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Checking out Calder and Turrell at LACMA

I took today off.  It was nice to have a 3-day weekend, plus we used this day for tourism, and not just general laziness. Not that I look down at such things.  At the LACMA, there is currently an exhibition going on for James Turrell and it’s one that requires you to get tickets ahead of time to even get in to see it.  Why do you need reservations?  I’ll get to that.   I ended up not being able to get tickets for a weekend (of course) but for today, I was able to get them 2 weeks ago.  So, 3-day weekend it was, and today it was off to see more art!


In addition to the James Turrell exhibition, there’s also one about Calder and Abstraction.  That one doesn’t require a reservation time, so we went to that first as we got to LACMA a little early.  As you can see in the picture above, Calder’s main thing was to create “mobiles” and “stabiles” – but these are no mere baby cradle decoration.  The picture above gives you a sense of the size, scope, detail and attention to physics and construction Calder put into them.  The pieces are mesmerizing to look at and I am in love with the colors he frequently used in them.  He also must have been extremely patient as so many of these pieces require extreme and measured balancing of the pieces – the piece in the foreground above is an example:  that entire thing is balanced on that main stand with the main ballast on the left while the right is a tree of linked, hanging objects.  It’s beautiful and fascinating.  Larry & I kept wondering how the heck these pieces are transported and reassembled – suddenly gaining a lot of respect for museum curators!


We had some time left before going to the Turrell exhibit, so we sat through a full cycle of David Hockney’s “The Jugglers” multimedia installation.  It’s a 3×6 grid of giant monitors displaying one scene, but each monitor was its own camera so it’s not a single viewpoint of the happenings; in fact, there are 18 viewpoints but stitched together. Continue reading Checking out Calder and Turrell at LACMA