  It’s awesome.

Howard Stern & Madonna

Howard Stern interviewed Madonna on his show and the interview is FASCINATING.  They are two very strong people and so he (and Robin) aren’t at all afraid to ask her hard questions.  She’s just as strong and isn’t afraid to answer questions.  I just love it.

She’s amazing, as is Howard.  And I’ve been listening to the entirety of Rebel Heart more and more and it keeps getting better and better.  I think I still like the first half of the album more at this point, but I mocked “Holy Water” in a previous post and damn I’m finding I really love it too.  There’s a line from it that cracks me the hell up…”Bitch, get off my pole”….how awesome is that.  Like I said, I will get into the album a bit more in depth in some time.  It’s just great to enjoy though.

full-dates-and-cities-for-madonna-s-rebel-heart-tour-unveiledAnd oh yeah:  I got my mothafuckin’ tickets today to Madonna’s show at the Forum in October!!!!!  I can not wait!!!!  Thanks Citibank for the pre-sale awesomeness!

Bits & Pieces

Alright, I have random things to post and dammit I plan to do so!

First, I’m back from Atlanta and had another great “first” day in the PwC Los Angeles office.  Today I met a lot more of the Associates and they’re so young and smart and I feel old and dumb.  Maybe not all that dumb, admittedly, but I certainly feel a chasm of distance between my age and theirs.  Oh well, that’s the way it is.  But I feel like I’m young enough at heart that we’ll all get along just fine.

There is video proof that I was up in the Hollywood Hills home last year!  (sigh…last year….my how quickly time flies).  Doug, who hosted us there, has posted the Vimeo video he took when doing a time-lapse of it.  I was totally there!  It’s fun to see how when it gets dark the onshore flow quickly floods into LA.  There was only a brief amount of time when the lights of LA were really visible before we get engulfed in the Mist!

(I guess you’ll have to click on the ‘Watch on Vimeo’ button to see it!)

Since I’ve been on planes quite a bit the last week or so, I’ve had a lot of time to catch up on my reading, and a big Yay! at that. I finished up Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please!” and I love her even more.  I then started and finished David Sedaris’ “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” and of course fell in love with it.  His writing is just so damn funny.  He reminds me a lot of Richard Lawson, or maybe it’s the other way around.  Now I’m in the midst of Andy Weir’s AMAZING “The Martian.”  Holy shit, this story is incredible.  I feel like the main character of the astronaut is me at times, especially with his humor and sarcasm.  If you don’t know what “The Martian” is about, it’s about an astronaut on a Mars mission who gets accidentally left behind when a Mars sandstorm forces the mission to be aborted.  He then has to figure out a way to survive – luckily he is a botanist, mechanical engineer, and very funny.  I can’t recommend this book enough.  I still don’t know how it’s going to end but I’m loving the journey.

Madonna-Rebel-Heart-2015-1200x1200Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” has been completely released!  I have really liked the first 9 tracks that were early-access perks…the last 9 tracks though I’ll have to think on some more.  She definitely put a lot of sex on them and I’m not against that but sometimes when you hear a line about if “it” tastes like holy water, you kind of just have to go, “oh girl.”  There is a song though called “Veni Vidi Vici” and I enjoyed it a lot, as there’s a TON of callbacks to her previous songs.  Maybe I’ll get into these songs a bit more in a further post….

Okay, maybe I’m done.  This has been a crazy few days and while I’m adapting, it IS nuts how different things really are for me.  Can’t wait to get paid!  I realize I’m going to have to work out in the morning if I ever want to exercise as I’ll definitely be having later nights.  Especially compared to my previous job!

Hell’s Yeah, Madonna is Touring Again

There was some awesome news this morning when I read that Madonna’s announced a new world tour to promote her new album, Rebel Heart. A nice way to help diffuse some of the anxiety from this morning!   She’ll be in LA late October of this year and you know damn well that I’ll be dragging Larry along with me then.  It’s going to be at the Forum, which I haven’t been to since going to see David Bowie and NiN with Mila and Sveta back in the mid 90s.  I’m sure ticket prices will be nuts, but we’ll see how it goes when taking advantage of the Citibank pre-sale!


As for PwC fun – it’s been a good, great day.  Of course I was ridiculously anxious this morning and had extra time to stew in it as the day didn’t start until 11am.  But once it did, I got into the zone.  I met some people immediately and have continued to meet a variety of amazingly smart and talented people throughout the day.  I also got my laptop and a firehose training session about the all things we have to do via it.  I’ve got to log hours?  That’s a first.  I am just blown away by the sophistication and the encompassing way PwC is doing the orientation.  It’s fantastic and really does a good job of making sure to give you the tools necessary for success.  I can tell I’m going to be quite busy here.

Side note fun stuff:  The food spreads have been delicious (ice cream bar!  open bar!  Italian food!) but then I find out they have free chair massages too!  Much needed this evening and man, I was ready for another 20-30 minutes!  I’ll be actually taking part in the cardio class tomorrow at 7am because why not? 

Alright, enough from me for now.  I will probably sleep much better tonight than I did last night. 

And Madonna Gets Right Back Up

Um, so holy shit, during Madonna’s performance at the BRITawards, she accidentally got pulled backwards off her stage, falling to the ground from about 2-3 steps up.  She’s 55.  Even someone much younger would probably be kinda messed up…but this superstar got right back up and continued singing.  She blows my mind.  But my heart dropped when I heard the news and then when I saw the video.  Wow.  Madonna takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!  Stupid cape!

I really hope she’s okay though.  That had to have hurt like hell.  Best wishes, Madonna!