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Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

I was reading the latest issue of New York magazine and there was a very interesting article about a Japanese sensation that is now starting to make an impression here in the U.S.:  Marie Kondo and her tidyness ways.  It was a fascinating read and I’ve linked it below:

mariekondoI know we’ll be moving to a new place very soon and I really really really don’t want to have to keep schlepping my or our extraneous stuff again and again.  Honestly, I know that I look for a certain size of apartment basically because I’m looking for a certain amount of space to hold our crap.  Well, after reading this article, I did buy the book she’s published and I’m ready to get rid of shit and make some feng shui happen.  🙂

lifechangingtidyingI haven’t finished the book nor even gotten past the first 40 pages or so, but that’s because I’ve just received it in the mail from Amazon.  There’s plenty of ideas ahead though and I’m hopeful to use them, but I already started the process of getting some of the shit in our storage area reduced.  We went to Target today and got some media binders so that I can divest myself of the bulky DVDs I’ve been carrying around.  Now I just have the media in those binders.  It’s kind of awesome that I could get rid of 3 heavy boxes in an afternoon and replace it with a slim folio of entertainment.  Now I just have to look at the rest of our stuff, including clothes, books & magazines, and office clutter.  THERE’S SO MUCH CLUTTER.

I figure I’ve got the next week and a half to put in some major effort to reduce our crap footprint.  I’m optimistic.

In other news, I got my car back yesterday, and she’s beautiful and scratch-free.  I would love for that to stay the status for a while, por favor.