Blood & Hashtags

BB20 – Ep 20 – August 9, 2018

Well, that was one hell of an episode!  I do think I have not seen someone literally bleeding out of their mouth while in the midst of a super heated argument?   But I have seen when the HoH power goes to the other side of the house after a dramatic week and that is ALWAYS fun.  So all in all, I loved this episode.

The Hacker Reveals Herself

After seeing how distraught Bayleigh is after having been accused of being the Hacker, Haleigh decides to come clean to her about it.   Bayleigh is upset at first, but seems to process it and get through it, just retaining the anger she has towards those who are targeting her.   I still have problems with Haleigh revealing this as it only makes her a HUGE target next week, but I get that Haleigh was also doing this as a friend.  As Bayleigh told Ross & Marissa, if Haleigh hadn’t told her, she’d have been pissed to have found out later.  And she definitely would have found out.

The Hacker is Revealed + BLOOD

Haleigh decides that she is going to tell EVERYBODY.  smh.  I’m not a fan of this move but she for some reason thinks that there may be apologies to Bayleigh?   Maybe a game change of some sort too?   I don’t know, but there’s first incredulity and when Haleigh asks for apologies to Bayleigh, Tyler is most unwilling.  Then when Haleigh brings up Tyler throwing Angela under the bus, that’s when the fireworks begin.

They’d already gotten into it earlier in the episode when Tyler basically got a bit bitchy towards Bayleigh about her basically being on the way out.  Here in this fight, Bayleigh just wanted an apology from Tyler and he wasn’t about to do that.   I think it came down to the fact that Tyler insisted that he never threw Angela under the bus while Bayleigh insisted he did.   The video footage shows that he truly didn’t throw Angela under the bus, but the conversation was had between Tyler & Bayleigh about if Bayleigh was planning to put Angela up as a replacement nominee.  Regardless…

…BLOOD.  Bayleigh had apparently bitten the inside of her cheek but oh my god that was horrific.  I could barely watch as the blood kept spreading.  This picture doesn’t do it too much justice and I’m okay with it.  Just know that the left side of her mouth seemed covered in blood while she was SCREAMING at Tyler.  It was nuts.

Bye Bayleigh

Bayleigh was never going to be staying in this game after the week she had.  Even with the hacker preventing Tyler from voting, it didn’t matter.  But by this point, Bayleigh was full on ready to go and she was far more calm and collected about it than the early part of this episode seemed to show.   Bayleigh may have been the first evictee in a while that didn’t storm out of the house?   It was refreshing.  She was also super charming with Julie Chen and I will miss her in the house.   I think her gameplay kinda took a shitty turn near the end and when the alliance she was in couldn’t keep it together like Level 6, it seemed the writing was on the wall.

Anyway – I loved that the Head of Household competition made sure that this next week wasn’t gonna be a straightforward continuation!

Haleigh Pulls Out a Very Necessary Win

In this challenge, in a PvP fashion, you had to try to decipher what this crazily capitalized hashtag actually said, then be the first to correctly pick the picture that applied.  Way easier said than done, as I swear when I saw some of these I was like, WHAT ARE WORDS?  If you finally “figure out the trick”, then maybe it made sense.   And what I laughed at was that I started thinking if you could just look at the end of the sentence, that gives the answer away.  BUT WRONG.   Sometimes that was enough, but others it was a red herring.   Anyway, if you won your match, you stayed in, your opponent was eliminated, and you got to pick the next two contestants.   In the end, Level 6 got eliminated and it was Haleigh vs JC, both of whom would be very interesting HoHs.

But it was Haleigh who scored a much-needed win.  After outing herself as the hacker, she had to be Target #1 for most anyone in the house.  It’s an awesome time to win when all eyes were on you, so I’m very excited by this.  Even with the BBHacker twist this week still out there, I think Level 6 is gonna be hurting.  I think Tyler has to play his power this week.

Status & Standings:

Outgoing Head of Household:  Angela
Nominated for Eviction:  Rockstar & Bayleigh
Evicted:  Bayleigh (6-1, w/ Sam voting against Rockstar and Tyler prevented from voting by the Hacker)
New Head of Household:  Haleigh

What will Haleigh do this week?  I see Brett as an easy first target, with Angela maybe getting hit with some payback?  And who wins Hacker?  If it’s someone on Haleigh’s side, then it could be a fairly easy week for her, but you know that’s not how this works.  So we’ll see what happens…

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