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Finally, the Roadhouse, to complete my 2017 Year of Twin Peaks

2017 may have been a shitshow for a whole slew of reasons, but one giant reason in its favor is that it was so full of Twin Peaks goodness.   Not only did the revival on Showtime kick serious ass, we got 18 hours of it and it still managed to confound and excite us.  I really should have known that with it being Twin Peaks, it wouldn’t end neatly.   Then obviously I posted about it back in September, which was when Larry & I went to Seattle & Vancouver for a week and tagged one of the days as a Twin Peaks day:

Finding the Real Twin Peaks 2 Days after the Return Finale

I said it enough in the post, but that day was seriously one of the best days ever.  I got to see nearly every Seattle-adjacent filming location that I would have wanted to have seen….except for the actual exterior location of “the Roadhouse.”  It was located in the opposite direction of where we were heading, so it had to be dropped and I figured maybe one day, we’d go back?  Well, may not need to as the Roadhouse came to Los Angeles!

Saturday, December 30, 2017 @ The Roadhouse in Los Angeles

This pop-up was incredible.  You enter and then walk through several corridors of Black Lodge goodness, passing into an outdoor area with some sycamore trees, the entrance to the Black Lodge, and Owl Cave scribblings.  Then you head into the restaurant area where you are now in the Roadhouse.   Great food and some solid, interesting drink offerings, all themed to Twin Peaks characters or motifs.   I ended up getting a fantastic Great Northern Steak & Frites while Larry got Betty Briggs Meatloaf Burger, and then I had a Laura Palmer drink followed by a surprising hot cup beverage called Cherry Pie That’ll Kill Ya.  All followed with Cherry Pie and Donuts.  Yeah, we might have eaten a lot.

At the end of our 90 minutes or so, we left and I bought two Twin Peaks t-shirts, and then we called it a day.  This excursion also served as our ‘going out for New Year’s’ event as basically there were so many unpleasant outings for a few years it is just not fun anymore.  But staying home?  Hella fun.  We ended up watching movies yesterday, starting with Diamonds Are Forever, then renting Despicable Me 3 from ITunes (it was okay – I think I liked the previous 2 more although I did like the 80s-themed villain), and following it up with Spy, which still is just so damn funny.    Larry made a wonderful chicken parmesan dinner and then we watched the Kathy-less CNN NYE for a little and drank a bottle of champagne.  And here we are now in 2018.  Let’s make it a good year – lots of exciting things coming up, notably buying and moving into a brand new house!!!

New Year’s Eve at Home, 2017 version:

Thanksgiving with a Side of Rose Byrne

If you managed to make it through my previous post about heading out to NYC for a night and then back the next night to LA, you may have seen that I watched Spy on the way back.  Or maybe I didn’t mention that at all in the write-up as I was trying not to get too pissed off about the journey back and have that online.  Whatevs.  Anyway, Spy is a fucking hilarious movie and I highly recommend you watch it.  It’s got Melissa McCarthy as a CIA agent who ends up having to go out in the field and is actually really good at being badass.  Her character has to intersect with the villainous character played by Rose Byrne, and their interactions prove to be comedy gold.  If you don’t know Rose Byrne, you might remember her as the perfect best friend from Bridesmaids that drives Kristen Wiig’s character insane with jealousy.  Rose Byrne is hilarious in that role and is when she first showed up on my radar as someone who’s hilarious as fuck. Paul Feig directed Bridesmaids and also Spy, so it was a reunion of two of the funnier elements from that movie.  So I was watching Spy during the last half of my flight home and jesus it was killing me to try not to laugh like a hyena on the flight as it was so damn funny.  I’ve linked to one of the scenes that is truly wondrous in its hilarity – unfortunately the major punchline is bleeped out for offensive reasons but it’s all in the delivery and Rose Byrne fucking nails it.

From the “it’s the Bulgarian clown in you” to the ending comment of “what a stupid fucking retarded toast” – it kills me.  This clip doesn’t even include the great lines from right before and after!  So yeah, watch this movie.  It’s funny while also being a pretty cool (and surprisingly violent!) spy movie.

Oh!  I bring this up as I had to have Larry watch this so we watched it after getting home from Thanksgiving with mom.  Then we were on a crazy lucky roll and after finishing this movie up (and rewatching that scene above a few more times:  “Premium Economy?  That sounds like a pen for dirty animals…”) surprisingly enough another movie starring Rose Byrne was starting on cable:  Neighbors.  That movie is also surprisingly good and shows ample amounts of Zac Efron hot and shirtless, which is always good.  It’s a movie about a couple (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) who buy a great house and then the house next door is bought by a college fraternity.  Shenanigans ensue – as do some jaw-dropping sequences that will leave you laughing while asking how the hell is this happening???  So yeah, a Rose Byrne Thanksgiving was had by Larry & me!

I jumped ahead to this part as I had to get that clip up – so funny.  But we also had a good, yet small, Thanksgiving with mom over in Duarte.  The food turned out pretty damn good and mom made a ton of good stuff, especially my favorite, the Italian sausage stuffing.  She makes it in muffin tins so every part is crispy.  Mmmm…..so good. Here are some pics from the main event!

Nov 26, 2015 – Thanksgiving 2015