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So Much Happiness: The Next Star Wars Teaser Trailer is Out

There is so much awesome in this trailer.  SO MUCH AWESOME.  Of course the music is thrilling, but finally getting to hear and SEE some of the actors…..Luke!  Han & Chewie!!!  The giant Star Destroyer crashed on the planet, Darth Vader’s burned-out helmet…OMG, it’s just amazing.  I am still on Cloud 9 after watching it.  I am so excited for this movie.    I didn’t know this was coming out today but as a followup to the amazing first teaser, I’m very pleased.

Thanksgiving + Michancy

It’s been a good few days thus far, although I think perhaps we are drinking a tad too much to celebrate the times?  Ah, maybe not.  It’s all in service of having a great time, and that is something we are definitely still having.

So Michancy came out for the holiday, arriving on Tuesday.  We took her to Edendale for dinner as any good friend should do.  Then on Wednesday, after I got home from work, we went to Americana for the best dumplings in the city at Dim Tai Fung, and it was glorious.  Larry then produced a quite amazing Thanksgiving spread, cooking up some stupendous food for us and it was utter perfection.  Mom and Stacie came over for the goodness, including the food and the music.  70s pop / rock can’t be beat!

And now, Pictures!

25 Nov 2014 – Michancy Arrives; Edendale

27 Nov 2014 – Thanksgiving!

And if you didn’t know, the teaser trailer for the next Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, was released, and holy moly, it’s awesome.  Nothing is given away and it’s hard to tell what is happening, but the moment you see the Millennium Falcon accompanied by the Star Wars fanfare, it’s time for the tears.  Can’t wait for December 2015!

Attack of the Edited Clones

I saw this link in the Digitalbits.com today and I was intrigued by the premise of editing Attack of the Clones or the Phantom Menace (the first two Star Wars prequels) and the possibility a good movie lived in there – and amazingly, there is. Watch the following snippet – it has the original version you saw in Attack of the Clones, including all that sand nonsense, followed by the newly edited version by a fan. It’s quite incredible and much more believable.