Temple of Doom was PG!?!

I just rewatched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom tonight and my God, that movie is ridiculously violent and horrific. And the funniest part? A big giant PG rating at the beginning.

I have read before that the Temple of Doom was the straw that broke the camel’s back though, and after it came out with its PG, that’s when the PG-13 rating was developed and released immediately thereafter. And not surprising at all, let me tell you. Here’s the scene from by far the most disturbing scene in the movie, although it is an edited version that omits the part where Mola Ram’s hand actually goes in to the guy’s chest and you see the heart come out:

In today’s day and age, this movie would be so R-Rated it’s not even funny. The scene above, the dining scene, the ridiculous violence at the Shanghai Club in the beginning (and I’m not even talking about Willie’s ‘Anything Goes’ number!), the whole child-slavery theme, Indiana beating down on Short Round while under the Kali Ma spell, Indiana drinking ‘blood’ from the shriveled head, the gross bugs…. I mean, seriously, I could keep going on. Don’t get me wrong: I freakin’ love these movies. I’m watching them again after watching the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (and trust me, I nearly filled a cup when I watched THAT preview – how ridiculous was that? I am SOOO there – oh hell, here it is from YouTube for your viewing pleasure:)

Yeah, you know you lost it when you heard the Indiana Jones theme music. I loved the brief flashbacks to all the previous movies…but what got me most excited? The fact that they’re back in the DAMN WAREHOUSE WHERE THE ARK WAS HIDDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP. I have no idea how that’s all going to play in but it’s awesome, especially when I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark last night and know that he’s going there in the next movie. Marion comes back, Cate Blanchett is the bad guy, and Indy is still funny: “Part Time”. I can NOT WAIT for May to get here.

But yeah, watched Raiders last night and while it has share of violence, Temple of Doom goes way above and beyond in the violence/horror quota. Will watch The Last Crusade tomorrow night but I know from memory that it definitely doesn’t go the route of Temple of Doom and is much more similar in tone to Raiders with respect to violence. I don’t know, just felt like sharing thoughts on some really ridiculously good old movies that now will have a 4th part to cap them off. How awesome is that?

Besides Indiana Jones awesomeness, there’s been other stuff going on to talk about:

– Valentine’s Day: total bust on this. Oh well.

– Great news about my Report of Survey issue with the Air Force… hmm… I’m not sure I actually wrote about my Report of Survey issue here on my site. I spent many emails and conversations talking about it but apparently not here. Anyways, the AF tried to accuse me of being responsible for missing equipment that happened to disappear in the year AFTER I left Nellis AFB. I sent a strongly worded letter in response defending myself and using the evidence already gathered to my benefit. Found out this week that the Colonel (hell, I’m just going to spell it like it sounds…) Kernel who had determined I was responsible decided due to my statement that there is no financial liability necessary. That would have been $2600, sports fans, the Air Force wanted from me. FUCK YOU. That definitely was a Sword of Damocles hanging over my head the past month or so and it’s now a relief to know that is over. The next financial thing to keep me up is Taxes. Oy. Last year was interesting.

– Sheryl Crow’s latest album is incredible. Literally have tears on the last song called “Lullaby to Wyatt” – such a beautiful song to her son.

– I’m on call this weekend for work, for the first time. It figures it’s on a damn holiday weekend. But I guess that’s why I get paid the big bucks, right? I couldn’t believe yesterday (Friday) though – I had made plans to hang out with Arielle and Dan (both from work) and get silly drunk at a place in Hoboken called East LA (serves Mexican food, of course). The plan was to get sloshed on margaritas and gorge on Mexican food and all would be well with the world. Well, I thought I was safe because technically, the weekend support was from the 16th (Sat) thru the 18th (Mon) – nothing is explicitly said about the 15th! I was wrong. I literally opened my apartment door and stepped one foot into it when my work phone starts ringing – and that began an hour or so of being on the phone helping diagnose an issue with our system. It seems you can set your watch to our system crashing on Friday evening. So basically my Friday fun plans were derailed and now I realize that to be responsible, I need to cancel my plans tomorrow night because I really need to be able to get to my laptop easy enough to fix stuff if need be. Oh well, this only happens every 7 weeks or so with me being primary on a weekend and I can totally deal with that. It just sucks it’s on a holiday!

So that’s what’s happening with me. Hanging out at home tonight as well, I’ve got nothing else to do and I kinda have to stay home this time. So I guess I’ll just drink another Heineken or two and watch another movie…probably Devil Wears Prada because I can watch that movie all the damn time. Seriously.

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