Metro to LAX!

Of course, not for quite a few years, but there’s exciting talk about what is in LAX’s future with regards to being tied into the Los Angeles metro rail system. A few things are being put in place to make this happen:

  • First, the Crenshaw Line has started construction, which is a line that connects the Expo and Green Lines along the Crenshaw and Aviation Blvd corridors.  CrenshawLineIt has a station currently scheduled for Aviation and Century.
  • New plans released today and approved by Metro are to add a new station immediately north of that Aviation/Century station at Aviation/96th.  It seems quite unnecessary to have both stations though, so I bet Aviation/Century will go away. There will be a fairly fabulous super-terminal at Aviation/96th (as shown in the top image above) that will allow rail riders to connect to…
  • ….the PeopleMover that will take riders between this new Crenshaw Line station and LAX, newa2map1with stops at a consolidated rental car terminal and then at least 2 stops within LAX.

Sounds freakin’ amazing.  I love that this city is becoming more and more rail-accessible.  When Expo finally is open to Santa Monica, I really think that’ll be a game-changer.  I currently don’t ride the Metro system for work purposes as my commute is ridiculously easy but if we ever move back to the West Side, it’s riding the rails time again!

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