My Rain Face

It’s frightening, I know.  Anyway, today in Los Angeles, the rain was the only story.  According to Al Roker, we’re set to get nearly a year’s worth of rain in about 2 days.  That’s a lot.  I took today off anyway but it happily coincided with the fact that I wasn’t having to drive on the 101 in this mess.  And boy howdy, it was coming down in buckets.  It’s so strange to have to deal with a real rainstorm as there has been shit for rain the past few years here.  I doubt this is enough to say the drought is done, but I imagine the rainfall will help restore some of the reservoir levels.  Here’s the view from our porch – it’s pretty hard to capture rain in a photo – but here’s the dreariness; imagine rain falling:

1-IMG_3802So there’s that.  Spent some of the day stocking up for our Academy Awards party on Sunday, as well as getting prepared for our own “red carpet” experience, complete with photo area.  Oh yes, it’ll be glorious.  To practice though, we took some shots of ourselves.  I’ve attached some of the good ones here of me; I took some of Larry that are pretty fantastic, and I think he needs to use them as social media profile pics.   Here’s where the action will happen:


And here are the practice shots of me:

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