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Me & Dad

Well, even though I was ranting on Friday about wishing I was anywhere but Dallas, it turns out that I’m extraordinarily lucky as Saturday turned out to be quite a great day as after the training session, I spent the evening with my dad!  I haven’t actually seen my dad since my & Larry’s journey […]

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A Truly Amazing Day

…and I’m in Dallas for some anti-money laundering training for the WEEKEND never thinking how huge a day June 26, 2015 was going to be.  Fuck.   What I wouldn’t give to be back home today and celebrate this amazing day with Larry, my family, my friends…. Of course, first, we had the sensational news […]

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My fun days of traveling are only just beginning!  Off to some certification bootcamp fun for the weekend….WHY didn’t I think a little bit more about the fact it was on a weekend?????  Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be tons of fun but I will be looking forward to the following 4-day weekend, even if there’s […]