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Greatest Hits 2007-style

I did this last year and it’s kind of fun to reminisce and really think about what happened in my life this past year. ESPECIALLY this year. I guess before I begin – and this may be a long post, so you have been warned, I’ll post my holiday pictures up from my trip back […]

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I Heart New York… (T-22)

…but definitely could have done without the completely ridiculous adventures I had getting there and coming back home. So first, we all had a great time in Las Vegas! I didn’t lose all my money, ONLY half, which for me is a mighty accomplishment. It is actually due to me not playing craps the way […]

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Vegas, then New York City! (T-30)

I’m off to Vegas for a few days of fun and debauchery – then I’m off to NYC for my 2nd Interview with NBC! I’ve been writing about my career search in the Shooting Gallery and will keep it up to date as things go down. NYC will definitely be an awesome opportunity, but if […]

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Back from San Diego (T-43)

Holy Shit! I really only have 43 days left in the Air Force. It’s actually hard to believe. But at least the future looks decently bright! Why, you ask? Well, this last conference was a bit more successful than the one in Chicago, as in the industries I interviewed with were a lot more interesting. […]

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Addicted to WSoPC! (T-51)

I’ve actually got to pause for about 10 minutes shortly to play the online version of WSoPC (World Series of Pop Culture) – I could win $2500 if I answer all 25 questions right! I do have a lot to report on though – well, it’s really just my overall thoughts of how Chicago’s hiring […]