Level 6 Knows How to Play

BB20 – Ep 19 – August 8, 2018

I had been excited to see more Level 6 suffering, but hats off to the entirety of Level 6 pulling the damn wool over the eyes of the rest of the house.   Sure, we’ve seen the evicted houseguests properly put their names together when pressed to when confronted with the fact that there IS an alliance in the house.  But it seems that if left to their own devices, they just don’t put it together.   And it’s pretty damn glorious to behold?

Setting Up the Pieces

Tyler and Level 6 weren’t about to get hoodwinked by the BB Hacker without putting up a fight.  And man, did they.

While these fools kept being suspicious of each other and further dissolving any alliance or trust they have, mostly due to Bayleigh…

Angela and Kaycee start making sure the Veto Comp is stacked with Level 6 players.   How?   By pretty much convincing Bayleigh that it would be greeeat to have Kaycee play Veto finally.  While Angela is wrong about assuming that Bayleigh is the Hacker, it didn’t matter.  But before we go further, WHY THE FUCK is Bayleigh strategizing with Kaycee and Angela?  Did the last month of game NOT happen?  Am I fucking high?   Even if she’s not explicitly aware of Level 6, isn’t it obvious that Kaycee and Angela are on “the other side?”  No?  Because here she is having strategy conversations and clearly thinking they’re real!

So Bayleigh goes and shares these thoughts with her friends Haleigh and Faysal.   Haleigh listens and considers it, as she’s doing her best to keep out of the limelight so she hears this suggestion and thinks it’s not a bad one.   Personally, I’d have nominated someone like Scottie, Sam, or JC, people firmly who are in the middle and best classified as floaters.  Then it’s really ambiguous as to who the hacker is.  But nope, she takes Bayleigh’s suggestion.

And we get a Veto comp with ALL of Level 6 competing.  Larry and I just had to shake our muthafuckin heads when this happened.  Yet they pulled it off – they duped Bayleigh, who influenced Haleigh.  And here they are.  It’s pretty incredible.

Tyler Kicks Ass at the Veto and (doesn’t) Win It?

In what must be one of the more grueling Vetos, the players have to pass a ball back and forth along the contraption, being the one who isn’t last to get to the specified amount of Space Pecs Energy.

Naturally, Rockstar is out first.  Surprisingly, Angela is out next.  Then Kaycee, and then finally Brett.

At the end, it comes down to Scottie versus Tyler.  It’s close, but no one makes a dramatic mistake and Tyler handily beats Scottie.  But we’re not done with Level 6’s machinations.

They wisely play this whole game so that it avoids looking like any of them are really working together.  First, Scottie is convinced by Angela to NOT take the Power of Veto from her, and so he’s left with the $5k prize.  She then has to convince Tyler not to take the Veto either, with her promising to use it on him and wanting to have her power restored after the hacker took it from her.  It’s pretty damn great.  And so Tyler “takes a chance” and ends up taking Brett’s Hawaiian vacation!

Angela gets to keep the Veto, even though she was in 5th place here!  That’s amazing.  And I don’t think it was clear to anyone out there what was going on unless you were in the Level 6 alliance.

At this point, Bayleigh, you in danger girl.

Bayleigh Plays Herself

As Angela starts her Veto Ceremony and lets everyone know she is planning to use the Veto, I think Bayleigh finally might start realizing that things are not what she assumed.  Angela informs everyone that she’ll be revealing the Hacker’s identity, which I think might have elicited just a tiny bit of pee in Haleigh?

A few bitchy moments later, Angela “reveals” that Bayleigh is the Hacker and puts her up as the replacement nominee.  Some more catty remarks come later, and all I can imagine is that if/when Angela’s time comes up to be on the block, it’s gonna be ugly.

Anyway, Bayleigh fully deserves her place here.  Per the TV edit, she walked right into this trap and while I was hoping it wouldn’t happen this way, it did.  I’m not sure there’s anyone in the house who can really stop the remaining Level 6 from going up.  Haleigh’s power really isn’t all that much now, Faysal is dumb as hell, Sam is an extension of Tyler, JC and Scottie are free agents…yeah, Level 6 is pretty much set to get to the end unless something else crazy happens….

Status & Standings:

Head of Household:  Angela
Nominated for Eviction:  Rockstar & Tyler
Power of Veto Winner:  Angela (indirectly after Tyler didn’t take it although he won the comp)
Veto Used?  Yes, on Tyler
Replacement Nominee:  Bayleigh

Well, it seems we know what’s going to happen today.  But one of my coworkers who watches the feeds was telling me some crazy shit has been going down in the house, so perhaps there’s gonna be some surprises tonight!

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