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Hell’s Yeah, Madonna is Touring Again

There was some awesome news this morning when I read that Madonna’s announced a new world tour to promote her new album, Rebel Heart. A nice way to help diffuse some of the anxiety from this morning!   She’ll be in LA late October of this year and you know damn well that I’ll be dragging Larry along with me then.  It’s going to be at the Forum, which I haven’t been to since going to see David Bowie and NiN with Mila and Sveta back in the mid 90s.  I’m sure ticket prices will be nuts, but we’ll see how it goes when taking advantage of the Citibank pre-sale!

As for PwC fun – it’s been a good, great day.  Of course I was ridiculously anxious this morning and had extra time to stew in it as the day didn’t start until 11am.  But once it did, I got into the zone.  I met some people immediately and have continued to meet a variety of amazingly smart and talented people throughout the day.  I also got my laptop and a firehose training session about the all things we have to do via it.  I’ve got to log hours?  That’s a first.  I am just blown away by the sophistication and the encompassing way PwC is doing the orientation.  It’s fantastic and really does a good job of making sure to give you the tools necessary for success.  I can tell I’m going to be quite busy here.

Side note fun stuff:  The food spreads have been delicious (ice cream bar!  open bar!  Italian food!) but then I find out they have free chair massages too!  Much needed this evening and man, I was ready for another 20-30 minutes!  I’ll be actually taking part in the cardio class tomorrow at 7am because why not? 

Alright, enough from me for now.  I will probably sleep much better tonight than I did last night. 

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