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Rolling Stone Dives into 20 of Madonna’s Videos

This kind of article is always super clickbait for me, as hello, it’s Madonna.  Rolling Stone went and talked to the directors of 20 of her videos and to get some thoughts about what went into making each video.  It’s a quick read and lots of fun and I just wish that there would be a remaster/reissue of a complete Madonna Collection of Videos.  Full, uncut versions in glorious HD.  Is that too much to ask?

madonna_rsI still fall in love with “Bedtime Story”‘s video every time I watch it.  It’s mesmerizing.

Vulture Ranks All the Billy Joel Songs

With Larry in my life, Billy Joel became a much bigger part of it than he had ever been beforehand.  I got Larry the whole collected set of reissued/remastered albums for his birthday this past year so I definitely know a lot more of his songs now, but I still couldn’t properly do a ranking of all 121 of them.  I’ll give this list this though:  I totally agree with #1.  I think Larry had some quibbles with the list though, but I have a feeling he is partial to pretty much 98% of Billy Joel’s songs….


I admit that I probably would be able to create a ranking of all of Madonna’s songs, although that would take me a long while to really put everything in proper place.  I posted years ago about one that AfterElton did and I still have issues with their popular distaste of Hard Candy.  ANYWAY….

Plans are forming for what to do with the rest of this month, now that I’ve got it to do whatever with.  Have just finished booking a Vegas trip for next week with mom (of course), and I’m trying to see if Larry & I can then get out to NYC for a few days later in the month to see family and friends.  I know that last week will be plenty of me stressing out – so that week will stay empty.  🙂

Madonna’s Rebel Heart

My main girl Madonna has come back into the pop culture realm with the release of 6 tracks from her upcoming album, Rebel Heart.  This release was done to combat the leak of 13 tracks the week before which were mainly very rough cuts of tracks she claims that may not even end up on the album.  I had refused to listen to them as I just didn’t want to hear unfinished product.  I remember hearing a rough cut of “Candy Shop” from Hard Candy and it was awful, but I fucking love the released version.  So yeah, I refused to listen to the leaks but happily, Madonna ended up putting the new album, Rebel Heart, up for pre-order on iTunes and upon purchasing the pre-order, you get 6 songs.  The verdict on those 6 songs?  I LOVE THEM.

Okay, I love them overall.  All 6 aren’t fantastic, but I’d say 4 of the 6 are pretty fantastic and the other 2 are still pretty great.  I’m having slight hopes that this album is a bit more interesting than MDNA – I wasn’t a huge fan of her latest album.

Talking about the 6 tracks that were officially released:

  • “Living For Love”:  This song is total Madonna.  It’s the first song and a very strong and worthy opener.  A great house music song and it brought a smile to my lips.
  • “Devil Pray”:  I liked this song for a bit until it got into this weird section of “We can do E, We can smoke crack…” and I was like, eh.  This is one of the 2.
  • “Ghosttown”:  This track is the one I think most people are really responding to out in pop-culture land.  I didn’t immediately latch onto it, but upon repeated listenings, it certainly grew on me.  Kind of a bleak story in the song but a compelling tune nonetheless.
  • “Unapologetic Bitch”:  The chorus to this song, once in your head, won’t leave.  That’s a great thing.  Another kiss-off song to Guy Ritchie, I presume.  Love it.
  • “Illuminati”:  This is the 2nd song that is amusing, but kind of goofy.
  • “Bitch I’m Madonna” (featuring Nicki Minaj):  LOVE this song too.  Once you hear the refrain for the title lyric, you’ll be telling people too.

I have no idea how any of these songs will go over with the Young Folk who drive charts nor her current fans, but I definitely am responding well to this latest set of releases.  I hope the remainder of the album, which we’ll get in early 2015, are equal in quality to these tracks.  If so, then I’ll be a happy guy.  Larry figures she’ll go on tour again, and I know that means I’ll be shelling out some $$$ to go see her again.  I’m good with that.  She puts on an epic show.

Gawker ranks Michael, Madonna, and Prince

I love these kinds of lists, but this one is particularly interesting to review as it combines all the officially released singles or videos of 3 superstars of the 1980s:  Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince.  Rich Juzwiak put up a pretty fair ranking, although of course I’d disagree with the placement of Hard Candy singles being so low.  But I can totally agree with Madonna’s cover of “American Pie” being the absolute lowest song out of all three performers.  It was pretty awful.

Rough Week

Stupid PMP test.  Didn’t pass it.  Ah well.  I signed up to re-take it in early October.  I’ll get you then, my pretty.  Other shit is still shitty, and days like today and yesterday were hard, but we all have shit in our lives, so I won’t pretend I’m a special snowflake.  But I AM A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE, MOTHERFUCKERS.  The following songs helped put a smile on my face or at least helped me to think more positively about things, so I felt like sharing them here.

Madonna’s “Let It Will Be”

Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope”