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Alien: Isolation Ain’t Playin’

I’m trying to be a grown-up and play through this videogame, but I’m sorry, it’s too fucking scary.  I’m what you would call, “a big ol’ wuss” when it comes to scary movies and things, but for some reason, I just had to play this game that came out in 2014, Alien: Isolation.  It takes place in the time between the first 2 Alien movies and you play as Ripley’s by-now grown daughter, Amanda.  She hasn’t stopped wondering what happened to her mother and gets a lead that some information about the Nostromo, the ship from Alien, may be at this distant space station.  When she arrives with a minimal crew, of course everything goes to shit and Amanda is stuck on the space station.  First she notices that the space station is just deserted and in a bad state, but then she realizes the remaining humans are not friendly.  Then the helpful androids turn out to be homicidal.  And oh yeah, there’s a giant alien xenomorph loose in the station.Alien_isolation_screenshotThe reviews have been very good for this game and from the amount I’ve played, I agree that the mechanics are intuitive and the graphics are stunning.  What makes this game challenging and fucking scary is that you are not a space marine – you have effectively very little in the way of weapons and everything can kill you, so you have to basically try to hide and avoid detection.  But guess what?  This game has got the alien set up with its own AI, so the whole time you’re playing the game, the alien is also prowling around and ready to get you if you happen upon it…or it happens upon you.

2014-10-02_00007-980x551Take this evening, for example.  I figure I’d give the game another try as you see, I’d actually started playing it a few weeks back but a certain section got me all stressed out and I took a break from it.  But tonight?  I was going back in.  I got past that section and was figuring out slowly how to avoid the homicidal androids, and had just snuck into a command area when I heard some thumping above me.  I thought it was the sounds my character was making this whole time, but NO.  That was the fucking alien above me in the vents….and when I wandered into the area beneath a large opening of the vents, guess who got fucking dropped on from above and murdered?  That’s right, ME.  And that was the end of my gameplaying tonight, after having yelled out in terror so that even Larry had to laugh at me from the living room.

This game is fucking ridiculous.  Maybe I’ll be able to finish it slowly but surely.

Saturday at Home

Spent today staying indoors and away from the ridiculous October heat.  Successful!

  • Continued my studies for the PMP exam…my re-test is this upcoming Tuesday.  I’ve approached the studying a bit different especially knowing now what those 200 questions were like, first-hand.  Recognizing those things I was weak on and working better to memorize or distinguish those things.  I feel much better about my chances of passing.
  • Random update:  I had a food allergy attack yesterday, the first significant one I’ve had since that disastrous night having dinner with our neighbors last year.  We went out for Indian food for lunch at work yesterday, and I didn’t order anything that triggers any kind of warning bells in my head:  chicken tikka masala, white rice, and naan.  There was a Mulligatawany soup as an appetizer which I also had.  I’m figuring that perhaps some kind of nut had been ground up and put in the masala sauce?  Regardless, my first symptom was my bottom lip totally swelled up.  We got back to the office and that’s when my right eyelid swelled up.  Then I got hives on my neck and upper chest area as well as my armpits and finally my eye are just puffed out entirely.  GOOD TIMES.  Nicki thankfully went and got me some Benadryl as I stupidly let my supply run out.  I did have my Epi-Pen on me, but as my throat was NOT closing up, I decided not to use it.  So I drank a ton of water and took 2 Benadryl and I could feel my lip swelling going down, but the other stuff was just staying put.  I finally just decided to go home.  Back there, I laid peacefully on the chaise part of the sofa and read my book, eventually passing the fuck out.  I woke up and was all better.  UGH.  I still can’t tell what was the trigger.
  • I’m reading Gone Girl, the novel, on my Kindle before going to see the movie.  It’s a fascinating read.  You get presented with certain facets of the story of a wife who has gone missing and the husband is super suspicious, and then about halfway through, everything changes.  Very interested to see how the movie plays out, but I have to say that the casting of Ben Affleck as Nick is perfect;  Rosamund Pike is also pretty spot-on for Amy.
  • Stupid Diablo III….I’m addicted.  After upgrading my power supply in my PC, it runs perfectly and I’m just loving playing it.  I’ve also been playing Dishonored as I had intended, and that’s a ridiculously fun game too.
  • Larry & I watched Alien last night – I wanted to rewatch it as there’s an Alien videogame coming out soon that takes place between it and Aliens and I realized I hadn’t seen the first one in a really long time.  It’s a super spooky and fun space horror movie, that’s for sure.
  • Twin Peaks!!!  The word is that on Monday, the reveal will occur of what is actually happening… Please let it be a concluding set of episodes with the rescue of Dale Cooper.  PLEASE!!!