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A Bummer of a Farewell to Gawker.com

One of my favorite websites is going dark today, after having been sued into oblivion and put out to pasture.  Many think that Gawker is getting what has long been coming to them, but the actual machinations of what occurred seems to be complete bullshit and cast quite a bit of doubt on this being Gawker’s “just desserts.”

Frankly, I’m just going to miss there being a website where all sorts of DGAF happen, calling out shit when shit needs to be called out.  Also, plenty of funny pieces of writing were there, as were some really dumb and stupid stories.  But it almost always could be counted on as a great way to find out what was going on in the world.  The commenting section of the site was always an endless rabbit hole of conversation too, although for me, I’ve never felt comfortable throwing my 2 cents into the wind outside of this here website.  When you would read some of the fabulously witty things written in the comments, that would be reason enough for me to bow back into the shadows.

The other sites in the Gawker Media empire will remain, including Kotaku (for which I am very grateful as that is the best video games site), but there’s going to be a big glaring hole in the webspace where previously a great bit of snark and fanfare used to be.  🙁


Gawker ranks Michael, Madonna, and Prince

I love these kinds of lists, but this one is particularly interesting to review as it combines all the officially released singles or videos of 3 superstars of the 1980s:  Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince.  Rich Juzwiak put up a pretty fair ranking, although of course I’d disagree with the placement of Hard Candy singles being so low.  But I can totally agree with Madonna’s cover of “American Pie” being the absolute lowest song out of all three performers.  It was pretty awful.


The East Coast, specifically the Tri-State area, is about to get walloped with some serious snow.  So glad I’m not there, whether it’s living there or just visiting – it’s actually kinda chilly here and gasp(!), it’s raining here too.  There was actually some hail an hour or so ago – WTH?  So that’ll be fun to navigate while riding the Metro Red Line and Expo Line home – thankfully I didn’t drive in as that would have really been annoying to try to get back to Santa Monica in.

Anyway, just had to chime in as there are some hilarious images and articles about the storm named Nemo – some links for you:

The Atlantic Wire:


Oh, and by the way?  The author of that Gawker piece is Caity Weaver, and you should read every article she’s ever written there.  She writes the most perfect, random, sarcastic, imaginative prose about any number of topics and you will never fail to be transported to some crazy ass mental place.  She’s basically Gawker’s new Richard Lawson.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Slut Pigs in Heaven

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Slut Pigs in Heaven.

So you see the title right there – that alone is funny.   But Gawker’s Richard Lawson is such a brilliantly funny writer, that the title really is just the beginning.  I could only wish to be able to write in his poetic, illustrative, and utterly hilarious way.  A must read…..

Hot Guys in the Subway…?

New Yorkers Are Posting Creepy Cell Phone Pics of Hot Guys on the Subway Online.

So there’s a site now that posts pics from fearless smart phone users who take pictures of hot guys on the subway.  I can vouch, personally, that besides the convenience of the NYC subway, the next best thing about it is the likelihood of being able to check out hot and ridiculously hot guys.  It’s a wondrous thing.  Of course, that’s not always the case…ugh, not at all.  But seriously, sometimes, fortune would shine on you and lo and behold…hotness.  Le sigh.

Here’s my favorite from the site, www.subwaycrush.net: