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The 8-Pack’s First Roadkill

BB18 Episode 3 – June 26, 2016

<–Previously, Nicole Boldly Draws a Line

The game is evolving, folks!  Those twists keep coming and alliances are shifting, in quite surprising ways.  And damn, I think there’s either very horny women or horny gay men in control of the season thus far, as there is ample opportunity for these men to show off all they’ve got.  Loving it!

Okay-a, Jozea

BB18_Ep3_JozeaIsntWorriedThis guy is all confidence.  Or delusion.  Delusidence?  Is that a thing?  Regardless, Jozea has got it.  Not only is he ready to go after Nicole, he tries to foster a rising tide of resentment against her with the other newbies when he lets it slip that he’s been gunning, openly, for Nicole since Day 1.  Both Bridgette and Paulie, who are the recipients of this particular rant, immediately ask why he’d do that?  Of course, it’s because he’s not afraid of that thing (his words, not mine).  Man o’ man….I think this week’s eviction might issue some harsh reality checks for Jozea – or if not this Thursday, soon thereafter.  His comments at the end of the episode about him being the heart and joy of the house meaning everyone and anyone winning the Veto will inevitably use it on him….?  whooo boy.  Revel in it though – why not?  You’re not on Big Brother every day, so be that character.

Jozea does end up going upstairs to talk with Nicole, and like her, I was wondering if this was going to be an ugly scene.  Surprisingly (?), there’s no emotional outbursts or attacks.   I guess we’ll save all those kinds of hysterics for Week 6+, right?  Jozea does mention that he didn’t campaign for himself before the nominations as he doesn’t see the point of doing that.  If he’s ever HoH, people shouldn’t even bother talking to him and begging, as he’s not going to listen.  whoooo boy.  You’re a MASTER at this game, Jozea.  Never let anyone tell you different.

The Episode Where Alliances Form….

….soon to be followed where that said alliance is filled with sub-alliances that will soon shatter this first alliance.  Alright, so first off, DaVonne, playing a fantastic social game, to me at least, is bonding with Zakiyah.  Zakiyah confesses that she did have Jozea and Paul’s back before, but she has no idea where their heads are as they’re just playing so stupidly.  DaVonne knows this is the time to bring in Zakiyah, which then leads to figuring out a bigger group to get through the first half of the season.  That leads us to….

The 8-Pack!

BB18_Ep3_8PackForms BB18_Ep3_8PackForms_FrankUp in the HoH room, 4 newbies and 4 vets decide to cast their lot together, for at least this episode.  I’m jaded enough to know the likelihood of The 8-Pack lasting long is pretty small, but I’ve been surprised before!  Gotta say though, I feel a bit bad for Paulie – who is very boldly being left out of this group.  As it is now, The 8-Pack consists of:  DaVonne, Zakiyah, Tiffany, Corey, Michelle, Nicole, James and Frank.  Does Corey have an 8 pack though?  For all my lusting of him, he hasn’t struck me as ripped, just tall, cute, and athletic.  Paulie and Victor though?  Damn. Continue reading The 8-Pack’s First Roadkill

A Big Brother 4 x 4

BB18 Episode 1 – June 22, 2016

Well, well, well, we are BACK!  CBS felt extra generous this week as we got 2 hours this first episode and I think there’s another 2 hours tonight.  I accidentally typed 22 hours and realized I both loved and hated that idea.

I don’t have nearly enough time to run down the contestants in this post as I’d like to get to watching tonight’s episode, but I’m not blind and I AM gay, so let’s hit up the important stuff first:

Let’s Meet PAULIE:

BB18_Ep1_Pauliesoccer BB18_Ep1_PaulieSoccer2You may see him and be reminded of a previous contestant, and that’s because he’s the smokin’ hot brother of smokin’ hot Cody, from Season 16:

BB18_Ep1_HeyThereCody BB18_Ep1_HeyThereCody2So yeah, this’ll be a great season.

We also have another hit of hotness in the form of Baseball Coach (in my pants) Corey:

BB18_Ep1_HeyyyCorey BB18_Ep1_CoreyIsShockedHesSoHot BB18_Ep1_HeyyyCorey2Yeah, this is awesome.  More to come in this recap, trust.

And oh yeah, you’re not fooling anyone, Tiffany:

BB18_Ep1_TiffanyISVanessasSisterEvery time you spoke all I could HEAR was Vanessa and when you look at her, give her blonde hair and she’s a carbon copy.  You’re so Vanessa’s sister.  I loved DaVonne’s DR session in which she was like, “I see you little Poker Player, Hi Vanessa’s Sister!”  Love DaVonne.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let the Games Begin!

BB18_Ep1_OurHouseguestsAwaitWe did get a bunch of these 12 houseguest’s stories and such, and maybe we’ll get into in tomorrow’s post.  But there’s plenty of character for days, so we shouldn’t be bored.  And as long as Corey and Paulie hang out for a few months, I’m good.  But guess what!  12 isn’t the regular # of houseguests, is it? Continue reading A Big Brother 4 x 4

Ah, DAMN – Galavant Knows Best

Yeah, this show is exactly everything awesome.  I smell a new gay anthem…or at least a new song to hear when a stripper is nearby!  I’m not sure why I didn’t watch Galavant last night when this was on, but I’m certainly good with this greatest hit from last night.   Definitely enjoyed the episodes from the first season, but didn’t imagine it would last to a second because I’m pretty sure the ratings were null.  But keep pulling stunts like this?  10 seasons and a movie!!!

I Am Here for the Beefcake Race

Amazing Race 27 – Episode 1:  “A Little Too Much Beefcake”

I do declare that quote to be horrendously inaccurate.  There’s never enough beefcake, dammit!  NEVER.  And with these FOINE gentlemen on the race this season, I am quite content:

AR27_Ep1_HOT_TannerJoshI have no doubt that by the end of the season, we’ll find out they’re really a couple.  Because come on, look at that.  Trust that there will be more screencaps of Tanner & Josh.  Trust.

Where’d Everyone Travel To This Episode?

AR27_Ep1_OverviewMapStarting Point:  Venice, CA
Pit Stop for the Leg:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Starting at Venice

I am having an internal struggle about whether to bother profiling the 11 teams, and I frankly don’t really care all that much about them individually yet.  You know, here’s what I’ll do…broad categorizations!

Seems Like They’ll Have a Shot:

Jazmine & Danielle
Justin & Diana
Logan & Chris
Tanner & Josh








Cannon Fodder For the Mid-Race:

Alex & Adam
Cindy & Rick
Denise & James Earl
Ernest & Jin
Kelsey & Joey








No Chance In Hell:

Tiffany & Krista
Kelly & Shevonne




So yeah, that about sums up what I’ve got in terms of feelings about these teams.   Obviously one of the “No Chance In Hell” teams, the TMZ team, is out after this first leg because they completely blew it at the Detour.  It was a little surprising to see that bad of a performance so soon – it’s a freakin’ SLIDE PUZZLE.  Come ON.  Anyway, I have now jumped the gun.  Let’s talk about Venice!

AR27_Ep1_Start_Phil AR27_Ep1_Start_TEamsPhil, who I must say I’ve missed since skipping the last season, welcomed our 11 new teams while out on the Venice beach.  He immediately told them that Rio was their next destination and also told them that an upcoming “bike race” in nearby Marina Del Rey would determine who would get on the first flight out.  Only the winner of that race would be on that flight too.   STRESS!

AR27_Ep1_Start_VeniceSo with his patented eyebrow arch, Phil set our new contestants off into the world, with everyone having a waiting taxi ready to take them to the first challenge.

AR27_Ep1_MarinaDelReyRaceTurns out, the “bike ride” was actually a water bike.  The hotnessDuo, Tanner & Josh, were so hot that they broke their bike and ended up coming in LAST at this point.  I suddenly got sad as I was like, of course, the hot guys are going to be stupid and mess up immediately.  In the meantime, WeepyMcGee (aka Justin) & Diana took the lead and the win (but just barely as Denise & James Earl were right behind them) and earned that sole spot on the first flight, which was supposed to give them a 30-minute advantage.


Sposeda is the cool way to write “supposed to” and what I’m using here to indicate that WeepyMcGee & Diana’s 30-minute lead evaporated due to flight times down to a 5-minute lead.  The other teams got in quicker than expected, so that advantage withered away.  They were still in the lead though and got to the clue box first, where a Fast Forward beckoned teams to take the chance.

AR27_Ep1_FF_NoBuenoThe Fast Forward would have involved hang-gliders if not for the dangerous winds, and as a hyper-competitive team would be expected to do, Justin & Diana went for it.  That of course backfired as the Fast Forward was cancelled and this put them automatically in the back of the pack.  AR27_Ep1_WeepyJustinWah wah.  Justin should be lucky I was nice and didn’t screencap when he was full-sob.  He should feel LUCKY!

Bienvenidos to Rio de Janeiro!

AR27_Ep1_RioVela AR27_Ep1_RioHomesEverybody else ended up racing to a heliport where they would get flown over and around the city.  Most were stunned by the sheer enormity of the housing and congestion mixed in with the stunning natural beauty of the area.  My friend went there and had an amazing time as it really is like another world.  A very fun, exotic world, but completely different from us in the U.S.  They got to buzz Christ the Redeemer and that was key to remember, as they were quizzed upon landing to name the landmark.

Off to the Detour!

There were puzzles and there was volleyball.  I’m sooooooo glad the HotnessDuo chose volleyball.  It was like Top Gun up in here.

AR27_Ep1_Detour_TannerJosh AR27_Ep1_Detour_TannerJosh2 AR27_Ep1_Detour_TannerJosh3HOLY HELL.  These two are ridiculous.  They came into their own in this Detour and pretty much annihilated it.  Also, Jazmine & Danielle came on strong here and made an impression.  Unfortunately for them, I like gawking at dudes and not the ladies, so alas, no screenshots of them.  But I do anticipate they’ll be around awhile so eventually you’ll see them!

On the sidewalk near the beach, the other Detour option was the slide puzzle.   It proved remarkably challenging for most.  I don’t get it.

AR27_Ep1_Detour_JasKrista AR27_Ep1_Detour_TMZdestroyedThose who chose this option pretty much all got frustrated at it.  But those who persevered and didn’t panic and understood how puzzles work made it through while these two teams here had major issues getting through this.  A slide puzzle.  a 4×3 slide puzzle.  ZOMG.  The TMZ girls ended up losing to the Cheerleaders and they noted astutely that they’ll never live this down – the timer in the corner when they finally solved it?  3 hours and 45 minutes.  WTF.

Winner Winner, My God They’re Hot

AR27_Ep1_PitStop_Team1 AR27_Ep1_PitStop_Bicep AR27_Ep1_PitStop_TannerJoshPhil welcomed the HotnessDuo with his Rio co-host and she was appropriately impressed with the specimens in front of her. That’s because she’s not blind.  Tanner & Josh not only were first but they also won this season’s Express Pass.   Phil explained that it had to be used by the end of the fifth leg (that seems earlier than previous seasons), and when they do use it, they then are required to give it to another team who has to use it in the next leg.  Hmmm…strategy!  It will be interesting to see how that Pass plays out.

AR27_Ep1_PhilEliminatesTMZ AR27_Ep1_LastPlaceAnd the TMZ women were so far behind when they finally solved the slide puzzle Detour that they didn’t actually have to go to the Pit Stop as Phil came to them.  No non-elimination this leg.  Honestly, they showed a super-catty side earlier in the leg and it wasn’t a fun catty – it was mean catty.  So I’m not sad to see them go.  Best of luck to them back at TMZ though.  They’re going to be annihilated.

This Leg’s Standings:

AR27_Ep1_Standings (1)


More Summer Movies!

I think this summer has continued to provide some pretty impressive offerings for your entertainment perusal.  How’s about we talk about the last 3 Larry & I have seen and which I’ve been remiss on talking about?

insideout-teaser-2-580x328Inside Out (2015)

Saw this on June 20, 2015 at the Pacific Theaters at Americana.

Pixar came roaring back with Inside Out, the latest from the studio that has had super highs with movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Wall-E, but also the lows of things like Cars 2, Monsters U, and Brave.  So I was hopeful going in but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.  I needn’t have worried as this movie was spectacular.  The concept isn’t groundbreaking in that it personifies our emotions, but the story and the way it brings it all together is certainly special.  As expected, this movie works on multiple levels, as it is cute and amazing to look at so the kids are pleased, but seriously, this movie is completely meant for adults as well.  And by meant for adults, it’ll make you cry and cry and cry thinking about your own growth into an adult and how things that were your whole world as a child slowly but surely fall away.  Bing Bong steals the show and gets the biggest emotional reaction by far, but I think the clever directions the story goes just make this movie something amazing.  The realization that your life isn’t going to be all Joy and that that is OK is truly great and quite profound, especially for what looks to be just a cartoon movie.  Of course, this is Pixar we’re talking about, so it’s never just a cartoon movie.  Simply, you must see this movie.  It’s special and hilarious and endearing.

terminator-genisys-teaser-posterTerminator: Genisys (2015)

Saw this on July 3, 2015 at the Pacific Theater at Americana.

The reviews were not kind to this movie.  I can kind of see where most were coming from, but I’m going to be honest:  I was very entertained by this latest Terminator movie, far more than Salvation managed to do.  Larry & I were trying to even remember what the fucking plot of the last movie was and we really couldn’t remember.  So this one finds us first with John Connor and Kyle Reese in the future, about to strike the killing blow to Skynet.  Unfortunately, Skynet manages to send the original Terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor before they can, so they have to get the time machine back up and working so that Kyle Reese can go back and ensure that he saves Sarah as well as fathering John.  Sounds familiar, right?  But when Kyle gets back to 1984, everything has changed as Sarah Connor is already a badass and has her own “good” Arnold T-800 Terminator protecting her.  We have no clue who sent it (and still don’t know, so clearly that’s where a sequel may or may not go) but that threw the timeline off enough to wipe out Terminator 3 and Terminator 4:Salvation from this timeline.  Judgment Day is yet again able to be stopped…and 1997 goes by without it.  But Skynet isn’t so easily dissuaded, and that’s the story we see unfold.

It’s a helluva ride and seeing Arnold back as an aging Terminator is pretty freaking awesome.  When he’s on screen, you love watching it.  He’s pretty damn funny and gets shit done.  Kyle Reese is certainly shirtless a lot and for that I’m appreciative.

ZZ7FDDB9ABThe new enemy in this movie is pretty clever and throws a giant wrench in the traditional Terminator narrative.  The trailers have pretty much ruined the surprise, but I’ll leave it for you to see for yourself.  The “spoiler” really doesn’t amount to a staggering mindfuck, as it’s quickly revealed, so the fun is really in how Sarah, Kyle, and the T-800 fuck shit up for Skynet yet again.  Will they stop Judgment Day for good this time?  Guess you’ll have to watch!  I’d recommend seeing this – it’s nowhere near as bad as critics make it out to be.

minions-movie-2015-poster-wallpaper-bob-kevin-stuart-scarlet-overkill-sandra-bullock-despicable-meMinions (2015)

Saw this on July 11, 2015 at Pacific Theaters at Americana

The adorable scene-stealers of the Despicable Me movies get their own film explaining their origins, and it’s quite adorable.   We see their evolution throughout the millennia (apparently they seem immortal) and dwell on their first human supervillain boss of the modern age, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).  It’s set in 1960s London, so there’s some fun to be had at the music and fashion of the times, as well as a younger Queen Elizabeth, who can hold her own, that’s for sure.  The stars though are unequivocally Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, our brave minions who seek out their people’s purpose.  They’re ridiculously cute, funny, and cause lots of minion mayhem, as is to be expected.  I enjoyed the movie, but unlike other animation efforts that aim to appeal for both adults and kids, I think this one targeted squarely at entertaining kids.  I’m sure it’ll still make a pretty penny for Universal though!  It was still fun to watch and a decent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but Inside Out this was not.

Movie Rankings, 2015 Summer Season Edition:

  1. Inside Out
  2. Jurassic World
  3. Ex Machina
  4. Pitch Perfect 2
  5. San Andreas
  6. Terminator: Genisys
  7. Tomorrowland
  8. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  9. Minions
  10. Mad Max: Fury Road