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A Truly WTF of a Week

BB20 – Eps 24-26 – Aug 19, 22, & 23, 2018

Honestly, I called it the moment Fessy won HoH.  Once he won, I joked that he’s going to evict Scottie.   Larry can vouch for me saying this.  I was JOKING though.  But alas, Fessy showed that you really can be not cut out for this game.  As Tyler mocked in the Diary Room, “Welcome to Big Brother, Fessy.  Glad you finally wanted to start playing the game!”

So yeah, Fessy won HoH handily and Level 6 was rightfully preparing to lose yet another member.   But yeah, Level 6 + JC were on it and weren’t going down without a fight.  JC wisely reasoned that because Fessy is a moron, he can influence him to turn on one of his own!  And yep, he got exactly that.   JC warned Fessy that Scottie had a crush on Haleigh and was playing an emotional game, knowing full well that Fessy has that ‘my girl’ mindset in full effect and could be so easily manipulated to react out of jealousy.  Fessy apparently feels that Swaggy’s eviction vote was still enough of a reason to distrust Scottie, although maybe focusing on the here and now might have been a better strategy?  But that’s just me.

Fessy nominated Scottie & Brett, then he believed Brett was the lone vote for Rockstar, and why am I even here still?  Mad props to Level 6 for still having the wool pulled over everyone else’s eyes, as it really is their game to lose at this point!

The Underdog narrative is always an appealing one to root for and enjoy, but in this case, the underdogs are morons.  They deserve to be evicted.  I feel kinda bad for Haleigh for being tied to this ship, but them’s the breaks.  Poor Scottie has no idea what was going on and even in the FB aftershow, isn’t quite sure what caused Fessy to do this.  He reasoned that Fessy is either a complete moron or a strategic genius…and I guess they’ll all learn the truth in a few weeks.  SO AGGRAVATING.

The Veto was another thing where Scottie almost saved himself, but Brett got the lucky win having hid his Veto token the best in the destroyed BB house, and then Sam tried to convince Fessy to nominate Haleigh instead as that would be the least controversial move for him to make and sure, why not?

He apparently can tell when people are crazy?

The Zingbot dropped in and that was epic – Zingbot called Fessy a moron to his face and I don’t think Fessy has any idea why.

Zingbot also called Sam crazy to her face and everyone ran and hid.  I tell ya, the BB house does a number on people. Continue reading A Truly WTF of a Week

A Shitshow of an HoH

BB20 – Eps 21-23 – Aug 12, 15, & 16, 2018

This week really was a mess for Haleigh’s side of the house.  You’d think winning the HoH means your side was okay, but nope, the Hacker twist seriously messed up the week for them and because they couldn’t control the #s or win a competition to save their lives, the Level 6 alliance tore through them.  

I’m not interested too much in getting into the weeds after not having been on top of these posts this week, but a few quick bullet points should suffice:

  • Haleigh tried to get rid of one of Level 6 (Angela & Kaycee) although it’s still pretty obvious that no one is sure or aware that Tyler is the hacker.
  • Kaycee winning the Hacker comp definitely was a worst case scenario for Haleigh’s side, but it shouldn’t have been insurmountable.
  • Kaycee played it pretty damn well covering up winning the Hacker comp, and Level 6 still manages to impress the hell out of me for keeping their alliance under wraps.
  • After taking herself off the block and replacing with Rockstar, there was still a chance to get rid of Angela.  That would be if Level 6 didn’t manage to win a Veto.
  • Well, that Veto comp was a fucking ridiculous shitshow of exceptional proportion when ROCKSTAR HELPED TYLER WITH ONE OF THE OTEV CLUES AND HE MANAGED TO SAVE HIMSELF!!!!  That alone warranted Rockstar’s justified eviction in my mind.  And when she ended up one-on-one against Tyler and she brought the wrong clue, I was like, just have the eviction now.  She’s earned it.
  • Rockstar got evicted and while she was charming as hell with Julie’s interview (when asked by Julie who she thought betrayed her the most, Rockstar answered that it was whoever created that Hacker twist which was a brilliant answer!)
  • Our next HoH isn’t known yet as it was a long challenge, but it looked like Fezzie is potentially the front runner as he was hustling like hell on that slide-y surface without any problems.  So we’ll see!

Status & Standings:

Head of Household: Haleigh
Nominated for Eviction:  Angela & Kaycee
BBHacker:  Kaycee
Nominations Changed: Yes, Kaycee replaced w/ Rockstar
Power of Veto Winner:  Tyler
Veto Used?  Yes, on Angela
Replacement Nominee:  Kaycee went back up
Evicted:  Rockstar (5-1, w/ Sam voting to keep Rockstar and Faysal’s vote blocked by the hacker)

I anticipate I’ll be able to do a better job of posting this week – last week was a lot of family time with Fran in town for Larry’s third chemo treatment and it just wasn’t as easy to write, let alone how FRUSTRATING it was to see Haleigh’s side just bungle their way out of power this week and lose a member.  Ridiculous.

Blood & Hashtags

BB20 – Ep 20 – August 9, 2018

Well, that was one hell of an episode!  I do think I have not seen someone literally bleeding out of their mouth while in the midst of a super heated argument?   But I have seen when the HoH power goes to the other side of the house after a dramatic week and that is ALWAYS fun.  So all in all, I loved this episode.

The Hacker Reveals Herself

After seeing how distraught Bayleigh is after having been accused of being the Hacker, Haleigh decides to come clean to her about it.   Bayleigh is upset at first, but seems to process it and get through it, just retaining the anger she has towards those who are targeting her.   I still have problems with Haleigh revealing this as it only makes her a HUGE target next week, but I get that Haleigh was also doing this as a friend.  As Bayleigh told Ross & Marissa, if Haleigh hadn’t told her, she’d have been pissed to have found out later.  And she definitely would have found out.

The Hacker is Revealed + BLOOD

Haleigh decides that she is going to tell EVERYBODY.  smh.  I’m not a fan of this move but she for some reason thinks that there may be apologies to Bayleigh?   Maybe a game change of some sort too?   I don’t know, but there’s first incredulity and when Haleigh asks for apologies to Bayleigh, Tyler is most unwilling.  Then when Haleigh brings up Tyler throwing Angela under the bus, that’s when the fireworks begin.

They’d already gotten into it earlier in the episode when Tyler basically got a bit bitchy towards Bayleigh about her basically being on the way out.  Here in this fight, Bayleigh just wanted an apology from Tyler and he wasn’t about to do that.   I think it came down to the fact that Tyler insisted that he never threw Angela under the bus while Bayleigh insisted he did.   The video footage shows that he truly didn’t throw Angela under the bus, but the conversation was had between Tyler & Bayleigh about if Bayleigh was planning to put Angela up as a replacement nominee.  Regardless…

…BLOOD.  Bayleigh had apparently bitten the inside of her cheek but oh my god that was horrific.  I could barely watch as the blood kept spreading.  This picture doesn’t do it too much justice and I’m okay with it.  Just know that the left side of her mouth seemed covered in blood while she was SCREAMING at Tyler.  It was nuts. Continue reading Blood & Hashtags

Level 6 Knows How to Play

BB20 – Ep 19 – August 8, 2018

I had been excited to see more Level 6 suffering, but hats off to the entirety of Level 6 pulling the damn wool over the eyes of the rest of the house.   Sure, we’ve seen the evicted houseguests properly put their names together when pressed to when confronted with the fact that there IS an alliance in the house.  But it seems that if left to their own devices, they just don’t put it together.   And it’s pretty damn glorious to behold?

Setting Up the Pieces

Tyler and Level 6 weren’t about to get hoodwinked by the BB Hacker without putting up a fight.  And man, did they.

While these fools kept being suspicious of each other and further dissolving any alliance or trust they have, mostly due to Bayleigh…

Angela and Kaycee start making sure the Veto Comp is stacked with Level 6 players.   How?   By pretty much convincing Bayleigh that it would be greeeat to have Kaycee play Veto finally.  While Angela is wrong about assuming that Bayleigh is the Hacker, it didn’t matter.  But before we go further, WHY THE FUCK is Bayleigh strategizing with Kaycee and Angela?  Did the last month of game NOT happen?  Am I fucking high?   Even if she’s not explicitly aware of Level 6, isn’t it obvious that Kaycee and Angela are on “the other side?”  No?  Because here she is having strategy conversations and clearly thinking they’re real!

So Bayleigh goes and shares these thoughts with her friends Haleigh and Faysal.   Haleigh listens and considers it, as she’s doing her best to keep out of the limelight so she hears this suggestion and thinks it’s Continue reading Level 6 Knows How to Play

This Week Just Got Verrrrry Interesting

BB20 – Ep 18 – August 5, 2018

Whatwhatwhat????  Is this one of those episodes that heralded a turning point in the season???  Did HALEIGH of all people make a defining move against Tyler???   Did anything else of note happen this episode???  I think so, but not much really else mattered, so let’s get to it!

All The First Half Stuff Barely Mattered

Angela and Brett celebrated their ouster of Rachel.   Tyler, Kaycee, and JC celebrated their ouster of Rachel.  Rockstar cried some more.   Bayleigh was on a warpath and kept accusing her own alliancemates of betraying her.   How is no one seeing Tyler is a common thread here???  Is JC really that good at being devious that everyone trusts him?  None of that really factored into my enjoyment of this episode, as the BBHacker twist is what this episode was ALL about.

Angela’s HoH Experience is Seriously Undermined

She knows what the impending announcement means to her game.  It means her HoH week is gonna be undermined by this twist if the 50/50 odds don’t go her way.  I’d say I feel bad for her, but I don’t.  She’s not coming across very well this last week or so, and maybe it’s the edit, but it certainly doesn’t seem like we’re missing her friendly side…

Anyway, before we get too far into the twist, we had a mid-episode nominations ceremony that went pretty much as expected, with Angela nominating Scottie & Rockstar but fully intending to backdoor Bayleigh.  And I don’t think Bayleigh has a clue.  Girl.

Welcome to the BBHacker Twist

Talk about an insanely overpowered twist:

  • Gets to replace one of the nominations
  • Gets to choose one of the Veto players
  • Gets to keep one person’s vote from counting

Continue reading This Week Just Got Verrrrry Interesting