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This Guy

You may have seen some of the Facebook posts I’ve put up over the last month or so having to do with Larry.   We’re going through what we’ll have to call our “cancer period.”  Yeah, Larry has cancer.  More accurately, he has colorectal cancer which spread from his colon to his liver.   Fortunately, it has not spread beyond the liver.   Spreading to the liver is the typical place that colon cancer travels to if it does spread, so right now we’re dealing with “run of the mill” colon cancer that’s spread.   We obviously are relieved it hasn’t spread further.   There’s lots of emotion right now about the whole situation – some of it is fear, some of it is anger, and a lot of it is hope.  Lots of the latter, honestly, but there are days when the other emotions can threaten to overwhelm hope.   I don’t like those days.

Larry’s going to get his chemotherapy port installed on Tuesday.  A port allows a much more efficient way to administer chemo and take blood without having to destroy a person’s veins.   Also, chemo can’t go directly into veins as it’s toxic.   He’ll then start chemotherapy shortly thereafter.   We have gone to get second opinions at another specialist doctor at UCLA and then another at City of Hope.   We think the therapy will be folfox avastin but City of Hope’s proposal was to do something called folfoxiri avastin.   Basically, it seems that folfox avastin is a ‘doublet’ treatment while folfoxiri avastin is a ‘triplet’ treatment.   You’re getting more drugs injected into you in the triplet and it’s much more aggressive at fighting the lingering cancer in the liver, but of course the toll is greater.   The City of Hope doctor believes Larry’s age will be an asset here and he’d be able to respond well to it.  So we’re currently in that stage of running that information by our current oncologist at UCLA/Burbank to see if he agrees.

All of these things are a lot to deal with.  Some days are better than others, emotionally.  Send out good vibes into the world for Larry, for everyone.  This diagnosis is so fucking messed up – he’s 43 and diagnosed with colon cancer.   You’re not even advised to get a colonoscopy on a regular basis until 50, although we’ve been learning that guidelines were recently changed advising it at 45, and thoughts are that it may even go lower because there are more and more incidents of early colon cancer being observed.

I’ll try to keep updates coming either here or on Facebook – the good vibes do help, as do the stories of people beating this.

I Talked About Jeopardy – and How You Can Too!

First Step:  Get on Jeopardy!  EASY.  Click here for those easy steps!  🙂  (Spoiler alert, that’s just all my posts related to Jeopardy – but perhaps you’ll get something out of it?)

Second Step:  ….

Third Step:  Profit!  errr….I mean, talk about your experience with other former contestants!

#JeopardyLivePanel – Season 3 Episode 9, Live Roundtable (December 17, 2016 8:00 PM Eastern)

I was graciously invited to participate in this fun Youtube / Google Hangout hosted by The Jeopardy! Fan, and I got to meet up with Amy, Bridget, and Chelsea who participated in shows this past week, in addition to also talking with Ryan who taped the same week as I did.   Talked about a whole host of things about the show, and before we knew it, 90 minutes had gone by!  So if you haven’t had your fix of seeing me on your screens, as well as hearing some of the great inside stories about filming episodes with the current champ, Cindy Stowell, check it out!

If you haven’t heard about Cindy, she’s the current bad-ass champion of Jeopardy who played the game while suffering from terminal cancer.  She was fighting through fever and weakness during these episodes and she has been playing like a boss.  The tragedy is that she died earlier this month, before her episodes started airing.  I know I didn’t expect to see her claim a victory, let alone FOUR!  And here she is, racking up the wins amidst all the external factors that would rightly be something that could knock others off their game.  Chelsea, who you’ll see in the video above, got a good idea started to donate money to the Cancer Institute, to the tune of $1 for each answer clue you get right on Jeopardy.  I haven’t been keeping track of that, but just donating money to them is a laudable action, with every bit helping.

Just Took the Online Jeopardy Test

And it was not pretty.  Don’t think I’ll be a contestant this year either.  Some of the questions I knew pretty quickly, but others, definitely not so much.  I think there are certain things you HAVE to study and memorize ahead of time, such as:

  • U.S. Presidents and when they served
  • Periodic Table of Elements
  • Flags (Note from Jan 2020:  FUCKING HELL, Hobie.  You learned nothing!)
  • Capital Cities

Other than that, you had better just be fairly well read and versed in plenty of pop culture, literature, politics, and current events.  Seriously though, who the hell knows what Tungsten is also known as?  (It’s Wolfram).

If I do end up making it though, I will totally flip out.

In other news, I get to go back to the dermatologist.  I went in late last year to get some suspicious moles removed.  The biopsies came back finally and in one of the specimens, there were troubling cells within.   Not cancerous at this point, but certainly something that could become so if left uncared for.   So I go back on Tuesday to have it completely cut out.   The previous removals were “shavings” so this time it’ll be more intense and likely including stitches and such.  I can’t wait.

Drop Kicking Cancer (T-118)

Civilian Jenny was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma and so it is now time to drop kick this cancer out of her.

I’m not exactly sure if drop-kicking is an effective treatment endorsed by the American Cancer Society, but it’s what I want to do. I have been reading her blog and she is in amazing spirits and in a much better state of mind than I would be in. She’s definitely a fighter, and with a 95% success rate of treatment, I know she’ll be in that winning margin. It’s just shocking to have someone I know so well get diagnosed. So Jenny, just know that I as well as many others out here who you’ve made an impact on are pulling for you (so to speak!).

Take care, and let me know if there’s anything I can do. And you’ll need to fess up with details on this boyfriend you mention on your site. It’s not Jason, right??? 😉 LOL ZOMGI’MSOFUNNY. (that l33tspeak was totally for Jenny – you should read her blog – I swear she’s becoming a computer).