Celebrity Jeopardy’s Amazing Return to SNL40

With this being an event where seemingly everyone was coming back for this live special, the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special was bound to have some amazing bits.  But damn, they knocked this Celebrity Jeopardy reprise out of the fucking park.  It had everything, especially Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Alex Trebek’s (Will Ferrell) antagonism, but then they also added in a looney Tony Bennett (Alec Baldwin), clueless Justin Beiber (Kate McKinnon), Turd Ferguson / Burt Reynolds (Norm McDonald), and Christoph Waltz (Taran Killam).  It was epic.  The Connery interpretations of two categories was expected but still surprising, even if you’re looking for it when the initial categories are revealed.   Larry & I were in tears the entire sketch.  Talk about bringing the A-game for such a legendary series of sketches:

The whole show was pretty fantastic and it was great to see them go for not just a clip show, but also using the all-stars to do brand new live versions of classic sketches.   Even though the following video was referenced briefly during the show, I just need to add this here as it’s still the best “break” sketch and every time it makes me cry with laughter….”By the way……<10 seconds later as Rachel Dratch tries to steel herself to say this without dying>….I can’t have children!”  Tears, I tell you, tears!  (Click on the image below to see the video on the site)




An Amazing Missy Tribute

The young girl, Alyson Stoner, who was featured in a few of Missy Elliott’s videos (“Work It” and “Gossip Folks“) filmed an AWESOME tribute video to some of Missy’s hits.  She definitely has gotten even more impressive in terms of her dance skills – my favorite part is of course when they lapse into “Gossip Folks” (jump to :44 in) – it’s incredible.

This video is up to entertain you/me while I get my Vegas photos downloaded and such.

For Zoning Out

This is pretty damn incredible.  It makes you want to go lay outside and stare up at the sky on a partly cloudy day.  It’s just that when things move at the speed of life, they don’t impress like they do when you can see it sped up and recognize how fucking crazy clouds and weather are.

A Fantastic Ad Featuring Paris & NYC

I’ve been recently looking at many of my pictures as I keep working on perfecting my Travelogue section of this site. Lately I’ve been meandering in my Paris pics from the 2007 trip I took with Susan and Jeff and I just can’t help but want to go back there right now!  It’s such a beautiful city and the fun and food you can have there while taking in the beauty is so wonderful.  Anyway, this ad is simply stunning.