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Celebrity Jeopardy’s Amazing Return to SNL40

With this being an event where seemingly everyone was coming back for this live special, the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special was bound to have some amazing bits.  But damn, they knocked this Celebrity Jeopardy reprise out of the fucking park.  It had everything, especially Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Alex Trebek’s (Will Ferrell) antagonism, but then they also added in a looney Tony Bennett (Alec Baldwin), clueless Justin Beiber (Kate McKinnon), Turd Ferguson / Burt Reynolds (Norm McDonald), and Christoph Waltz (Taran Killam).  It was epic.  The Connery interpretations of two categories was expected but still surprising, even if you’re looking for it when the initial categories are revealed.   Larry & I were in tears the entire sketch.  Talk about bringing the A-game for such a legendary series of sketches:

The whole show was pretty fantastic and it was great to see them go for not just a clip show, but also using the all-stars to do brand new live versions of classic sketches.   Even though the following video was referenced briefly during the show, I just need to add this here as it’s still the best “break” sketch and every time it makes me cry with laughter….”By the way……<10 seconds later as Rachel Dratch tries to steel herself to say this without dying>….I can’t have children!”  Tears, I tell you, tears!  (Click on the image below to see the video on the NBC.com site)




This Week’s SNL & St Vincent

On Saturday Night Live this past weekend, it was a mostly enjoyable episode hosted by Andy Samberg and with a TON of returning cast coming back to celebrate the season finale.  Notable among the sketches was the opening one, with Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata playing Jay-Z and Solange Knowles discussing the infamous elevator video – Maya Rudolph drops in as Beyonce, and it was epic.


But that’s not all – I was introduced to the music of St. Vincent, who was the musical guest this week.  I LOVED IT.  It was an odd but enthralling performance with some fantastic music.  I immediately bought the latest album off iTunes.

I highly recommend you sample her music or the performance from that night, as it’s great.

Maya Rudolph is my god

Maya Rudolph, originally from SNL but sadly not a cast member anymore, made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it was as Whitney Houston, one of her amazing impressions.  Her other impression that I loved from back in the day was when she would be Donatella Versace…. GET OUT!!!  Alright, so I hope the embed works here but this is the video of her as Whitney visiting the Miley Cyrus Show, with Miley Cyrus played by Vanessa Bayer who has also become one of my favorite new SNL cast members.

Funny as hell SNL skit from last night

I don’t know how long this particular clip will be up and available for use, so here’s hoping NBC.com or Hulu put it up once this gets taken down.  But in the meantime, I ended up having to watch this Beyonce video shoot a few times last night because it is that hilarious.

Oh dear lord, that shit is just funny.

Some recap fun for you since the last time we checked in with each other:  Friday night, I met up with Larry and Shelly and Claudia for belated birthday fun.  We went to Pastis (a very popular place and one that I’ve been wanting to go to forever) and had a great meal.  I also began drinking in what would become the Hobie & Larry DrinkFest.  It was a great time with delicious food and delicious drinks!  Having started with two beers, I naturally moved on to red wine.  (Yes, seriously).  After we finished dinner at Pastis, we went to visit where Claudia’s husband, Gualti (sp?), works as the executive chef.  Yes, I know people.  He is at the restaurant/bar called Revel and was literally across the street from Pastis.  We ended up getting a sweet table there and just continuing the drinkfest.  After red wine, I naturally moved on to Mojitos.  (Yes, seriously).  We ended up sitting there for nearly 3 hours, but it was a blast.  By the time we left, Revel was packed, and when we went outside, the MeatPacking District was mobbed.  It’s only at nearly 1 in the morning does the place become seriously crowded with the ‘beautiful people’.  Good times.

Yesterday Larry had to work again, so I spent my time being lazy indoors away from the rain.  Good times.  More Fallout 3 and rewatching of Casino Royale because I can’t wait to see Quantum of Solace!!!!

I’m also searching for a place to move to in Manhattan!  It’s exciting but scary because DAMN, places are expensive in the city.  But the prices aren’t quite so ridiculous as they once were due to the economy.  So here’s me hoping to take advantage of that!

Palin Redux – SNL Style

Tina Fey IS Sarah Palin in these videos. Amy Poehler’s reactions as Katie Couric listening to Palin are hilarious. The best part, chosen from so many great parts, has to be Fey/Palin’s response to the assertion that when she gets backed into a corner, she becomes increasingly adorable and Palin makes that cute ‘pyew pyew’ gun-shooting gesture. Awesome. Painful though was the nearly-verbatim excerpt from the REAL answer Palin gave Couric that was almost nonsensical. Although Fey did add in the ‘dollar value meal at all restaurants’….that’s not a bad idea at all though, gotta say!