The East Coast, specifically the Tri-State area, is about to get walloped with some serious snow.  So glad I’m not there, whether it’s living there or just visiting – it’s actually kinda chilly here and gasp(!), it’s raining here too.  There was actually some hail an hour or so ago – WTH?  So that’ll be fun to navigate while riding the Metro Red Line and Expo Line home – thankfully I didn’t drive in as that would have really been annoying to try to get back to Santa Monica in.

Anyway, just had to chime in as there are some hilarious images and articles about the storm named Nemo – some links for you:

The Atlantic Wire:


Oh, and by the way?  The author of that Gawker piece is Caity Weaver, and you should read every article she’s ever written there.  She writes the most perfect, random, sarcastic, imaginative prose about any number of topics and you will never fail to be transported to some crazy ass mental place.  She’s basically Gawker’s new Richard Lawson.

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