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My Rain Face

It’s frightening, I know.  Anyway, today in Los Angeles, the rain was the only story.  According to Al Roker, we’re set to get nearly a year’s worth of rain in about 2 days.  That’s a lot.  I took today off anyway but it happily coincided with the fact that I wasn’t having to drive on […]

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It’s My Birthday!!!!

I turn 33 today and all is well with the world.  🙂  This will be brief as I do have to leave for work soon but I had to commemorate my day, of course.  Even though it’s a Tuesday (blech), I still plan on having a day of lots of cake and sweets and eating […]

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Miami / Vice

So for my job, I HAD to go to Miami. Even I hate me because that’s so effin’ awesome. Okay, how cool is that? Another place that I’ve always wanted to go: Miami. And now I’ve gone. I even had the chance to go to South Beach, although admittedly it was with my coworkers, so […]

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Chuckling at Circumstances (T-200)

Reading one’s own thoughts/rants from a few years ago can be awfully entertaining. I was looking at my uber-Rant from Nellis AFB in 2004. If any of you remember, it was the one I actually went to the trouble of password-protecting because I just went OFF. And when I first started to read it, I […]